Gears Pop Guide – Combat Tips, Tricks & Cheats!

In this Gears Pop Guide, you will learn all the combat basics, tips, tricks, cheats & strategies to strike down the opponent in minimum time with the best squad

In the last two posts on this game, we shared a tier list and a complete guide to the Pins or characters. Today, In this Gears Pop guide, we have shared everything about the combat, tips, tactics, strategies & cheats to beat the opponents in minimum time. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content!

Gears Pop Guide – Combat

Gears Pop Guide, Tips & CheatsLet’s learn about the combat screen first. To win the match or get the victory in Gears Pop Battles, you need to earn more points than the opponent in the given time. At the top-center of the battle screen, you can check the battle duration. You can earn up to 3 points by destroying the enemy leader or their two turrets. Try your best and destroy those turrets or slay down the enemy leader hiding behind the cover. How would you do that? By deploying the Gears Pop Characters or Pins on the battlefield.

Part 1.) Deployment Area – Gears Pop Guide To Combat

To deploy the Pins or characters, you need power. At the bottom of the screen, the game displays the power points. Deploying the characters costs these power points. At the bottom-right corner of the character’s avatar, you can check the cost of deployment. For example – If it’s 6, then you must have (6) power or energy points in the bank.

Now, hold down or long-press on a Pin or character and drop it where you want. If you don’t want to use, then drag it back to the slot.

The deployment zone – when you select a Pin or character to deploy, the game shows you the deployment area – the blue zone. You can deploy the Pins inside this area. But since it’s small in the beginning, you will have to expand it by capturing the coverslips.

On the left and right side of the battlefield, there are three coverslips. Capture one from each side to expand the deployment area.

Now, how would you do that? With the units who can capture the coverslips. These units are displayed with a coverslip mark on their avatar. As you can see in the below picture. Deploy these units and watch their movements – they will capture these coverslips and expand the area for you. Larger the territory, the more would be the benefit. Gears Pop Guide, Tips & Cheats

Part 2.) How do you win the battles? What’s the best strategy to win the battles?

Tip 1.) Get Familiar With The Pins

To build the best squad in Gears Pop game, one must know about the Pins – how do they work and how to get the most out of them in the battle. Why you should know about each unit? Because all the Pins act differently on the battlefield. The first thing that you need to check is the target type – some Pins completely ignores the enemy Pins and only attack the enemy leader or turrets. You don’t want to use these Pins against the enemy Pins because you would not get anything in return as they only attack the enemy leader or their covers; turrets.

On the other hand, most of the Pins attack the enemies as well as the enemy shelter’s objects.

Some Pins attack from a range while some deals damage from a close range and only good in close combat. You can use the range type characters to attack an enemy who is at a distance. And, the close combat units to attack the nearest enemies.

The Tanks – these are the best front line units. They act as a shield for the allies attacking from behind.

The Capturers – these units are the best to capture coverslips and expand the territory/deployment zone.

Speed – the speed of the Pins matter a lot. Slow units are easy to handle if you use long-range attack Pin. High-Speed Pins can help you in the offense as well as defense for a particular ally. Some units have healing abilities.

So it would be better to know about each unit and use them wisely in the battle. You can learn about the Pins in the Pins menu of the game.

Tip 2.) Play The Trainee Mode

The Gears Pop Game features a practice mode. You don’t lose arena rankings in this mode even if you lose the match. Also, you don’t get any rewards. But this mode is the best to get familiar with each unit. Deploy each unit of the squad and pay close attention to it. How it works on the battlefield, how’s attack style, etc. It would be better if you play this mode before the arena battles.

Tip 3.) Build The Best Squad

In your Gears Pop Squad, you should add all types of Pins – low-cost(these low-cost units are easy to deploy -scout type and helps you a lot in distracting enemy). Or you can use them in your first turn. Make sure to add tank-type Pins – the characters with high HP stats. And, deploy these first because they can soak most of the enemy damage. Behind these tanks, place other long-range attackers or mid-range attackers. Use Emergence Hole as an ultimate – you can deploy him anywhere and stop the waves of enemies for a second.

Add the removal or spell type Pins like Ink grenade, frag grenade to deal massive damage to the enemies.

Check this Gears Pop Pins guide or Gears Pop Tier List for more details.

Tip 4.) Handle Both The Lines And Expand Territory

Capture the coverslips on the left and right side of the battle screen and expand the territory or deployment region. Having larger territory allows you to deploy the Pins more close to the enemy. Melee combat units, tank, and the units who attack enemy leader or turrets work like a charm if you deploy them close to the enemy shelter area. And, don’t let the enemy expand his/her territory so easily.

Tip 5.) Counter The Enemy Moves

Pay close attention to the enemy moves – the Pins deployed by him/her, territory space, removal spells usage, etc. For example – If the enemy has deployed a close-combat unit, then long-range type Pins will help you. If it’s a long-range, you can counter it with a removal card or spell or by deploying the same type Pin. Better to get familiar with each unit and you would be able to use the Pins wisely.

Deploy low-cost or scout type Pins behind a tank – tank act as a cover and they(low-cost scouts) will attack from behind. But if you let them lead from the front, they would be destroyed in no time because of low-survivability rate.

Tip 6.) Complete The Missions And Move On

Complete the missions to get free coins, crystals in Gears Pop game. Use the coins to develop high-tier Pins or in the store, you can buy duplicates to make upgrades. Use the crystals to buy gear packs.

Tip 7.) Pay Attention To The Energy

Different units cost different amount of energy/power. Don’t waste energy by deploying the Pins randomly – build the strategy, analyze the condition, choose a Pin to counter enemy moves, and try to destroy the enemy coverslips.

So that would be all in this Gears Pop guide – combat tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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