Cat Tower Idle RPG Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Overview

cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats The creators of BBTAN game series, 111%, has just published another new Android game “Cat Tower Idle RPG”. Here’s all you need to know about the game; overview, guide, tips, and cheats for Cat Tower Idle RPG game

After launching of Hackcell game, 111% adds another new Android game to their game list “Cat Tower – Idle RPG”.Cat Tower Idle RPG is an awesome Idle game for Android in which the player plays as a cat and manage the upgrading, skills of the character and defeat the evil boss. But it would not be easy for a low-level character, right?

Cat Tower – Idle RPG – Get Started

cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats Genre; Offline, Idle RPG

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to use skill & upgrade your character. You character moves and defeat enemies automatically. The only thing that you have to care about is upgrading, managing coins, earning coins, use of skills. The difficulty level increases as the player progress in the game. You can not progress quickly in this game without watching ads or making a purchase because, after a certain floor, you would not be able to defeat the boos. You need over 100K coins if you really want to defeat the boss(higher level).

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cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats

  • Skills – Whirl/Heel/Blackhole/Dash are four skills, you use these skills to slay down enemies.
  • Upgrade – In all types of Idle games, upgrading is the main task. You use coins to upgrade your character’s fighting skills/defending power.
  • Mastery – When you have mastery points, you can improve your character’s defense and offense power. These points are limited and you get them by playing the game or in exchange for diamonds. You get diamonds in Cat Tower game by completing achievements.
  • Ascend/Fish – If you have fish in Cat Tower game, you can improve damage, increase the defend power, and coins. After reaching the 20th floor, you can use this feature and get fish. But you will lose your coins & upgrade if you use this feature.
  • Level-up and unlock skills.

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Tips & Cheats for Cat Tower Idle RPG

cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats In Cat Tower game, the player has to defeat the boss after clearing some floors. You defeat enemies, collect coins, use coins in upgrading, and improve your fighting skills. Boss battle is one of the toughest fights in Cat Tower Idle RPG. You can easily defeat boss if your hero is upgraded but things might be opposite if your hero is on low-level. These are some tips that might be helpful for you: –

  • Coins

Collect coins as much as you can. You can destroy treasury boxes using skills and gather coins. Use coins in the upgrading of defense, damage.

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  • Watch Ad

cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats As mentioned above, you can not progress quickly in Cat Tower game without watching ads. If you watch ads, you can increase the damage, speed of the game, and get more coins per damage.

  • How to defeat the boss

Defeating the boss is not an easy task, but if you upgrade your cat continuously, then you can easily slay down the boss. Increase your mastery point in the offense, defense, upgrade your damage, strengthen your armor.

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  • Skills

Press skill according to the timing. Otherwise, it would be waste.

  • Get new costumes. New costumes – new equipment.

Use Ascend feature and upgrade your cat ⇒cat tower idle rpg guide tips cheats It would be better if you use this feature for fish. Then use fish to upgrade your cat. It is so simple.

  • Claim reward

When you see a treasure box at top left, tap on it and watch an ad to get coins in bulk. Tap on the achievement section and claim reward. You can use diamonds in many ways; for coins, mastery points, pets.

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Closing word On Cat Tower – Idle RPG

Cat Tower Idle RPG is a great Idle game for Android, but you need to watch more ads for the better result. However, if you love Idle games, then you should give it a try. Download Cat Tower Idle RPGhere(Google Play Store).

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