27 Best Utility Apps For Android With Fabulous Features

Looking For The Best Tools Apps Or Utility Apps For Android? Here’s The List Of Top Best Must Have Android Utility Apps – With Smart FeaturesBest Utility Apps For Android

If You Are Using Your Android Without These Utility Apps Then You Are Fumbling The Actual Experience Of Smartphone. These Utility Apps Helps Users To Do Work Smart, In An Easy Way, And Automatically.

In This List, We Have Selected Best Utility Apps From Google Play Store Out Of Thousands Available. So, Let’s Start: –

1.) Fast Finder

Fast Finder Is A New Search Tool App For Android. Your Android Contains Lots Of Files, Documents, Images, Videos In Different-Different Folders Of Internal Memory And SD Card. Sometimes, It Is Too Difficult To Find The Exact File. Thanks To Fast Finder App Which Makes It Easy For Users To Find The File In Seconds. You Simply Have To Open The App, Enter The Search Query, Fast Finder Will Find The File By Searching In Your Android In Seconds. You Can Easily Find Contacts, Media Files, Apk Files, Apps, Docs, Songs Etc. If You Want To Find Files Fast, Then You Should Try This Utility App.

About – Size – 1.4 MB, Price – Free(In-App Purchase), Download: Here.

2.) APK Extractor Lite

APK Extractor Lite Is One Of The Best App Extractor Tool App On Android. This App Comes With A Light Size, Best Sorting Features, Fast Extracting Function. There Are Many Utility Apps Like This Are Available In Play Store But APK Extractor Lite Extract Apps With 10* Speed. Google Play Store Only Installs The App, If You Uninstall The App, You Need To Download It Again. With APK Extractor, You Can Save APK File Of App To Use Later.

About – Size – Less Than 50KB. Price – Free. Download; Here.

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3.) Here Maps

For Better Navigation, Map Apps Are The Best Utility Apps For Android. However, Android Comes With Pre-Installed Google Maps App. Users Can Even Download Maps For Offline Use, But After Some Days, You Have To Download The Map Again. Thanks To Here WeGo Map App, Using This App, You Can Download Maps Of Specific Areas To Use Offline For A Long Time. Offline Feature Of This Map App Will Save Your Data As Well As Battery.

About – Size – 57MB, Price – Free(Contains Ads), Download – Here.

4.) Night Mode

Night Mode Is No Doubt One Of Best App In Utility Apps Category. This Helps Users In Two Ways – Save Your Eyes And Save Battery Of Your Android. When The Screen Is Too Bright, This App Prevent Your Eyes From Hurting. If You Read, Browse, Text Or Play Games In Low Light Then Night Mode Helps You To Save Your Eyes. There Are Many Night Mode Apps Available, But I Will Recommend You To Go For Night Mode By Bruno Barao App Which Comes With A Light Size.

About – Size – Under 500KB, Price – Free(Contains Ads). Download: Here.

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5.) Quality Time – Digital Diet

This Utility App Lets Users To Monitor App Usage And Set An Alert To Stop App Usage. With This App, You Can Check Which Apps You Use Mostly, For A Long Time – In Short, It Is A Great Time Usage Tracker App. You Can Set Alert – For Instance, You Don’t Want To Use Facebook App More Than 10 Minutes In A Day. Set The Alert – 10 Minutes – Facebook App. If You Cross The Time Limit, App Will Show You An Alert To Stop Using App. This Is One Of My Best App Which Helps To Manage Smartphone Habits.

About – Size -9.1 MB, Price – Free(Contains Ads), Download: Here.

6.) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards App Gives You Play Store Money For Completing Surveys. Every Week, You Have To Complete A Survey And Get Paid For The Task. You Can Use This Reward In Play Store To Buy Movies, Songs, Books, Apps, And Games. However, Not Every Survey Gives Rewards.

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7.) AutoSync Google Drive(Utility Apps)

This Is One Of The Best App For Google Drive Users. If You Want To Automatically Back-Up Files Of A Specific Folder To Google Drive, Then AutoSync Google Drive App Helps You. New Files In Your Android Device Will Instantly, Automatically Upload To Google Drive. You Simply Have To Connect This App To Google Drive And Enjoy Auto Sync Service. You Can Buy Premium Version Of This App Which Comes With Additional Features.

