Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki

Spy X Family Anime Wiki Guide Episode 1(Mission 1 OPERATION STRIX)

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki:  Synopsis

The first episode of the Spy X Family Anime TV series “Mission 1: Operation Strix”, air date April 9th, 2022, introduces the story plot, protagonist, and deuteragonist. Also, see – Episode 2 Wiki, Episode 3 Wiki

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki – The First Scene: The Assassination Of One Of The Diplomats Of Westalis’s Intelligence Agency

The first scene of the first episode of the SPY X FAMILY Anime TV Series takes you to Ostania, where the car accident takes the life of Westalis’ diplomat. [Ostania is a large country bordering the East of Westalis].

One of Westalis’s intelligence agency diplomats is heading to the embassy in a car; the embassy is about 20 minutes away; the driver answers to diplomat’s question. Suddenly, the car’s brakes fail, leading to the car accident and, ultimately, the lives of the diplomat and his driver. 

After the car accident, the heads of the Westalis intelligence agency decide to have a meeting and discuss the situation. The leaders of Westalis believe it was not an accident but rather an assassination by the East’s far-right political party. Assuming East’s far-right political party is planning to start a war against Westalis, one of the leaders suggests figuring out their plans with the help of their best spy agent, “Twilight.” 

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Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki – The Second Scene: Twilight

The second scene introduces the main protagonist, the spy agent, Twilight, disguised as Edgar. Edgar is one of the characters in the Spy X Family Anime. He has a daughter named Karen, who Twilight is dating. Of course, to spy on her father and family. 

In the second timeline of Episode 1: Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX, an unknown man possessing pictures proves of the Foreign Minister wearing a wig or toupee, interacts with Twilight, who is disguised as Edgar. The man hands over the images and negatives to Twilight(Disguised). Twilight thanks the man and says we can now force him to resign. As he leaves, the real Edgar comes to the exact location and asks the same man for the pictures. 

The man realizes he got tricked. 

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki – The Third Scene: Karen & Robert

As we mentioned above, Karen is the daughter of Edgar; she is on a date with Twilight in the third scene of Episode 1: Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX. They are out on a date, having dinner; she talks about her father being in a bad mood because someone stole the toupee images. Frankly, it’s not a date with Twilight, but rather “Robert” – another disguised form of Twilight. 

A few moments later, Karen sees a man proposing to a woman, and she asks Robert whether he thinks they will marry someday. While she completes the sentence, Robert interrupts and states they should break up as he does not see any intelligence in her conversations. Robert leaves; Karen yells, “You can’t just do that to me,” but she does not follow him. 

The goal was to obtain toupee images from her father; since that’s completed, Twilight has no reason to stay together in a relationship with Karen. Edgar wanted to use the pictures against the foreign minister and force him to resign. 

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki – The Fourth Scene: Newspaper, The Next Mission

The next day, after breaking up with Karen, Twilight goes to collect the newspaper containing details about the next mission. Twilight’s next mission is to target the leader of the National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond. Donovan Desmond is a significant threat to the truce between the East and the West. 

Twilight has to get close to Donovan Desmond and probe any seditious activities in the next mission. 

How Twilight Will Achieve The Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX?

Twilight will need to marry and have a child to achieve the mission. Donovan Desmond is a highly cautious man who rarely appears in public. As per the intel available to WISE, Westalis Intelligence Agency, Donovan Desmon only appears at social gatherings held at the Elite Private school his son attends. These events are informal get-togethers for the upper echelon of industrial and political leaders. 

Twilight must enroll his child in Elite Private School and infiltrate one of the social gatherings. And he has a short time to pull this off because the deadline for getting into the Elite Private School is drawing near. 

It is necessary to maintain peace between the East and the West. Therefore, if there are any plans of carrying out war between the East and the West by the East’s far-right political party, they must be stopped. 

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki – Loid Forger, Anya Adoption

After receiving the information about the next mission, Twilight, without any delay, starts to work. First, he rented an apartment and signed the documents as another disguised form “Loid Forger,” He then heads to the orphanage to adopt a child. Thanks to the drunk man managing the orphanage, the adoption process was smooth. Twilight tells the drunk man that he is looking for an intelligent child; the man suggests “Anya,” the deuteragonist in Spy X Family Anime. 

Anya’s Telepath Abilities

Anya is not an average child; she possesses telepath ability; she can read other people’s minds thanks to this ability. Loid Forger recalls that the enrollment in Elite Private School is for students with age 6. Loid Forger, looking at Anya, thinks she looks no more aged than four or five. Eager to get adopted by someone, Anya doesn’t want to lose the opportunity because of her age, so she lies to Loid Forger about her age by stating she is six. 

She then impresses Loid Forger by solving a crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Of course, it was Loid Forger solving the answers in his mind. Impressed by Anya’s ability to solve complex crossword puzzles, Loid Forger believes she will easily pass the enrollment exam.

Loid Forger, Anya 

Loid Forger and Anya head to the apartment. Anya discovers the apartment has a TV; she gets excited, turns it on, and starts seeing Spy Wars, her favorite show. Loid Forger decides to go out to get some stuff and forge an ID for Anya. Anya also goes with Loid Forger. 

Anya wants a pistol with silence. Loid Forger assures Anya by saying; sure, maybe if we can find one on sale. Loid Forger must ensure that they look like an ordinary family. The next moment, Anya gets overwhelmed by in between the crowd and starts crying for help. The woman suggests Loid Forger hold her hand. Loid Forger takes the woman’s advice and holds Anya’s hand; he realizes it will be challenging to prepare for an enemy strike if his one hand is tied up. 

