Drifting Flurry Leviathan Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Read on for Drifting Flurry Leviathan Build Wiki: Aether Codes, Skills & Team [Aether Gazer].

Drifting Flurry Leviathan
Drifting Flurry Leviathan

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Build

The following Drifting Flurry Leviathan build recommends the best Aether codes for Drifting Flurry Leviathan in Aether Gazer:

  • Support Build: 3 Yellow
  • DPS Build: 3 Blue or 1 Blue + 2 Red

The details of all Aether codes are shared below. 

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Build: Sigil

  • TBA

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Profile

  • Gen-Zone: Asterism
  • DMG Attribute: Ice
  • Combat Resource: Traces
  • Grade: A
  • Range: Melee

Leviathan is always full of energy, and a real ditzy cutie pie. She is naive and lively, but is unexpectedly the jealous sort. Do not act like you are close with Vidar in front of her.

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Skills

Normal Attack[Anchor Slam]

  • Leviathan attacks the enemy with the anchor again and again, dealing Ice DMG equal to 256%(Next Level: 260.9%) of ATK in total.

Skill 1(Careless Barge]

  • Leviathan dashes and strikes at the enemy, dealing Ice DMG equal to 110%(Next level: 112.8%) of ATK in total.
  • Traces: Grants 1 Traces on every skill hit.

Skill 2[Ice Arc]

  • Leviathan swings the anchor to attack the target with one heavy hit, dealing Ice DMG equal to 330%(Next level. 338.5%) of ATK in total. Hold down the Skill button to charge, with Ice DMG equal to 660%(Next level: 676.9%) of ATK in total dealt on a full charge.
  • When, on skill cast the target enemy is in Freeze, skill is immediately charged to full.
  • Traces: Grants 1 Traces each time a skill cast results in a hit.

Skill 3[Icy Spike]

  • Leviathan swings the anchor to attack enemies with a row of ice spikes, dealing Ice DMG equal to 230%(Next level:235 9%) of ATK in total. When the final strike results in a hit, the enemy in question is afflicted with Freeze for 4.5 seconds.

Skill 4[Ice Whale Jump]

  • Leviathan dives into the ground and moves towards the locked-on enemy. At the destination, she jumps and attacks, dealing Ice DMG equal to 500%(Next level: 512.8%) Of ATK in
    total, Enemies hit are afflicted with Freeze for 4.5 seconds.
  • Skill grants a 8% Ultimate Skill charge for 2 seconds when Freeze is inflicted on the enemy.

Dodge Skill[Refraction]

  • Leviathan quickly dodges the enemy’s attacks. Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.
  • Dodge: Leviathan’s Ice DMG is increased by 100%, and is removed after the next enemy hit.

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Aether Codes

Ocean Titan——Frost Pillar

When an enemy is afflicted with Freeze, Leviathan deals to them an additional Ice DMG equal to 70% Of ATK.

Ocean Titan——Freezing

When the last strike Of the normal attack results in a hit, 1 Traces are granted.

Ocean Titan——Ice Fog

When the second move Of Careless Barge results in a hit, the enemy’s Control Resistance is completely removed.

Cosmos Desolate——Space Trail

When Dodge is triggered by Leviathan, the cooldown time of Ice Arc is reset.

Cosmos Desolate——Original Status

When Leviathan is not in Stagger, her ATK is increased by 30%. Stagger removes said effect, and Leviathan enters Stagger state after an Extremity Dodge.

Cosmos Desolate——Glittering light

The cooldown time Of the Dodge effect is Shortened by 5 seconds.

Sin of Envy——Tsunami

When Leviathan crits with either a skill or Ultimate Skill, her ATK is increased by 15% for 5 seconds,

Sin of Envy——Potentiality

When Leviathan successfully inflicts Freeze on an enemy, her Crit DMG is increased by for 6 seconds.

Sin of Envy——Behemoth

The non-DOT Crit Rate Of a fully charged Ice Arc attack is increased by 100%. 

Drifting Flurry Leviathan Ultimate Skillchains

Polar Ice Plains

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Drifting Flurry – Leviathan and Frost Fang – Vidar.
  • Deals Ice DMG equal to Drifting Flurry – Leviathan’s ATK x (500% + 12.82% x her Ultimate Skill level), as well as inflicts Freeze on all enemies on the field for S seconds.
  • Also deals Ice DMG equal to Frost Fang — Vidar’s ATK x (600% + 15.38% * her Ultimate Skill level), and when an enemy hit is landed all enemies on the field also have their Ice Resistance lowered by 30% for 1 2 seconds.

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