About – Size – 3.5MB, Price – Free(Contains Ads, In-App Purchase), Download – Here.

8.) Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder Apps Are Also One Of The Best Apps In Utility Apps Category. Using A Screen Recorder App, You Can Capture The Screen Activities As A Video. For Instance, You Want To Record The Game Play, Then Screen Recorder App Is The Only Option. There Are Many Screen Recorder Apps Available Like DU Screen Recorder, Game Screen Recorder Etc. You Can Check Full List Of Screen Recorder Apps Here.

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9.) Titanium Back Up

Titanium Back Is One Of The Best Powerful Back-Up App On Play Store For Rooted Devices. You Can Back Up Almost Every Thing Of Your Android Like App Data, Market Links Etc. For Instance – Google Authenticator Data Can Not Be Back-Up To Google Drive. But With Titanium Back Up, You Can Easily Back Up Google Authenticator Data – Your Scanned Codes/Sync Accounts. You Can Also Sync To Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.

Download- Here, Price – Free, Size – 5 MB.

9.) All In One Converter(Utility Apps)

For Students, This App Is One Of The Best Essential App. This App Comes With Over 50 Calculators, Unit Converters. Some Of Them Are – Percentage Converter, Fraction Simplifier, Equation Solver, Volume Converter, Temperature Converter, Force, Area, Time, Mileage, Speed, Power, Cooking, VAT, Density, And More.

Size – 4.3 MB, Price – Free(Contains Ads, In-App Purchase), Download – Here.

10.) Photomath – Camera Calculator

Photomath Is One Of The Best Smartest Calculator On Google Play Store. With This Calculator App, You Can Scan Math Problems For Instant Result, With Step-By-Step Instruction. This App Comes With A Smart Calculator Along With Camera Calculator. This Is One Of The Best Utility App For School Students Or College Students.

Price – Free, Size – 33 MB, Download – Here.

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11.) RAR(Utility Apps)

RAR App Is Great Zip/Rar/Tar/GZ/BZ2/XZ/7z/ISO/ARJ File Extractor App For Android. If You Use Apps Like PPSSPP, NES Emulators, GBA Emulators, Then This App Is Essential App For Your Device. Because Most Of Big Size Files You Download From Internet Are Compressed. To Extract, You Need a Speedy/Powerful Extractor Which Is RAR. Suppose You Download A PSP Game To Play With PPSSPP. File Should Be In ISO Format. So, You Need To Extract The ISO File From Compressed RAR/ZIP File.

Size – 4.3 MB, Price – Free, Download – Here.

12.) SMS Backup +

SMS Back Up + Is The Most Popular App On Play Store. In Most Countries, People Use SMS To Chat With Friends, Relatives Instead Of Online Messaging Service. To Keep Messages Secure You Need To Back Up Them. With SMS Backup + You Can Easily Perform This Task Automatically. You Can Backup SMS/MMS/Call Log To Gmail, Schedule Backup Time.

Price – Free(In-App Purchase), Download – Here. Size – Less Than 1 MB.

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13.) Screen Master(Utility Apps)

Screen Master Is A Great Tool To Edit Photos – Doodle Photos In Few Clicks. This App Is Similar To The MS Paint Of Windows. You Can Crop, Add Text/Emoji/Sticker/Shapes To Your Photos, Doddle On Your Photos, And Magnify Specific Part Of The Photo. Learn More About This Screenshot Utility App.

14.) IFTTT

IFTTT Is A Wonderful App For Android. You Can Use This App To Do A Specific Task Automatically. For Example – You Want To Save Images Automatically To Google Photos That You Upload On Facebook. To Automatically Post Your Instagram Photo To Twitter. Automatically Change Wallpaper. You Simply Have To Open The App, Choose A Service, And Turn On A Recipe.

Price – Free. Download – Here. Size – 5MB.

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15.) APK Editor

APK Editor Is A Powerful Tool That Can Edit Apps To Do Lots Of Things. For Example – You Can Change The App Name i.e. Clash Of Clans To Clash Of Your Name. You Can Remove App Permission, Hack App Data, Eliminate Ads, And Do More Things. You Don’t Need Professional Skills. It’s Easy.

