Archaic Petra Artifact(Genshin Impact): Where To Get?

Genshin Impact Archaic Petra guide: find out the Archaic Petra artifact set bonus effects, how to obtain its pieces, and much more

Archaic Petra Artifact Guide Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Archaic Petra Artifact Guide

Archaic Petra is one of the artifacts in the Genshin Impact game, which would be a great option for the characters that do Geo DMG. Thanks to its x2 piece set effect bonus, which grants a 15% Geo DMG bonus. The second effect that it grants; x4 piece set effect – it grants elemental resistance to all the party members. 

To get the benefit of its x4 piece set effect bonus, you will need to create a geo elemental reaction; it creates a crystal. Geo Elemental Reaction = Geo Element + Hydro or Pyro + Cryo + Electro. 

Recommended Characters || Use Of Archaic Petra Artifact

Archaic Petra is the artifact that can benefit Geo element characters such as Traveler, Noelle, and Nnnguang. It’s just an example – you are free to use other artifacts for these characters. Most players prefer empowering their normal, charged attack, elemental burst DMG abilities. It’s all up to you to build them perfectly based on the strength! 

Archaic Petra Artifact Set Pieces

  • (1) Flower of Creviced Cliff
  • (2) Feather of Jagged Peaks
  • (3) Sundial of Enduring Jade
  • (4) Goblet of Chiseled Crag
  • (5) Mask of Solitude Basalt

Where To Get Genshin Impact Archaic Petra Artifact Set Pieces

⇒In Genshin Impact, you can obtain Archaic Petra artifact pieces from the domain; drops in Domain of Guyun – or, from the quests, chests, and gacha pulls/draws. 

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