Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – All Chapters

In chapter 7, we have to re-arrange the bookshelf. Some books are missing, we will find the missing books by solving clues and puzzles. Here are the steps to complete chapter 7 of Adventure Escape Murder Inn: –

Step 1.) Get the paper clip from the table(left side). Tap on the suitcase and enter the code – 4 3 6. Get the book. Get another book from the bookshelf(first bookshelf).

Step 2.) Go to the next room. Tap on the lock(right side table). Enter the code – S J Y L. Get the box of train tracks. Tap on the table and put the box of train tracks. Now you have to connect the tracks from the beginning point to the endpoint. You just tap on the green area, then tap on the train track to change the shape. murder inn walkthrough

Step 3.) After it, tap on the circuit panel. Connect the wires using the paper clip. Change the color using switches and the white button. Use the left switch to change button, use the right switch to change the color. In short, use the left switch to select the button(just tap on it). After selection, tap on the right switch to change the color and tap on the white button to pass light.

  • First button – Green
  • Second – Blue
  • Third – Yellow
  • Fourth – Red

That’s it.

murder inn walkthrough

Step 4.) Get the key(on the train, left side). Open the key to open top left shelf. Get the book.murder inn walkthrough

Step 5.) Go back to the previous room. Tap on the bookshelf(second). At the bottom, change the position of all books from the right side to left side. Middle row – four books at the left side, four books at the right side. After it, a secret book will come. Get that book. Place all the books on the bookshelf(first). Re-arrange the books like this – murder inn walkthroughThat’s It. Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 7 Is Now Completed.

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