Candy Patrol Tips, Cheats, Guide, And Overview

Candy PatrolCandy Patrol by Orbital Knight is an amazing action game for Android in which you shoot down monsters who are trying to steal lollipops. Here are Candy Patrol tips, cheats, and a useful guide for beginners along with Candy Patrol game overview

Candy Patrol has been just released for Android on Google Play Store by Orbital Knight, the creators of Kickerinho game. In Candy Patrol game, you play as a hero and the goal that you have to accomplish is protect lollipops from the monsters. Monsters are trying to steal lollipops, but you have to shoot them down and save all the lollipops. But it is not an easy task, you have to make smart moves to save all candies. Can you do it? Let’s take a look at Candy Patrol game.

Candy Patrol – Get Started

Candy PatrolYou are a part of elite candy defense unit, your task is save all candies. The game starts with a quick tutorial in which you learn about; how to shoot monsters, how to use gadgets, about the basic of the game, and more. Once it has done, you can manually handle all the things independently. The game features many amazing worlds with challenging stages, boss fights, a number of monsters, amazing gadgets, and boosters. The controls in Candy Patrol are very easy; you just tap to shoot, drag and drop a gadget to use it on the battleground. Also, see – Best action games for Android

  • Hero In Candy Patrol Game

Your Hero has a variety of attributes; damage, cooldown, health, knockback, and overheat. These attributes can be enhanced using hero cards. Hero Cards can be obtained by opening chests. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

  • Gadgets

Candy Patrol game features over five amazing gadgets such as poison, freeze, pitch, and many more. These gadgets used in the fight to slay down enemies and to protect your lollipops. To unlock new gadgets, you need to clear the minimum stage requirements. Also, see – Best platformer games for Android

  • Boosters

Boosters work like power-ups. Using boosters in Candy Patrol, the player can increase the damage power, decrease overheat, improve the shield, and doubles the number of lollipops. These boosters can be unlocked by clearing stages and you get them in limited numbers. So use them wisely. If you have used all, then you can get it from the chest or in exchange for gems. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

  • In-Game Currency

Lives: – If you have no lives, you can not start the stage. Lives are limited and if you have lost all, then you need to wait for few minutes or watch a video ad.

Coins: – Coins used in upgrading the level of hero, gadgets and in buying of gadgets. You can earn coins by clearing stages and from the chest. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Gems – In Candy Patrol, the gem is one of the rare resources. It is used in buying boosters, coins. You can obtain gems in Candy Patrol game by completing the achievements or buy in exchange for real money.

⇒ Shoot against the objects to convert normal bullet in rebounding bullets.

Candy Patrol Tips, Cheats, And Tricks

Candy Patrol is a very challenging game and it would not be easy to get three stars at every stage. These Candy Patrol game tips, cheats, and tricks will help you to protect your candies and in getting three stars at every stage.

  • Know your goals

Candy PatrolAt each stage of Candy Patrol game, you have to complete three tasks such as pass the stage, all lollipops must survive and kill 5 monsters using a specific gadget. Before you start the stage, tap on each star and know your goals. If you have forgotten in the middle of the game, pause it and then tap on stars. And it is mandatory to complete all the tasks if you want three stars at every stage. Also, see – Top new best Android games

  • Use Gadgets

Gadgets are very useful to save all the candies and in slaying down the monsters. But these gadgets work well when you use them wisely and according to the situation; final wave, huge wave, boss fight. Before you start the fight, don’t forget to choose the gadgets. Also, see – Top new best Arcade games for Android

  • Buy Gadgets and add more slots

You can purchase more gadgets in exchange for coins and you should do it. Because you can not get the victory without these gadgets. Just tap on a gadget and then tap on the + button and buy more gadgets. And also add more slots, so that you can take more gadgets for the fight. Also, see – Top new best survival games for Android

  • Use Boosters

After checking the tasks, think two times; is it easy or not? If not, then select the boosters. Don’t use these boosters in low-level fights.

  • Upgrade your Hero and Gadgets

To upgrade your hero, you need hero cards. Hero Cards can be obtained from the chest. Once you have enough, you are ready to upgrade. Similarly, to upgrade gadgets, you need gadget cards, can be obtained from the chest.

  • Don’t lose even a single chest

In Candy Patrol, all the rewards such as gadget cards, new gadgets, hero cards, and more can be obtained from the chest. So the chest is valuable; go to the shop section -> claim your free chest by watching a video ad, claim your free chest, get the bonus chest by watching the ad, grab Chester, and claim mission chest.


As you know, coins are also important; you can buy gadgets, upgrade heroes and gadgets. To earn more coins, play already completed levels again and again.

These Candy Patrol tips are enough, you just have to make smart moves, use gadgets wisely and at the right time and protect your candies. Getting three stars means more rewards. Overall, Candy Patrol is a great game, I’ve played it offline, but, it performs well when you have an active internet connection. Download Candy Patrol – here(Google Play Store). Must see – Top new Android games today

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