Tidal Song Poseidon Wiki Guide – Best Build [Aether Gazer]

Read on for Tidal Song Poseidon Wiki: Aether Codes, Skills & Team [Aether Gazer].

Tidal Song Poseidon
Tidal Song Poseidon

Tidal Song Poseidon Build

The following Tidal Song Poseidon build recommends the best Aether codes for Tidal Song Poseidon in Aether Gazer:

  • Healer Build: Raging Trident Waves[Raging Waves -> Holy Halberd -> Dark Blue]
  • DMG Build: Atlantis[Great Flood -> Great Temple -> Sea Sounds]

The details of all Aether codes are shared below. 

Tidal Song Poseidon Build: Sigil

  • TBA

Tidal Song Poseidon Profile

  • Gen-Zone: Olympus
  • DMG Attribute: Water
  • Combat Resource: Divine Grace
  • Grade: A
  • Range: Ranged

A core member of Division Nine in Aether Gazer. Poseidon is more proficient at using Divine Power to provide support to her teammates than fighting head-on with Visbanes. She is gentle and quiet and is good at listening to the troubles Of others.

Tidal Song Poseidon Skills

Normal Attack[Dew Missile]

  • Poseidon summons dew drops that attack enemies in front, dealing Water DMG equal to level: 193.5%) Of ATK in total.
  • Passive: When Divine Grace is at max, casting the skill will expend all Divine Grace and reset the cooldown time of the skill.
  • Divine Grace: Grants Divine Grace when a normal attack lands,

Skill 1(Grace of the Sea]

  • Restores the HP of all Teammates within a certain range by 610(Next level:620) + of Poseidon’s ATK.

Skill 2[Starry Drizzle]

  • The additional ATK of the team is increased by 60(Next level:70) for 10) seconds.

Skill 3[Torrential Surge]

  • Poseidon summons a surging wave that slowly advances to the front, dealing Water DMG equal to 360%(Next Level: 369.2%) Of ATK in total.

Skill 4[Tide Song]

  • The Max HP of all members in the team is raised by 1070. The effect, which stacks up to 3 times, restores to the entire team HP equal to 1830(Next level: 1860) 18.8%(Next level: 19.6%) of Poseidon’s ATK.
  • When Poseidon or a Teammate Break-falls, an 8% Ultimate Skill charge is also granted,

Dodge Skill[Illusion Bubble]

  • Poseidon quickly dodges the enemy’s attacks. Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.
  • Dodge effect: Entering Zero Time significantly slows all enemy movements for 2 seconds. 50 Divine Grace is also granted.

Tidal Song Poseidon Aether Codes

Neptune——Dark Seas

The cooldown time of Starry Drizzle is shortened by 4 seconds.

Neptune——Blue Waves

Casting Torrential Surge inflicts Weak on enemies hit, lowering their ATK by 30% for 8 seconds.

Neptune——Silver Spray

Casting Starry Drizzle grants Super Armor to the entire team for 3 seconds.

Atlantis——Great Flood

The additional ATK of Starry Drizzle is increased by 40%.

Atlantis——Great Temple

Grace of the Sea deals to enemies within range Water DMG equal to 140% of ATK.

Atlantis——Sea Sounds

Torrential Surge now comes with a second strike on the enemy with a greater range and which deals Water DMG equal to 960% of ATK.

Raging Trident Waves——Raging Waves

Increases the HP recovery effect of Grace of the Sea by 20%.

Raging Trident Waves——Holy Halberd

When Poseidon or a Teammate takes damage, a 1.2% Ultimate Skill charge is granted.

Raging Trident Waves——Dark Blue

Grace of the Sea restores HP to the entire team and does not require the selection of a target area.

Tidal Song Poseidon Ultimate Skillchains

Tricolor Concerto

  • The Ultimate Skillchain Of New Pact – Verthandi, Surefire – Zenkibo Tengu, and Tidal Song – Poseidon. Deals Physical DMG equal to New Pact – Verthandi’s ATK (450% + 1 1 .54% x her Ultimate Skill level), and all members Of the team are also granted a 200% boost to their Mod Index Multiplier for that skill chain.
  • Also deals Physical DMG equal to Surefire – Zenkibo Tengu’s ATK (360% + 9.23% x her Ultimate Skill level), and when an enemy hit is landed, all members of their team have their combat resources brought up to max.
  • Finally, deals Water DMG equal to Tidal Song – Poseidon’s ATK x (360% + 9.23% x her Ultimate Skill level), and restores to all members of the team HP equal to her ATK x (60% * 2% x her Ultimate Skill level), up to 10%. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

Symphony of Storm and Tide

  • The Ultimate Skillchain of Tidal Song – Poseidon and Gusty Lance – Shu. Deals Water DMG equal to Tidal Song – Poseidon’s ATK x (430% + 1 1.03% x her Ultimate Skill level), and restores to all members of the team HP equal to her ATK x (60% + 2% x her Ultimate Skill level).
  • Also deals Wind DMG equal to Gusty Lance – Shu’s ATK x (500% + 12.82% x her Ultimate Skill level), and her Modifying Level is raised to ~.

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