Barbara Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide: check out Barbara build; best weapon/artifact for Barbara + more info on skills, talents, and evaluation.

Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide Best Weapons Artifacts


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Genshin Impact Barbara Build & Overview⇓

  • How to get Barbara: Adventure Rank 20, Free Reward

So who is Barbara? A 4-star character in Genshin Impact that’s known for her healing knack and inflicting Hydro DMG on the non-friendly units. You may not see her in the best characters list – but she is quite a decent character with DMG and healing skills; could be a great utility character if you build her wisely!

If you have got her from the wish gacha summon or as a reward(AF 20) and have no idea of her performance in the different-different game modes, then this post is for you. In this Genshin Impact Barbara overview, we have shared her brief evaluation, skill info – also, the suggestion on weapons and artifacts that you can use to improve her performance in the battles.

Do note that it’s not compulsory to use the shared build; you can use other weapons and artifacts as well if you think Barbar performs well those sets. Now, let’s continue to the main content: – 

Genshin Impact Barbara Skills⇓

  • Normal Attack: with the normal attack, Barbara unleashes x4 water splash strikes on the enemies; causes Hydro DMG
  • Charged Attack: a better version of normal attack; consumes stamina and inflict AoE Hydro DMG
  • Plunging Attack: Barbara leaps into the air and strikes the enemies in the way; causes Hydro DMG
  • Elemental Skill: one of the best skills that Barbara has; summons water droplets that form a melody loop + inflict Hydro DMG on the enemies; also, put a wet status on them(also on the character if comes into the contact with it). Melody Loop effect: healing to friendly units and self. 
  • Elemental Burst: massive healing by Barbara to friendly units

Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact For Her⇓

A few things to know before you check out the build for Barbara: – 

  • (Notes 1) Barbara Role: Healer
  • (Notes 2) Barbara Build Focus: Boosts healing, OR, support party members by gearing her up with best weapons and artifacts to Barbara – mentioned in the below build guide

Best Weapons For Barbara In Genshin Impact⇓

Recommended best weapons for Barbara: –

  1. Prototype Malice – Barbara Best Weapon Build
  2. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – Barbara Best Weapon Build
Barbara Build Best Weapon
Prototype Malice – Barbara Build Best Weapon

(1) Prototype Malice – thanks to this weapon, you can regenerate energy by using elemental burst skill + it has HP Regeneration effect. Use this artifact to scale her HP up. If you don’t have this weapon, then you can forge it with this weapon recipe: x1 prototype, crystal chunk(50), white iron(50). 

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – Barbara Best Weapon Build

(2) Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – Use it to scale up Barbara’s base ATK and HP. Also, this weapon has a skill called legacy that empowers the attack of the next character that you swap to. Swap to the main DPS character and enjoy the free ATK buff from this wonderful weapon. How to get this weapon? Obtain from the chests by defeating monsters or from the gacha!

Best Artifacts For Barbara In Genshin Impact⇓

Recommended best artifacts for Barbara: –

  1. Maiden Beloved – Barbara Best Artifact Build
  2. Scholar – Barbara Best Artifact Build
  3. Instructor – Barbara Best Artifact Build

(1) Maiden Beloved – this artifact will improve the healing of Barbara  + increase the healing caused by elemental skills. Not only on Barbara, but this artifact will perfectly fit any healer in the game. (Healer Build)

(2) Scholar – equip this artifact set to Barbara to gain an energy boost + provide energy to party members as well. Boosting energy recharge gain will help you unleash her ultimate elemental burst ability swiftly(the ability that does healing)

(3) Instructor–  equip this artifact set to Barbara to gain an elemental mastery for self and party members. 

Barbara’s Passive Talents⇓

List of Barbara talents: –

  • Glorious Season: this talent reduces the stamina consumption of units within in melody loop created using elemental skill
  • Encore; extends the duration of the elemental skill
  • With My Whole Heart: that’s a cooking talent. If Barbara manages to cook a perfect dish with restorative effects, chances to get the double items

Genshin Impact Barbara Stats⇓

Barbara attributes: –

  • Health: 821
  • Offense: 37
  • Armor: 56
  • Elemental: 0

Artifacts: –

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So that covers the Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide: skills, overview, best weapon and artifact for Barbara, and more!

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