Gusty Lance Shu Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Read on for Gusty Lance Shu Build Wiki: Aether Codes, Skills & Team [Aether Gazer].

Gusty Lance Shu
Gusty Lance Shu

Gusty Lance Shu Build: Aether Codes

The following Gusty Lance Shu build recommends the best Aether codes for Gusty Lance in Aether Gazer:

  • Dodge Build: 3 Blue[Skycleave Wings ]
  • Support Build: 3 Red
  • Others: 3 Yellow[Ennead]

The details of all Aether codes are shared below. 

Gusty Lance Shu Build: Sigil

  • Recommended by the game; Gale Sovereign, Moon Drifter. 

Gusty Lance Shu Profile

  • Gen-Zone: Nile
  • DMG Attribute: Wind
  • Combat Resource: Traces
  • Grade: A
  • Range: Melee

From a practical point of view, Shu is really the one who handles Aether Gazer’s administrative duties. She is not only the one responsible for training the future Administrator, she’s also admired by her younger comrades and trusted by her seniors to help out with all sorts of tasks.

Gusty Lance Shu Skills

Normal Attack[Lance Flurry]

  • Shu launches an attack on the enemy to her front with her lance, dealing Wind DMG equal to 125%(Next level: 127.5%) of ATK.

Skill 1(Winged Lance]

  • Shu leaps into the air and attacks the enemy with her lance, dealing Wind DMG equal to 90%(Next 92.4%) of ATK in total; as she lands, she summons 3 Sacred Gale Crystals that appear in front of her, and each crystal deals to the enemy Wind DMG equal to of ATK.
  • Traces: Grants 1 Trace on every skill hit.

Skill 2[Surging Wind]

  • Shu summons a rapidly moving hurricane in front of her, dealing Wind DMG equal to 220%(Next 225.6%) of ATK in total.
  • Traces: Grants 1 Trace on every skill hit.

Skill 3[Breach]

  • Skill deals to the enemy a certain amount of DMG depending on the number of Traces expended at skill cast.

Skill 4[Wind Drill][ULT]

  • Shu dashes with her lance for a certain distance, attacking and dealing to enemies in her path Wind DMG equal to 500%(Next: 512.8%) of ATK, and raising her Modifying Level to ~). When an enemy is defeated using Wind Drill, Shu also enters Zero Time for 4 seconds.
  • An 8% Ultimate Skill charge is granted when Shu or a Teammate expends Traces.

Dodge Skill[Slipstream]

  • Shu quickly dodges the enemy’s attacks, Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.
  • Dodge: Shu gathers the enemies around her and interrupts the enemy’s attacks.

Gusty Lance Shu Aether Codes

Ennead——Force of Preservation

The Base DMG Of Breach is increased by 30%,


Trace limit is increased by 3. When a hit is landed using Breach, all Traces active at the time Of casting are expended, and for every Trace expended the Base DMG of the skill is increased by 20%.


Triggering Dodge grants the Mod 1 Traces.

The Vast Sands——Starbright

The hurricane Summoned with Surging Wind also drags at enemies along the way.

The Vast Sands——Sandfog

The Base DMG Of Surging Wind is increased by 30%, and the attack radius Of the hurricane summoned is increased by 50%. The hurricane also travels further.

The Vast Sands——Mirage

Hits landed with Breach reset the cooldown time Of Surging Wind. When Shu casts Surging Wind with Traces active, the Wind Resistance of any enemies hit is also lowered by 10% for 10 seconds,

Skycleave Wings——Wind Defense

When a Crit is landed using Sacred Gale Crystals, the cooldown time Of Dodge is reset, and 5% Dodge Energy is Granted. Effect can trigger once every 3.5 seconds.

Skycleave Wings—Last Traces

A Sacred Gale Crystal is summoned to the locked-on enemy when dodging, dealing Wind DMG equal to 100% of ATK. When Dodge is triggered by Shu, another Sacred Gale Crystal is also summoned.

Skycleave Wings——Pure Crystal

Every time a hit is landed on the enemy with Sacred Gale Crystals, the Non-DoT DMG Of the Sacred Gale Crystals is increased by 50% for 5 seconds. Effect stacks up to 5 times.

Gusty Lance Shu Ultimate Skillchains

Symphony of Storm and Tide

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Tidal Song – Poseidon and Gusty Lance – Shu.
  • Deals Water DMG equal to Tidal Song – Poseidon’s ATK x (430% • 11.03% x her Ultimate Skill level), and restores to all members of the team HP equal to her ATK x (60% + 2% x her Ultimate Skill level).
  • Also deals Wind DMG equal to Gusty Lance – Shu’s ATK x (500% + 12.82% x her Ultimate Skill level), and her Modifying Level is raised to ~.

Illuminating Wind

  • The Ultimate Skillchain Of Gusty Lance – Shu and Early Sakura – Ookuninushi.
  • Deals Wind DMG equal to Gusty Lance – Shu’s ATK x (580% + 14.87% x her Ultimate Skill level), and her Modifying Level is raised to Q.
  • Also deals Physical DMG equal to Early Sakura – Ookuninushi’s ATK x (840% + 21-54% x her Ultimate Skill level), and when a hit is landed on the enemy the cooldown time of Skill 3 is reset for all members of the team.

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