Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android -Overview

Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android Description – Cats5 is a new amazing offline kart racing game for Android by Bido Codo. Here’s all you need to know about the Cats5 game – Tips, Cheats, Guide, and Overview.

On Google Play Store, hundreds of kart racing games are available for free such as Beach Buggy Racing, Lol Kart, SuperTuxKart, and many more. Cats5 is another kart racing Android game that you might like.

Cats5 – Overview

Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android Cats5(Cats Arena Transform Shooting Five) has two game modes; challenge and story mode. Both Modes are unlocked. The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn basic controls, how to shoot enemies’ car, how to use props such as missiles, transform, shield, and many more. Once finished, the player can play the game manually and access to all of the features.

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Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android It features five playable characters; Faith, Careful, Careless, Happy and Sweetheart. Each character has owned a different type of supercar. You can choose your favorite car. Cars such as the monster truck, buggy car, kart car, classic car, and space car are featured in the game.

Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android There’s a super ultimate ROBO-CAR is also which can be activated using a prop within the game. Activating transform prop transform your car into a ROBO-CAR and you will be able to knock-out other cars out of the game.

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Story mode features dozens of fun levels. You have to complete tasks such as use props, hit cars, collect gold, and much more. Completing these tasks reward you diamonds and gold. Diamonds can be used to upgrade your character’s level.

Cats5, A New Kart Racing Game For Android Energy – When you enter into a race, it will cost you energy. You can restore your energy with gold coins, diamonds, or wait for automatic recovery.

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Gold Coins – Used for upgrading cars, to smash the egg, and for many other tasks. Diamonds used for props, energy, upgrading, and in many other tasks.

Props – Props such as missiles, shield, lightning, and more are used in the game to attack rival cars, defend yourself from rival cars’ attacks.

The goal is to get the first rank in each race. Go through fast tracks to speed up, collect boxes to get props, use the shield to defend your car, hit other cars using bomb, missiles, and get the first rank. Don’t forget to complete tasks and collect gold coins.

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Closing words – Cats5

Cats5 is an amazing kart racing game for Android. Offline mode is a plus point. You can get all valuable resources for free by smashing egg or spinning lucky wheel or by completing achievements and tasks. Download Cats5 – Here[Google Play Store].

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