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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp For Android Full Details – The New Nintendo Game For iOS And Android Will Available In Late Novemberanimal crossing

Update – Game Will Release On 22nd November Worldwide

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, You Play As Campsite Manager. You Build Dream Campsite For You And Your Friends. The Game Offers You A Great Camp Like Design – Visit Nearby Areas To Go Fishing, Gather Fruits, And Collect Bugs.

When You Visit Nearby Areas, You Interact With Animals. Grow Your Friendship And Earn Rewards By Helping Them Find The Things They Need.

Customize Your Campsite With Right Craft Materials, Put Order To Handyman Cyrus And He Will Get Right To Work. Decorate Your Campsite For Your Animal Friends With Items, Furnitures.

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Surprise Your All Guests By Building An Amenity. However, It Takes Little More Hard Work Or Effort To Craft An Amenity. But To Make Your Animal Friends Happy, You Should Build It.

From a merry-go-round to a half-pipe, amenities bring out surprises from all your guests.

Another Side That You Can Customize In This Camp Game Is Camper. Visit Giovanni, Carlo, And Beppe At OK Motors For All Your Camper Customization Needs! You Can Change The Look Of Your Camper And Make It Bigger On The Inside.

There Are So Many Things To Craft Like Furniture, Clothes, Amenities, Special Etc. Enojy Seasonal Events Which Brings Something New To Do In This Game.

There Are 17 Characters In This Game – animal crossing

1.) Lloid

Lloid tirelessly monitors the mining conditions at Shovelstrike Quarry. He’s always in the market for minerals and will gladly offer Bells and craft materials in exchange for them.

2.) Isabelle

If you have a question about your campsite, chances are Isabelle knows the answer…as well as the answer to five other questions you didn’t even think to ask! You can find her at the town hall satellite office, providing support to anyone who needs it.

3.) Cyrus

A master craftsman, Cyrus can build any piece of furniture you order! And the best part? He also delivers! Now that he and Reese have their mobile shop—Re-Tail on the Road—he can even craft larger amenities, such as tents and tree houses.

4.) Reese

While most of her time is spent running Re-Tail, Reese also lends a hand with her husband Cyrus’s crafting business. Together, they’re an entrepreneurial dream team!

5.) Giovanni

If you have a camper, Giovanni is the bird to befriend! He keeps OK Motors running smoothly and always has a nugget of earthy wisdom to dispense to his customers.

6.) Beppe

Beppe is OK Motors’ own style savant. He’s a whiz at whipping up outrageous new paint jobs for your camper and…literally nothing else. Do not let him work on your engine!

7.) Carlo

The main wrench at OK Motors, Carlo has forgotten more about being a mechanic than most people will ever learn. Not to worry—he’s still plenty capable…of everything but small talk.

8.) Timmy

From time to time, Timmy likes to get away from his day job over at Nookling Junction and set up shop at Market Place. Be sure to stop by and see what he’s got for sale!

9.) Tommy

Whenever Tommy needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, he heads to Market Place to sell things the old-fashioned way—from right out of his truck!

10.) Mabel

If you spot Mabel’s smile at Market Place, you know a selection of fashionable clothing and accessories can’t be far behind! Always happy to make a deal, she’ll gladly buy something from you, too.

11.) Sable

Whether at home or on the road, Sable can usually be found behind a sewing machine! As the less gregarious Able sister, she’s happy to spend her time creating the fashions that she and her sisters sell out of their mobile store, Able Sisters To Go.

12.) Labelle

Labelle brings a high-fashion pedigree to her curated selection of hats and accessories, having studied under fashion legend Gracie. So whether you need something cute or couture, she’s your hedgehog.

13.) Kicks

This natty skunk runs a shoe shop named after himself. Market Place itself gets a bit more fashionable every time he shows up with his wares.

14.) Jay

He’s not exactly brave—just empty-headed. He’s the type that seems to succeed by willpower alone.

15.) Apollo

Stern of the brow and hooked of the beak, he’s frequently misunderstood based on his appearance. He might take umbrage if he cared what other people thought. 

16.) Goldie
Goldie’s luxurious locks are famous for their natural fluff and sweet aroma. Folks always ask her what her secret is, but she just tells them the truth: she doesn’t have any secrets.
17.) Rosie
Rosie’s something of a town celebrity. If you ever see a crowd of people in a state of frenzy, you can be sure Rosie’s on the other side of it.

This Nintendo Game Will Available In Late November For These Countries –

Czech Republic
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Additional Countries May Be Added To This List In Future. The Game Will Release For iOS And Android. Price-Free(In-App Purchase). Status – Pre Register

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