Gears Pop Tier List – Best Pins In The Game

Gears Pop Tier ListWhat are the best Pins or characters in Gears Pop game? Let’s have a look at our Gears Pop Tier List – Best Pins in the game

Microsoft’s latest real-time strategy game is now out worldwide and lets you fight other players around the world. The game’s mechanics are similar to Supercell’s Clash Royale game. In Gears Pop, you build the deck of characters; also called as the deck of Pins. There are a total of (40) Pins to play with. In this Gears Pop Tier List, we have selected the best Pins for you – categorized into five tiers; S tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, D Tier, and E Tier.

The S tier is the strongest one while the E tier is the group of useless Pins. Before you navigate to this Gears Pop tier list – we would like to share one more thing – the strategy plays an important role. Using the Pins wisely; placement, time of placement, etc. matters a lot. You may lose the battle even if you have the best Pins – if you don’t have any strategy. It’s all about how you use the Pins – you always have the chance to beat the opponent.

And, one more thing – if you are a f2p player, don’t spend coins in upgrading all the Pins. Focus or invest on the Pins you want to play for the long-term. And, that would be the high tier Pins.

So now let’s navigate to the tier list.

Gears Pop Tier List – S Tier – Best Pins

  • Emergence Hole
  • Seeder
  • Ink Grenade

Emergence Hole – Well, this is the Ultimate Pin. You have this Pin from the very beginning of the game. The best advantage of using E-hole is that you can place it anywhere on the battlefield. Go to the Pins tab and at the top of the first squad tab, you will see the ultimate banner; Emergence Hole.

Seeder – Seeder is another ultimate Pin, unlocks at Arena level (3). Deploy seeder and shoot the enemies from a long distance. Seeder is the reaper for slow units, deployed by the opponent from the portal. Seeder’s damage stats are quite good, HP is also good, and the Lifespan is (27) seconds. You can raise the stats by upgrading Pins.

Ink Grenade – Ink Grenade is one of the best Pins in Gears Pop game. Using it, you can create a death zone on the battlefield – the enemy Pins inside this death ring takes damage over time. And, it will continue until they get themselves out or dead.

So these are the top tier Pins in Gears Pop game.

Gears Pop Tier List – A Tier Best Pins

  • Longshot
  • Augustus Cole
  • Dominic Santigo
  • Old Man Marcus
  • Carmine

Longshot – Longshot is another one of the good Pins in the game. His survivability is not that good because of low hit points stats – but he has good DPS, range, and good damage stats. Use him in a proper strategic way – keeping in mind of the enemy Pins – he would not disappoint you.

Augustus Cole – Augustus Cole is one of the best Tank Pins in the game. He has good HP stats – that increases his survivability. He can attack from a range, has decent damage stats, targets all types of enemies and portals – but speed is slow. Because of high HP stats, he can absorb a lot of damage from the enemies and protect the backline allies.

Dominic Santigo – Dominic Santigo or Dom is an epic rarity utility A tier Pin in Gears Pop. He can heal allies on the battlefield. On top of that, he has amazing HP stats – because of that, survivability is good. A healer in the squad would be a good choice.

Old Man Marcus – Old Man Marcus is the legendary rarity A tier Pin. His DPS stats are impressive – can deal massive damage to the enemies – so are the HP stats and attack speed. Attacks from a range, targets all type of portals and enemies and uses the coverslips.

Carmine – Carmine can strike the group of enemies as he can burst damage. All the stats such as HP/Hit-Points, DPS, Damage are impressive. Want to get rid of enemy groups? Use Carmine and strike down the group of enemies in one attack.

B Tier – Best Pins: –

  • Shepherds
  • Marcus Fenix
  • Reyna Diaz
  • Savage Grenadier
  • Snub Soldiers
  • Frag Grenade
  • Lancer Gear

Shepherds – The group of (3) soldiers who rapidly fire the enemies with a decent DPS. Their survivability is not good because of low HP stats – but they manage to take down enemy’s HP by a massive amount in their short lifespan. They can attack from a range, targets all types of enemies and portals.

Marcus – An epic rarity B tier Pin in Gears Pop. His capture strength is quite good – go cover by cover and capture the coverslips – expanding the deployment region. Also, the stats; HP, DPS, DMG are quite good. A good unit.

Reyna Diaz – Melee range Pin – targets all type of enemies; has good HP stats(good survivability rate), DMG, DPS. Unlocks at Arena level 2.

Snub Soldiers – Low-Power cost unit with decent attack speed, DPS, DMG. However, survivability is not quite good.

Frag Grenade – A spell-like Pin to deal massive damage to an enemy. The damage radius is not quite large.

Lancer Gear – Another low-cost Pin – attacks from a range, has good attack speed, targets all types of enemies. But survivability is quite low.

C Tier – Best Pins

  • Kait Diaz
  • Damon Baird
  • JD Fenix
  • Lancer Crew
  • Gnasher Squad
  • Grinder
  • Boomer
  • Skorge
  • Wretches
  • Locust Drone
  • Hammer of Dawn

Kait – She attacks objectives & fortifications, has good HP stats, DPS, Damage, Speed, etc.

Damon Baird – Low-Cost Pin – captures the coverslips and expands the deployment zone for you. He has good HP stats – but not good in DMG, DPS, etc.

JD – JD and Baird both are similar units – good in capturing. However, JD has good DPS, DMG stats.

Lancer Crew – A group of four troops with rush attack abilities, good capturing strength. A good starting Pin.

Gnasher Squad – A group of three troops with awesome stats and the power – decent HP, ATK, DMG, DPS, ATK SPD, range.

Grinder – High-survivability rate because of good HP stats. ATK SPD is good – so is the DPS.

Boomer – Works as same as Grinder.

Skorge – Melee-range Pin with massive HP stats and DPS. Also, has the self-healing skill. However, he would not be effective against the units who take cover.

Wretches – A low-cost Pin – group of (5) troops with melee range capabilities. Place these troops in a cover to get the most out of them. Low-survivability rate because of poor HP stats.

Hammer of Dawn – Massive damage for a few seconds over a small area.

These are the C-tier Pins – they are not bad!

Gears Pop Tier List – D Tier: –

  • DR-1
  • Stun Grenade
  • Shock Grenade
  • Shock Barrier
  • Myrrah
  • Nemacysts
  • Decoy
  • Kantus
  • Guardian

E Tier: –

  • Butcher
  • Deadeye
  • Shock Tracker
  • Drone Squad

So that would be all in this Gears Pop Tier List! Any feedback? Comment below!

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