Destiny Child Tier List & Rerolling – Best Characters In The Game

Destiny Child Tier ListDestiny Child is now officially out worldwide. If you are curious to know what are the best characters in Destiny Child, then this Destiny Child Tier List will help you

Destiny Child game features hundreds of characters; attackers, defenders, de-buffers, healers, supporter. If you are having the trouble figuring out the best Destiny Child characters or looking for the tier list, then read this post completely. Additionally, one more thing to highlight is there is a share gacha event going on. It will help you to reroll for the best unit. To reroll, you can also delete the account, but you will have to wait a few days to create a new account. We will discuss all in this post. Let’s dive in!

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Destiny Child Tier List – Best Childs/Characters In The Game: –

NameTypeOverall RatingsElementDescription
DanaDefender 10/10LightBest tank character in the game for all game modes except WB
EveAttacker9/10WaterInflicts poison damage, develop it to 6* for tremendous poison effect
Chang'eSupporter10/10WaterBest supporter in the game, increase the skill gauge charge rate for allies
MaatHealer8.5/10LightShe can revive dead ally, have good healing skills
Mafdet Attacker8/10LightCan block healing, a good attacker
MarsDefender8/10WaterTank, grants barrier/shield allies, increases the defense of water allies/leader buff
A.IDefender8/10DarkGrants reflect functionality to allies, a good defender
Red CrossDefender7.9/10DarkGrants reflect functionality to allies. A.I is better though
OlgaDebuffer8/10WaterDecreases the skill gauge charge speed of enemies
MetisHealer8/10DarkA dark element healer. She can heal allies, increase ATK power of allies for a few seconds
Rusalka Healer8/10WaterGrants immortal title, can heal allies
HestiaAttacker9/10FireInflicts bleed, bonus damage, a good damager
MammonDefender8.5/10WoodGrants bonus DEF against enemies' drive skill, taunt, + DEF
AbaddonAttacker8.5/10WoodCan increase drive skill damage of all wood type allies/leader-buff, increases skill gauge charge speed
HeraDefender8/10WoodVampirism/Recover HP on attack, decreases poison damage effect, skill damage DEF
AuroraHealer8/10FireCan remove debuffs, heal allies
ElizabethAttacker8.5/10DarkInflicts damage, skill damage bonus - nothing special though
BastetAttacker8.8/10LightInflicts blind, drive skill damage bonus
HadesDefender8/10FireGrants barrier, gain Enrage, tap skill damage bonus
AriaSupporter8.5/10LightGrants barrier, Heal allies
JupiterDebuffer8.5/10FireDecreases DEF - enemies
PantheonSupporter9.5/10DarkIncreases CRIT rate
DiabloDefender8/10LightDEF bonus against skill damage, Immortal title, enrage title
HermesSupporter8.2/10FireIncreases ATK power
EponaSupporter9/10WoodGrants DEF bonus, Barrier
SirenAttacker8.8/10Wood+Skill Damage
ThanatosAttacker9/10WaterInflicts poison, +Damage bonus
NirrtiDebuffer8.5/10LightInflict Confuse, Debuff EVA, Removes Buff

These are the top-tier characters in the game. You can check the complete Destiny Child tier list – here(Link to Altema, JP, translate it to English/Use Chrome). To check the complete list of characters, tap the archive option on the top-right side of the lobby.

Note – 3/4* characters are also useful for events. Don’t use them as an ingredient. Pay attention to their skills to figure out the best ones.

Destiny Child Best Attack Type Characters/Childs: –

  • Unknown Thanatos
  • Forbidden Eve
  • Wild Bastet
  • Elizabeth
  • Hestia
  • Righteous Mafdet
  • Abaddon
  • Victorix – 8/10
  • Danu – 8/10
  • Yuna – 8.5/10
  • Titania – 8.5/10
  • Detective Girl – 8/10
  • Artemis – 9/10
  • Monologuing Amor – 8.2/10
  • Elysion – 9.5/10
  • Inanna – 7/10
  • Ambrosia – 8.2/10
  • Tisiphone – 7/10
  • Hector – 7.5/10
  • Fenrir – 7/10
  • Sonnet – 7/10

Destiny Child Best Healers Characters: –

  • Lost Maat
  • Metis
  • Rusalka
  • Western Aurora
  • Merlin – 7/10
  • SELENE – 7/10
  • Daphne – 7/10
  • Isis – N/A

Destiny Child Best Tank/Defenders: –

  • Dana
  • Mars
  • A.I
  • Mammon
  • Hera
  • Hades
  • Diablo
  • Red Cross

Destiny Child Best Debuffers: –

  • Nirrti
  • Jupiter
  • Olga
  • Yaga – 7/10

Destiny Child Best Supporters Characters: –

  • Sunny Chang’e
  • Pantheon
  • Epona
  • Aria
  • Hermes
  • Bored Melpomene – 8.5/10
  • Mayahuel – 9/10
  • Leda – 8/10
  • Fortuna – 8/10

Destiny Child Share Gacha

In this event, you can reroll infinite times until you get the top tier unit. We would recommend you to go for Preacher Dana, Sunny Chang’e, Forbidden Eve, or Maat. Dana is one of the best tanks(Defender) in the game. Sunny Chang’e is a good supporter type unit having a top class leader buff, which can charge the skill gauge of water type allies. Eve is another top-tier unit in Destiny Child having good attack power, poison skills. Maat is the top-tier healer having revive, healing skill. She is good in all the modes; PvE, Raid, WB, PvP.

To participate in this event, you have to go to the official Destiny Child website(link – here). There you have to link the game to Twitter or Facebook. Use Facebook as Twitter is not working as of now. After linking┬áthe Facebook account, you will be able to summon a unit. And, you will get a 5* unit 100%.

After it, tap the summon button again to reroll. On the next screen, you will see two units; one you got in the previous summon and a new one. Select a unit to keep and reroll again by tapping the summon button. After consuming all the turns, you can receive the child by tapping the button; receive the child. If you have not got the desired unit, then tap the share button to get more rerolls. Keep sharing and keep rerolling.Destiny Child Tier List

Receive the child once you are all done. You may need to enter the following details to send the character to the account; account ID, the number of crystals and blood gem. All these details can be found in the game. Open the game, tap the menu button on the top-right corner, head to the support tab -> there you can copy the account ID.

At the top of the screen, you can check the number of crystals, blood gems.

Destiny Child In-Game Re-Roll Guide

In-Game reroll is different from share gacha. All you need to do is create a Line account. Login to the game with that Line account. Complete the tutorial, get the 5* unit from tutorial summon and using free crystals.

To re-roll -> Delete the Line account(In the Line App). Create a new Line account again(you can use the same email). Open the game and login with that Line account. That’s it.

Another way(It is not working at our end) –

  • Log in with the Google Account
  • Complete tutorial, summons
  • Open the Google Play Games app and head to Destiny Child section
  • Tap the menu button(three dots at the top right) -> settings
  • Hit the delete profile button
  • Enter the game again

So that’s all for now as Destiny Child Tier List and Destiny Child Rerolling guide.

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