Climber Brawls Online, Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

Climber Brawls Online, Overview, Guide, Tips, And CheatsSenspark, the creators of Gold Miner game series has released a new brawl jumping game called “Climber Brawls Online”. Here’s all you need to know about the game, Climber Brawls Online guide, tips, cheats, and overview

Multiplayer games are awesome, right? If you track all gaming news, then you know that recently some new best multiplayer games released on Google Play Store such as Fling Fighters, Hero Academy, Hello Hero Epic Battle, and many more games. Most of the multiplayer games are either shooting games or strategy games. But now we are getting some new best multiplayer platform games; Fling Fighters! If you love these kinds of games, then you should play “Climber Brawls Online”, a new multiplayer casual jumping platform game for Android from the creators of Gold Miner game series.

Climber Brawls Online, Overview, Guide, Tips, And CheatsClimber Brawls Online reminds me of Super Jump League game by Miniclips. Super Jump League is quite similar to this game but you get some more feature in Climber Brawls Online game. Both games are addictive but you need to wait for the Super Jump League game because it is in soft launch. While Climber Brawls Online game is in beta on Google Play Store.

Genre; Online, Arcade

Climber Brawls Online, Overview, Guide, Tips, And CheatsClimber Brawls Online is an online multiplayer game where two players climb up to the top to grab the star. But it would not be easy for both the players because of traps, monsters, and obstacles. There are two ways to win the battle; be the first one to grab the star, collect mini-stars. Climber Brawls Online game features dozens of characters. Each of them has own special weapons & skill. You punch your opponent, climb up, avoid traps & monsters, and grab the star.

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In PvP fights, there will be rounds. Your goal is to win all rounds to win the game. The goal is to be the first one to get the star. You can choose the character before you start the battle.

Climber Brawls Online – Get Started

As mentioned above, the game is still in beta. Most of the game features are showing “coming soon”, but you can play PvP battles. You just tap on the PvP button on the main screen or play button to start the game. You log in as a guest. After it, choose your hero. You touch and hold the screen, then slide up, left, right to control the character. Double tap on the screen to use weapon or skill. Choose VIP characters to get the benefits.

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Break the bricks, climb up, use the weapon to throw your opponent down, avoid traps, and get the star before your opponent. There is a time duration; if both the players fail to grab the star, then the player who has more points will win the game.

Climber Brawls Online game features hundreds of funny and hilarious heroes with special skills and weapons. To get powerful heroes, prizes, open the chests or claim the daily gift.

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Tips & Cheats for Climber Brawls Online

  • Choose a VIP character with weapon
  • When the game starts, your very first goal is to climb up fast. If you see your opponent is faster than you, then use the weapon to throw down your opponent. In every round, there is a place where the player has to break orange brick to climb up. Orange brick takes two strikes, so your opponent will be busy in breaking the brick. Use this time to take over your opponent. Climb up, use the weapon, punch your opponent, and throw him/her down.
  • Don’t forget to collect mini-stars because if both the player fails to grab the star, then points decides the winner.
  • Avoid monsters & traps
  • Use ad feature to open chest

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Climber Brawls Online – Closing words

Climber Brawls Online is a perfect game for platform games lovers. The game has a lot of fun, addictive gameplay. If you are looking for a multiplayer jumping game, then you should give it a try. Download Climber Brawls Online game – Here[Google Play Store].

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