Google Authenticator V5.0 Enables Back Up And Restore For App Preference, Adds Experimental Security Key Support To Chrome

Google Authenticator Has Now Been Updated To V5.0 And Adds Some New Features Or Make Some Changes In Latest Update

Google Authenticator

If You Have Enabled 2 Factor Authentication Of 2 Step Verification For Sites Like Google, Facebook, Dropbox Then You May Using Google Authenticator App.

Google Authenticator Helps You To Provide 2FA Codes When You Have No Data Connection. You Can Add Or Authenticate This App With Sites i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter. It Works As Code Generator.

The App Now Has Been Updated To Version 5.0 With Few New Features Or Some Changes.

1.) The New Update To Google Authenticator Makes Copy Code Easy. You Simply Have To Hold Down On A Code And Code Will Be Copy To Clipboard. Previously, You Need To Hold Down On It And Press Copy Button. New Update Make It Easy For You To Copy Code From Authenticator And Paste To Other App Or Site.

2.) The New Update Adds Experimental Security Key(FIDO U2F) Support To Chrome. Once You Update Google Authenticator To Version 5.0, You Will Be Able To Use Yubikeys And Devices Similar To This To Login To Websites In Chrome.

3.)Another Update Is Google Authenticator Will Be Enable Back Up And Restore For App’s Preference. It Does Not Mean That It Will Back Up And Restore Your Codes. This Feature Is For Only App Preference Like If You Have Enabled Dark UI, You Uninstall The App. When You Again Install It, You Will See Dark UI Enabled By Default.

The New Update 5.0 To Google Authenticator Rolled Out On Google Play Store, You Can Update It From There. It Will Be Great If Authenticator Enable Back Up Or Restore For 2FA Codes. Currently, If You Uninstall The App Then You Need To Again Set Up Authenticator For Each Site. However, If You Have Rooted Phone, Then You Can Easily Back Up Google Authenticator Using Titanium Back Up App.

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