Castle Craft Tier List Guide(October 2021)

Our Castle Craft Tier List Guide ranks all the units in the game that you can use to build the best deck or team. Read on for Castle Craft Tier List: Best Units to build Best Deck!

Castle Craft Tier List Guide

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Castle Craft Tier List Guide⇓

The following Castle Craft Tier List is subjective and based on our opinion. Please keep in mind that it’s not an official tier list and is based on our personal opinion. Units can perform well if you use them wisely on the battlefield and build a balanced deck with a good number of DMG, Tank, Support role units. Also, while building the best deck, you will need to keep the cost of units in mind. and Feel free to share your views on this tier list in the comments below. We will be rating the units in three major tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2, and the Tier 3. Now let’s not waste any time and check out the Castle Craft Tier List Guide(Also, see – Castle Craft Coupon Codes). 

Castle Craft Tier List: Tier 1 Units⇓

  • Kobold: Kobold does not have much HP, but can be effective in large numbers, thanks to its cheap deploying cost.
  • Vanguard: Vanguard is a basic melee unit with the ability to absorb DMG or hits before getting knocked off by the foes.
  • Hunter: Hunter is a ranged unit, better to cover it with Tank or high HP units that are good in absorbing DMG so that the Hunter unit can use its abilities
  • Kobold Bomb: AoE.
  • Poison Fume: Poisons and inflicts AoE DoT to enemies.
  • Trickster: Magic DMG to X3 Units
  • Fire Storm: AoE DMG
  • Archer Tower: Fires arrows to inflict DMG on the enemies
  • Lizard Javelin: Lizard Javelin is a long-ranged unit that throws spears at ground-type enemies.
  • Penguin Shielder: Penguin Shielder is a melee unit that posses a shield, which protects itself from DMG
  • Little Viking: Mana farming unit, use it wisely if you are going to to use it in the deck
  • Wish Stone: Turns into a random spell when used
  • Cannon Tower: Targets ground type enemies
  • Frostwind: Possess freezing ability that stall units and buildings
  • Air Tower: Targets air type units
  • Hammer of the Progenitor: Heals allies buildings

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Castle Craft Tier List: Tier 2 Units⇓

  • Smasher: Smasher is a melee unit that deals heavy DMG with its hammer.
  • Draken: Draken is a quick melee unit that causes AoE damage.
  • Rifle Owlbear: Rifle Owlbear is a long-ranged sniper that cannot endure heavy DMG.
  • Glacier: Glacier is a ranged unit that can slow down the enemy units(nearest ones)
  • Enchantress: Enchantress is a ranged unit that can deal AoE, not only to ground type enemies, but also the air type enemies
  • Airship: This unit targets the enemy castle
  • Hatchling: Group allies strong together, but weak individually
  • Moth Lady: AoE
  • Interceptor: Targets air as well as ground type units
  • War Gorilla: Targets buildings, slow in movement
  • Martyr: Healing
  • Smoke Bomb: Possess CC skill that plays with enemies vision
  • Grizzly: Tanky unit, targets buildings, good DMG
  • Salamander: AoE DMG, Ranged
  • Boulder Eruption: AoE DMG
  • Mana Cannon: Long-ranged unit, DMG Dealer
  • Ballista: Single Target DMG Dealer
  • Blood Gem Necklace: Recovers health based on the DMG the commander has dealt on the enemies.
  • War Elephant: Charges towards the rival’s castle and inflicts damage based on the current health.

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Castle Craft Tier List: Tier 3 Units⇓

  • Ax Buffalo: Tanky melee unit that can absorb a lot of DMG and also inflicts DMG
  • Tower of Transcendence: AoE DMG
  • Cannon Turtle: Long-ranged ATK
  • Dragon: AoE DMG, targets air as well as ground enemies
  • Demoness: Continuous DMG
  • Banshee: Ranged Unit with ability to share DMG
  • Sniper: Targets long-ranged units
  • Cannoneer: Targets air units
  • Griffon Rider: Good against the ground units
  • Iron Giant: Spawns X6 Iron Tinies when it dies.
  • Penguin Balloon Pilot: Flying Unit.
  • Arcane Blaster: Continuous DMG
  • Centaur: Centaur is an agile unit that causes bonus DMG to enemy foes that are retreating.

Castle Craft Best Deck Building Guide⇓

To build the Castle Craft Best Deck, we would recommend you to get familiar with the units’ skills; read their skills description, type of attacks, targets, cooldown, cost of deployment, etc. Another thing is to have a balanced deck featuring the tanky melee units that you will be sending first or in the front line as these units are good at absorbing DMG. Behind these units, you will have another melee DMG unit or ranged DMG unit. DMG units will be causing DMG on the enemies as they are good at it. 

But DMG units are not good at absorbing DMG, so cover them with tanky units. These two types of units are the must; air or ground. Next, you may go with CC units that cal slows down the enemies or freeze them. Or, add spells; spells are useful and can be a game-changer. Especially, the spells that cause AoE DMG or CC effects. 

Optional, you may go with healing or supporting units. And, at last, the siege units that can help you target the buildings as well absorb some DMG. 

Share your best Castle Craft decks in the comments. 

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So this would be all in this post on Castle Craft Tier List Guide. We will soon share a comprehensive Castle Craft Tier List. 

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