Frost Fang Vidar Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Read on for Frost Fang Vidar Build Wiki: Aether Codes, Skills & Team [Aether Gazer].

Frost Fang Vidar
Frost Fang Vidar

Frost Fang Vidar Build

The following Frost Fang Vidar build recommends the best Aether codes for Frost Fang Vidar in Aether Gazer:

  • 3 Red[Ragnarok Survivor; Solitary Sleep, Burning Ice, Geosound]
  • or 
  • 3 Blue[Freeze Cut, Wind Howl, Crystal Fall]

The details of all Aether codes are shared below. 

Frost Fang Vidar Build: Sigil

  • TBA

Frost Fang Vidar Profile

  • Gen-Zone: Yggdrasil
  • DMG Attribute: Ice
  • Combat Resource: Rage
  • Grade: A
  • Range: Melee

A Modifier brought back from an ice-sealed section of a Sephirah Zone. Her years of living alone have left her with a cold, unapproachable look, and she’s not quite able to socialize.

Frost Fang Vidar Skills

Normal Attack[Icefield Hunter]

  • Vidar swings her axe continuously to attack the enemy, dealing Ice DMG equal to 298%(Next Level 303.8%) of ATK in total.
  • Rage: Grants Rage when a normal attack results in a hit.

Skill 1(Pure Frozen Land]

  • Vidar swings her axe to attack the enemies around her, dealing Ice DMG equal to 180%* of ATK. The second Strike also inflicts Freeze on enemies hit for 3 seconds.

Skill 2[Cold Vortex]

  • Vidar spins with her axe to attack enemies continuously, dealing Ice DMG equal to 345%* of ATK.

Skill 3[Polar Strike]

  • Vidar leaps up and unleashes a mighty cleave at the target, dealing Ice DMG equal to 360%* of ATK. When an enemy is defeated with Polar Strike, the cooldown time of the skill is also reset.

Skill 4[Avalanche]

  • Skill cast deals to the enemy Ice DMG equal to 500%*of ATK, and enemies hit have their Ice Resistance lowered by 30% for 10 seconds.
  • An 8% Ultimate Skill charge is granted when an enemy is afflicted with Freeze. The effect can trigger once every 2 seconds.

Dodge Skill[Winter Frost]

  • Vidar quickly dodges the enemy’s attacks. Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.
  • Dodge: Entering Zero Time significantly slows all enemy movements for 2 seconds, and Ice DMG is increased by 50%. The effect lasts 5 seconds.

Frost Fang Vidar Aether Codes

Born of the Frost Heave——Winter

Normal attack hits landed on enemies in Freeze deal 200% more non-DOT DMG.

Born of the Frost Heave——Snowgleam

The Duration Of Freeze inflicted with Frozen Land is extended by 2 seconds,

Born of the Frost Heave——Ice Crossing

Every time an enemy is hit with Frozen Land, the remaining cooldown time is shortened by 1 second. Effect is capped at 3 seconds in total.

Immortality——Freeze Cut

Each time an enemy is hit with Cold Vortex 1 Rage is granted.

Immortality——Wind Howl

Hold down on the skill button to increase the number Of spins with Cold Vortex. Each additional spin expends 10 Rage.

Immortality——Crystal Fall

Use Of Polar Strike no longer expends Rage but returns the corresponding Rage expended instead. However, DMG is reduced by 15%.

Ragnarök Survivor——Geosound

The Base DMG Of Polar Strike is increased by 25%.

Ragnarök Survivor——Burning Ice

The Crit Rate Of non-DOT attacks on enemies in Freeze using Polar Strike is increased by 100%.

Ragnarök Survivor——Solitary Sleep

For each non-lethal hit landed with Polar Strike, the remaining cooldown time is shortened by 50%, and the non-DOT Crit DMG Of the hit is increased by 15%. The Crit DMG boost from this effect is capped at 150%.

Frost Fang Vidar Ultimate Skillchains

Polar Ice Plains

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Drifting Flurry – Leviathan and Frost Fang – Vidar.
  • Deals Ice DMG equal to Drifting Flurry – Leviathan’s ATK x (500% + 12.82% x her Ultimate Skill level), as well as inflicts Freeze on all enemies on the field for 5 seconds.
  • Also deals Ice DMG equal to Frost Fang – Vidar’s ATK x (600% + 15.38% x her Ultimate Skill level), and when an enemy hit is landed, all enemies on the field also have their Ice Resistance lowered by 30% for 12 seconds.

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