Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – All Chapters

In this chapter, we need to find tokens and assemble them correctly to open the locked door. After it, we have to re-arrange the glass tile(Next Room, Bathroom). At the end, we will catch the killer.

Step 1.) Get three tokens. First is under the pillow, second is near cigar, and the third token is on the table(tap on the plant). Tap on the door(at left). Put all the tokens and place like this: –  

Step 2.) Go inside the room. Go to the bathroom, get the oil bottle. Tap on the sink drawer, use oil on the pipe and get the key. Use the key to open the top drawer. Get the glass tile from there. Go back and tap on the box, enter the code – 9, 7, 9, 2. Get another glass tile.

Step 3.) Again go to the bathroom, tap on the board having glass tiles. Put all the glass tiles there and match the color. In a simple way – there are two tiles, one is colored, second is black & white. You put other colored tiles on the black & white tile and match the color. Just tap to rotate and drag & drop over the black & white tile.

Step 4.) Get the key and go back, open the left door using the key and continue to the final part. 

Step 5.) Use the torchlight and find some parts; 2 gears, treads, handlebars, 2 snowmobile ski. Put all these parts on the bike. Tap on the garage, then tap on the dog and continue.

Step 6.) Now you have to track Jay’s footprints. Tap on the start button and tap on the footprints(don’t tap on dog’s footprints). Or if you have 20 stars, you can skip this puzzle. 

Step 7.) Catch the killer “JAY”. You just have to bound. Tap on a character and move towards Jay. 

So this would be all in this Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough to all the chapters.

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