Price – Free. Size – 8MB. Download – Here.

16.) Share It

Share It Is #1 File Sharing App For Android. This App Hits 500 Million Downloads On Google Play Store. With Share It App, You Can Send Files Like Apps, Music/Songs, Videos, Images, Documents Etc. To Another Android Device Offline. You Can Use This App To Transfer Files From Android To PC.

Size – 5.5 MB, Price – Free(Contains Ads), Download; Here.

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17.) Tasker

Tasker Is A Great Paid App To Do Task Automatically. For Instance- Auto Brightness, Set Wallpaper Automatically, Display Off Timeout, Move Files, Send SMS, Night Mode, Automatically Start Playing Music When Headphones Plugged In, Shake Phone To Turn On Flashlight Etc.

Price – $1, Download – Here, Size – 4MB.

18.) Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Is A Great App To Track Your Data Usage – Mobile Data As Well As Wi-Fi Usage. You Can Check Real-Time Speed Of Your Data i.e. 2MBPS. This App Provides You A Summary Of Daily Usage, Monthly Usage, And Week Usage.

Price – Free, Size – Under 1 MB, Download – Here.

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19.) App Lock

To Secure Your Personal App Data From Others, App Lock Is Required. You Can Hide App Icon, Lock Apps With Password. If Someone Tries To Open The Locked App, He/She Have To Enter The Password. Along With App Lock, This App Has The Ability To Hide Pictures And Videos.

Size – 4.3 MB, Price – Free. Download  – Here.

20.) Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager Is The Most Powerful File Manager For Android. The Free Version Comes With A 14 Day Trial. You Can Protect Your Files, Folders With Password. Cloud Manager – Access Google Drive, Dropbox Storage Right From Solid Explorer. Features – Create Password Protected ZIP Files, FTP Client, Search Files, And More.

Download – Here, Price – Free, Size – 7.3 MB.

21.) Google Assistant

If Your Android Device Support Google Assistant Then You Just Have To Give Commands And See Result. For Instance – Speak “Hey Google” Open Google Play Music – Start Song, Get Instant Result Of Your Search Queries.

22.) Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

If You Want To Know If Your Access Point Is Vulnerable At The WPS Protocole, Then This App Helps You To Test. App Allows You To Notify If WPS Is In Lock State.

Price – Free(Contains Ads). Size – 5.6 MB, Download – Here.

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23.) IP Tools(Utility Apps)

IP Tools: Network Utilities Is Another Utility App To Detect Any Computer Network Problems, IP Address, And Boosting Network Performance. Network Tools – Ping, LAN Scanner, DNS Lookup, Port Scanner, Wi-Fi Analyzer, IP Calculator, IP/Host Converter, Router Set Up, And More.

Size – 3MB, Price – Free. Download – Here.

24.) Google Translate

Google Translate Is The #1 Translator App On Google Play Store With Fabulous Features. You Can Easily Translate Text Written On Any Object With Google Translate’s Camera Feature. You Can Find More Google Translate Features Here.

25.) Google Keep

Google Keep’s Main Function Is To Create Notes, Sync Notes, And Set Reminder. But You Can Use Google Keep App To Extract Text From Image. For Example – As A College Student, You Takes Pictures Of The Content That Your Teacher Explains You On Whiteboard. To Extract Text From The Image, You Can Use Google Keep App.

26.) Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android App Tracks You Sleep Time. With This App, You Can Manage Your Sleep Cycle Or Control Your Sleep Timings. Various Types Of Features Are Available In This App Which Is Too Useful. Paid Version Of This App Is Also Available Which Comes With Additional Features.

Price – Free. Download – Here. Size – 12 MB.

27.) Files Go By Google

Google Recently Release Its Official File Manager For All Android Devices. Files Go Comes With Many Advance Features – Gives You A Complete Summary Of Your Storage, You Can Share Files With Your Friend, Alert You When Large Folders Filling Up Your Memory. You Can Easily Know Which App’s Cache Is Affecting Your Storage – You Can Clear App Cache Of Apps In A Single Click.

Price – Fre. Size – 3 MB, Download: – Here(Google Play).

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