Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And Tips

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsDescription – Dragon Pals Mobile is a new strategy game by reality squared games. Here’s what you need to know about Dragon Pals mobile game – How to play, how to breed, guide, how to battle, and more tips

Dragon Pals Mobile is another great dragon game for Android in which you discover, rescue, and earn an incredible variety of dragons, build your Dragon Island by building habitats, temples, farms, and lead your dragons to victory in exciting 3v3 battles across a variety of single player and PvP modes.

Basic Of Dragon Pals Mobile

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsIn Dragon Pals Mobile, you start the game with a quick tutorial in which you learn how to breed new Dragons, how to feed Dragons and learn about the basic features. After the tutorial, it’s on you to expand your Dragon Island, earn gold, level up, upgrade your dragons, and complete tasks.

Start the game!

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsWhen you complete the tutorial, tap on the quest option. You will see some tasks such as breed specific dragons, buy farm, habitat for dragons, and many more. Complete these tasks to level up.

⇒Level Up: – Level up helps you to get access to more features of the game such as battle feature, upgrade feature, and many more.

⇒ Sometimes, you will not be able to complete tasks. For instance – The task is to breed Magma Dragon with Frozen Dragon. But you have no Magma Dragon.

⇒ Dragons – You can discover up to 96 types of dragons in Dragon Pals Mobile game. Some are very common while some are very rare.

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And Tips

How to upgrade a Dragon?

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsYou can upgrade the collected Dragons by taping on the habitat of that dragon, then feed the dragon. Upgrading will increase health, attack power, and the speed of dragons.

⇒ Skills – Each dragon has own skill. Some dragons have only one skill while some have two or more.


Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsDragons need food to upgrade. Food can be collected by planting some tasty items such as banana, kiwis, apple, and coconuts. You can upgrade farm to plant more items.

Breeding Guide

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsBreeding helps you to discover some rare dragons. But there is no high chance of getting a rare dragon. You just have to tap on the bridge, choose the dragon for breeding process. Once breeding process finished, tap on the hearts. Head to Dragon statue, there you will see the result. If you get existing dragon, just tap on the sell button.

Dragon Statue feature

Function – To hatch dragon’s eggs. You can upgrade it to hatch multiple dragons at the same time. You must meet the minimum requirement of the level(8).


Habitats can be purchased by coins. To keep dragons, habitats are required. Habitats such as fire habitat, water habitat, nature habitat, earth habitat, and more.

How to battle in Dragon Pals Mobile?

Dragon Pals Mobile, The Ultimate Guide And TipsAs I mentioned above, to get access to all features, you have to level up. This feature will be unlocked when you level up. To level up, check out your quest section.

⇒ 3v3 – In Dragon Pals Mobile, you pick your three favorites (upgraded) dragons for battle against three dragons.

⇒ Battle – Each dragon has own skill. You just have to choose a skill, then tap on the enemy’s dragon to attack. Do the same with other two dragons. After it, the opponent will do the same.

⇒ Stars – If you win and your all dragons are still alive on the battlefield, you will get three stars.


You use coins in the upgrading of buildings, for dragons’ food, and for many other things. Coins can be collected from habitats, and by winning battles.

Tips: –

⇒ Level Up – Complete quest, level up and unlock all features.

⇒ Breed – Try all dragons with each other.

⇒ Upgrade – Upgrade your dragon to increase health, attack, speed – helps you to win battles.

⇒ You cannot purchase all dragons(it requires diamonds). Breeding and completing adventure mode’s chapters are the ways to get new and rare dragons.

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