Thanks to the natural telepath ability, Anya was reading Loid Forger’s mind; she gets panicked when he mumbles about the enemy attack in his mind. Anya then hides under a board sign of a cafe. 

This sudden action by Anya makes Twilight think he must start to understand her to maintain peace and a good relationship. She heard that with telepath ability. Anya then states to Twilight that she like peanuts but not carrots. She then points her finger at a bakery shop sign and says she likes crisps bacon. Twilight/Loid Forger corrects her by saying that it’s a bakery, and they do not sell bacon there. 

Anya then goes to a nearby shop and attempts to buy a spy wars poster with X10 pent coins. The shop owner informs her that it costs one dalc; she can’t get it with a ten pent coin. Dalc/Pent Coin is the currency used in Ostania. 

All these actions by Anya make Twilight think she is stupid, and her solving the crossword puzzle was a fluke; maybe he shall go back to the orphanage and get another child. Anya heard that too, thanks to the telepath ability. And then she started crying. Seeing her crying in a public place, Twilight/Loid Forger, to calm her, offers to buy her peanuts.

Twilight/Loid Forger buys child-raising books before heading to the apartment. 

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Anya’s Likes & Dislikes

  • Anya like peanut
  • Anya’s favorite show is Spy Wars
  • Anya does not like carrots

Does Loid Forger/Twilight Know About Anya’s Telepath Ability?

No, Loid Forger/Twilight is unaware of Anay’s ability to read minds. 

Spy X Family Anime Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX) Wiki: Franky Franklin

Loid Froger/Twilight, and Anya go back to the apartment. Twilight spends some time reading the books. 

The next day, Twilight/Loid Forger intends to see how prepared Anya is for the enrollment exam. Anya refused to study for the exam, thinking she will just other students’ minds to answer the questions. Twilight asks her if she is planning on cheating; if she fails to get into this school, his mission will fail(in mind). 

Twilight tells Anya to study at home while he goes out to do his work. Anya, despite the warning, follows him. In the end, he ended up locking the apartment with a barricade. 

Twilight then meets Franky Franklin, another character in the anime. He is an informant who also works at a tobacco store. Frank Franklin hands over an application, exam questions, and the ticket for the exam to Twilight. He also shares the information about Anya; he could not find her birth date, age, or parents, but the adoption details; she was adopted four times and returned each time. 

Anya has also been to two other orphanages. 

Anya Williams, Anya Levski, Anya Roche, she changes names as much as he does, states Franky Franklin. 

How Did Edgar And His Goons Kidnap Anya In Spy X Family Episode 1: Mission 1: Operation Strix?

As you remember, Twilight had locked Anya in the apartment. She got bored sitting in the apartment alone; she recalls that Loid Forger had locked all his spy equipment because he did not want her to miss his gear. Anya also heard the code required to unlock the spy equipment kit with her telepathy ability. She then goes to play with it. She found a transmitter and sent the message citing she is Twilight and mocks them(Edgar and his goons) to find her. Ultimately, they did and kidnapped Anya and decided to use her as a hostage to make Twilight steal the toupee off of the foreign minister’s head PERSONALLY. 

When Twilight returned to the apartment, he found the barricade was not like he had left it. Edgar’s goons then ambushed him, but he managed to beat all the men. He searched the whole apartment but could not find Anya. She must have been kidnapped, Twilight believes, and thinks to run away, but was attacked by one of the men. Nguyen and his guys captured Twilight. 

They returned to where Anya was kept hostage. Edgar removes the bag from Twilight’s head and finds that it’s not Twilight, but Nguyen, one of his goons.

The fake Nguyen was Twilight, who managed to get out of the base along with Anya. The event made Twilight think he put a little girl’s life in danger. After getting out of the building, he gives a note to Anya and tells her to run to the police. 

After giving her the instructions, he goes back to the building and sets up the traps, and as Edgar and his guys fall into the trap, releasing flour everywhere, he starts to take them one by one. 

After taking all the guys, he targets Edgar, points a gun at his head, and asks him how is his daughter Karen. That made Elgar wonder how he knows Karen. Twilight then explains he knows everything about him and warns him to leave him alone if he wishes Karen a normal life. 

Anya was waiting outside the building; as she saw him walking out of the building, she went to him and explained she was playing tag with some old guys. She was a bit scary and now wants to go home with Twilight/Loid Forger. 

Twilight explains they need to change apartment because there is a snake in it. Anya knows it’s a lie. 

  • Papa is a huge liar…But he’s such a cool liar.

Twilight tells Anya she needs to study once they get to their new home. This time, she only needs to memorize the answers(Franky Franklin had provided the exam questions to Twilight, so he prepared the answers). 

Exam Day

On the day of the exam, Anya, as usual, tried to read the mind of the other students, but neither of them knew the answers. She recalls what she had studied with Twilight and wrote down the answers. 

She passed the exam. 

The Next Challenge In Episode 2

While Twilight is relaxing on the couch, a mailman comes with a letter. Anya takes the letter from him and tries to give it to Twilight, but he would not wake up. So she ends up lying next to him. A few moments later, Twilight wakes up, and then Anya gives the letter to him. The letter contained information on the next phase of the admission process. 

The second phase of the admission process in Elite Private School is a family interview, so both parents must be there. 

So this would be all in this post on Spy X Family Anime Wiki Guide: Episode 1(Mission 1: OPERATION STRIX). Also, see – Episode 2 Wiki, Episode 3 Wiki

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