Cunning Tribez: Road Of Clash Guide, Strategy, Tips And Cheats

cunning tribez road of clash guide strategy tipsVNG Game Studios, the creators of dead target game has recently released a new strategy game for Android “Cunning Tribez: Road Of Clash”. Here’s all you need to know about this superb strategy game; Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash guide, strategy(attack & defense), tips, and cheats

Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash is an amazing strategy game for Android in which the player assembles a team of members to attack enemies and to protect cargo beast. But it would not be easy if you have no knowledge about the game. Read this helpful post to know everything about Cunning Tribez Road of Clash game and get some helpful tips, strategies(attack and protection) for Cunning Tribez Road of Clash game.

Get Started – Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

cunning tribez road of clash guide strategy tipsThe game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic game; how to play, how to deploy troops, hatch eggs, level-up, spells, bushes, and much more. Once it ends, the player can manually handle all of the things independently. The game features two type of battles; attack: – You choose your best powerful heroes to attack enemies, the goal is to rob the cargo beast before their team surpasses the boundary. Protect: – You opt best heroes to protect your cargo beast from enemies, the enemy will do everything to defeat your army, can you defend your team? Cunning Tribez Road of Clash is a fun and addictive game, let’s take a look at everything and learn more about the game including guide, strategies, tips, and cheats. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

#1 Guide – Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

cunning tribez road of clash guide strategy tipsAs mentioned above, you can either choose to attack or to protect. If you choose to attack, then your goal is to defeat the enemy team and rob the cargo beast. If you choose to protect, then your goal is to defend your cargo beast. Before we continue, let me clear some points: –

  • Battle Deck

cunning tribez road of clash guide strategy tipsIn Cunning Tribez, you have to choose your best heroes, depends on what you are going to do; attack or defend. The game features dozens of heroes and four types of spells. You have to choose five heroes and two/three spells for the battle. Each member of your tribe has own unique skill and attributes. Also, see – Top new best Action games for Android of 2018

How to build the best deck in Cunning Tribez? Which are your best members? As it is a strategy game, the player has to choose the member wisely. For this, you should know about the attributes of your members; head to the battle deck section, tap on (i) icon(left bottom of a card) to know all info; health point, damage, movement speed, attack speed, attack range, and attack zone. Analyze all, compare your members with each other and choose the best only. Also, see – best 3D games for Android of 2018

Practical – Tap on (-) icon(top right of a troop card) to exclude him/her from the battle deck to empty a slot. Tap on a troop card to include him/her in the battle deck. You can save three decks, tap on (2), (3) button to add or re-arrange members and spell. This will help you to start the battle in no time(create the separate deck for attack & defend). Also, see – Best arcade games for Android of 2018

  • Cards/Heroes/Spells

In Cunning Tribez Road of Clash game, the card is one of the important things. You need cards to upgrade heroes and spells, to unlock new heroes and spells. These cards can be collected by hatching eggs. I have shared a tip below to unlock new spells and heroes for free without hatching eggs. Also, see – Top new best Android games of 2018

Spells – Spells such as stone rain, root, meteor, and more used to destroy enemy troops in bulk. Using spells at the right time help you to get the victory.

  • Eggs

Eggs can be earned by getting victories in the battles. Eggs are of many types; earth egg, moon egg, sun egg, common egg, forest egg, and more. These eggs contain cards(spell, heroes), gold, and more things. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android of 2018

  • Level-Up Your Profile

In Cunning Tribez Road of Clash, you need XPs to level-up. XP can be earned by upgrading your members of tribe and spells.

  • How To Upgrade Spells And Heroes In Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash Game?

To level-up your tribe’s members and spells, you need cards for that particular member and spell. For instance, to upgrade meteor spell to level 2, you need two meteor cards, to upgrade SouSou to level 3, you need four SouSou cards. Also, see – Top best platform games for Android

Strategy for Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

  • Attack Strategy

Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash is a fast-paced game, the battle does not take too much of time to end. If you are a beginner, then read this strategy: –

  • Choose Best Heroes For The Battle – Choosing best heroes does not mean to choose high power troops. There are a lot of factors which makes a troop best; the cost of food, health, damage, movement, attack zone, and attack speed.

Cost of food: Each member requires a different quantity of food. For example, Mad Monkey needs two qt. of food,  Golem needs 10 qt. of food, SouSou needs 8 qt. of food. But you have limited food, you have to wait a few seconds to meet food requirement.

So must choose Mad Monkey because his food requirement is low as compare to other members of the tribe. Also, see – Best puzzle games for Android

Attack Power: Compare members with each other and choose those who are having high damage+average health.

Attack Range: Some troops attacks by going towards the enemy while some start the attack from a range. So must choose members who attack from a range. Recommendation: – Chunrider and Spead Lady.

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Now your battle deck is ready. Quick Look: – 1 hero(low cost food)+2 hero(high damage+average health)+2 hero(attack from a range). Choose any spell you want. Or 1 hero(low cost food)+2 hero(high damage+high level health-golem)+2 hero(attack from a range).

  • Attacking Strategy

Your goal is to rob the cargo beast. So the main target is cargo beast (has more health as compare to tribe’s member). This attack strategy for Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash help you to get the victory: –

  1. Deploy high damage troops to the bushes.[Hide Units]
  2. Take a look at the troops deployed by the enemy(attack from a range or not). If the enemy is not using troops who attacks from a long range, then deploy mad monkey(low food cost) at the left side when Cargo beast reaches near the bushes. This will clear the path for troops(hidden in bushes). If the enemy is using long-range attacking units, then deploy golem at the left and this will clear the path for troops(hidden in bushes). Use spells. You have to clear the whole army before cargo beast reached near the bushes. If the enemy is using the healer, then you should target her because healer restores the health and later it becomes too hard to defeat cargo beast.
  3. If the enemy uses the spell to attack hidden units, then change your strategy on the spot and deploy mad monkey on different-different places. Don’t deploy all the units in one place.
  4. Use spells at the right time to slay down enemy units in bulk.

In short: – Hide your units in bushes, clear the path for hidden units by clearing all the enemy units, use spells at the right time, deploy mad monkey to mislead the enemy troops.

Note: – Your target is Cargo Beast who is protected by lots of troops. You have to clear the units to target him.

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  • Defend Strategy For Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

Change your deck and choose members with more health. Must choose healer/Ewe. Deploy troops ahead of the cargo beast, behind the cargo beast, and at the right side, deploy healer/Ewe. Use spells to uncover the hidden enemy troops. Must choose golem and deploy him ahead of cargo beast.

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Quick Tips for Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

Above mentioned guide is enough for a beginner, but these tips also worth reading: –

  • Complete daily objectives to hatch egg instantly or for cards
  • Use gems to instantly hatch eggs(earned by getting victories). Do as fast as you can.[Spend Gems].
  • To unlock new cards and spells⇒ earn trophies. Get victories by playing the battle and you will get trophies. Collect 200 trophies and unlock eight cards, collect a total of 600 trophies and get three cards, 1000 trophies – two new cards/rare, 1400 trophies – one card/rare. Complete a total of 3000 trophies to unlock hero/rare. So play battles and get victories.
  • Claim free eggs and don’t forget to hatch eggs.

Closing words on Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash

Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash is a fun strategy game for Android with multiplayer matches and lots of amazing characters and spells. If you love strategy games, then Cunning Tribez Road of Clash would be the best choice. It is challenging, addictive, and a great time killer. Download Cunning Tribez Road Of Clash – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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