Early Sakura Ookuninushi Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Read on for Early Sakura Ookuninushi Build Wiki: Aether Codes, Skills & Team [Aether Gazer].

Early Sakura Ookuninushi
Early Sakura Ookuninushi

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Build

The following Early Sakura Ookuninushi build recommends the best Aether codes for Early Sakura Ookuninushi in Aether Gazer:

  • Support Build: 3 Red[Road to Nenokuni; Star Link -> Reveal -> Shuffle]
  • DPS Build I: 1 Blue, 1 Red, Yellow
  • DPS Build II: 1 Blue, 2 Red

The details of all Aether codes are shared below. 

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Build: Sigil

  • TBA

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Profile

  • Gen-Zone: Shinou
  • DMG Attribute: Physical
  • Combat Resource: Rage
  • Grade: S
  • Range: Melee

A young girl who joined Aether Gazer on the condition that she would be allowed free rein to research and invent. She is currently working as a member of The Cryptics. Ookuninushi hardly participates in combat against Visbanes and seems only interested in inventions and tarot cards.

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Skills

Normal Attack[BunBun Iron Fist]

  • Ookuninushi summons BunBun Iron Fist to attack the enemy, dealing Physical DMG equal to 194%(Next level: 197.8%) of ATK in total.
  • Rage: Grants Rage when a normal attack results in a hit.

Skill 1(Divination]

  • Ookuninushi draws one Tarot Card to gain a Divination effect that lasts 15 seconds. When the card drawn is different from the previous one, the effect is increased by 50%,
  • Death: ATK is increased by level: 13%*.
  • The Chariot: Grants 7 Rage every 2 seconds.
  • The Lovers: Restores HP equal to 6%* of ATK every 3 seconds.

Skill 2[BunBun Cannon]

  • Ookuninushi fires BunBun-2 at enemies in front, dealing Physical DMG equal to 448%(Next level:459.5%) of ATK in total. Round continues to ricochet after hitting an enemy, dealing Physical DMG equal to 192%(Next level: 196.9%) of ATK to up to 5 surrounding enemies.

Skill 3[BunBun Gunner]

  • Ookuninushi leaps into the air to attack enemies in a circular area in front, dealing Physical DMG equal to 1024%(Next level 1050.4%): Of ATK in total.

Skill 4[Deus Ex Machina]

  • Ookuninushi summons BunBun-3 to descend from on high and attack the target area, dealing Physical DMG equal to 840%(Next level:861 5%) of ATK in total. The cooldown time of Skill 3 is reset, and the remaining cooldown time of other allied Mods’ Skill 3 is shortened by 5 seconds.
  • Grants a 20% Ultimate Skill Charge whenever the Mod or a Teammate uses an Ultimate Skill.

Dodge Skill[Predictive Algorithms]

  • The Mod quickly dodges the enemy’s attacks, Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.
  • Dodge effect: Entering Zero Time significantly slows all enemy movements for 3 seconds.

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Aether Codes

Omononushi——God of Death

When in any Divination state, launching a normal attack inflicts Armor Break on enemies hit, lowering their DEF by 10% for 3 seconds.


Ookuninushi’s Bungun Cannon spreads the enemy’s Armor Break and extends the remaining duration Of Armor Break to 10 seconds if it is under 10 seconds,


Ookuninushi’s Bun Bun Gunner deals 35% more DMG to enemies inflicted with Armor Break.

Road to Nenokuni——Star Link

Divination effect is extended by 5 seconds.

Road to Nenokuni——Reveal

When in any Divination state, Ookuninushi’s Crit Rate is increased by 22%%.

Road to Nenokuni——Shuffle

The Divination effect applies to the entire team, though it is reduced by 50% for Teammates.

Kunitama of Izumo——Destiny

The cooldown time Of Divination is Shortened by 3 seconds.

Kunitama of Izumo——Judgment

The tarot cards obtained from Divination become random, However, Divination effects are increased by 60%.

Kunitama of Izumo——Forecast

Within 5 seconds after casting Divination, non-DOT Crit Rate Of skills and Ultimate Skills is increased by 50% when they land.

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Ultimate Skillchains

Moon Rabbit Strike

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Early Sakura – Ookuninushi and Dark Mistletoe – Hodur.
  • Deals Physical DMG equal to Early Sakura – Ookuninushi’s ATK x (840% + 21.54% x her Ultimate Skill level), and when an enemy hit is landed the cooldown time Of Skill 3 is reset for all members Of the team.
  • Also deals Shadow DMG equal to Dark Mistletoe – Hodur’s ATK x (840% + 21.54% x her Ultimate Skill level), and the skillchain cast also grants 30 Rage to all members of the team. All
  • members of the team are granted a DMG boost when she lands a hit, with the boost equal to the max DMG boost from Hodur’s passive effect. Boost lasts 12 seconds.

Illuminating Wind

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Gusty Lance – Shu and Early Sakura — Ookuninushi.
  • Deals Wind DMG equal to Gusty Lance – Shu’s ATK x (580% + 14.87% x her Ultimate Skill level), and her Modifying Level is raised to ~.
  • Also deals Physical DMG equal to Early Sakura – Ookuninushi’s ATK x (840% + 21.54% x her Ultimate Skill level), and when a hit is landed on the enemy the cooldown time Of Skill 3 is reset for all members of the team.

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