Fit By Ketchapp, A New Arcade Game Overview

Fit By Ketchapp, A New Arcade Game OverviewDescription –  Fit is a new addictive, relaxing, and challenging game for Android by Ketchapp. Here’s what you need to know about “fit” game – overview, how to get more points to unlock new character

One of the best arcade Android games developer “Ketchapp” has just launched a new game “fit” in Google Play Store. In this game, the player has to fit shapes by taping at the right time!

It is a cool one-handed Android game. You just tap at the right time to fit into next shape. You start alone and collect characters and make shapes bigger.

Fit By Ketchapp, A New Arcade Game OverviewChallenge is to fit shapes – All shapes are rotating continuously, you have to tap at the right time so that your existing shape fits into the next one.

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You have limited chances – If you tap at the wrong time, you will lose your health. When you lose all of your health, the game will be restart.

Fit By Ketchapp, A New Arcade Game OverviewSpeed – Initially, you are going down slowly-slowly, but after you reach 15th-20th score, the speed of the game will increase, and it would be difficult for the player to fit shapes.

World- Over 15 beautifully designed themes with unique characters are featured in the fit game. The player can unlock these worlds with collected points or by completing some other tasks.

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How to collect points –

Fit By Ketchapp, A New Arcade Game Overview⇒ Make Combos

When the player makes combos, he/she will get points. To make combos in the fit game, the player needs to fit shapes constantly without striking. For Instance – You are on shape number 4. Now, to make a combo, reach to shape number 9-10 without any strike.

⇒ Watch An Ad

You can get some points by watching an ad.

⇒ Break your own record or play 5-10 times

You will get some points when you play fit game 5 to 10 times or when you break your highest record in the fit game.

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Closing Words

Like other arcade games by Ketchapp, this one is too amazing, addictive, and time killer. You should also play “stairs” game by Ketchapp which is another endless addictive game. Download Fit Game By Ketchapp – here[Google Play Store].

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