Fischl Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact Fischl Build Guide: this post features Fischl build, her skills, passive talents, evaluation, and best weapon and artifact to equip.

Genshin Impact Fischl Build Guide Best Weapons Artifacts


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Genshin Impact Fischl Build & Overview⇓

  • How to get Fischl: gacha draw

Fischl, a 4-star top-tier character, that uses the bow to smash dowd the enemies; she belongs to the support class in Genshin Impact. If you would ask what is the best 4-star character in the Genshin Impact game, we would suggest Fischl for sure.

In our opinion, she is one of the best 4-star characters in Genshin Impact that you would definitely want to have. Speaking of her strengths, she does belong to the support role but is capable of inflicting an enormous amount of DMG on the enemies that crushes them in little to no time. Her performance in almost all the game modes is great and you will enjoy a lot playing as this character. With the perfect build, you can improve her performance further! (Also, see – Genshin Impact Codes)

You can get her from the wish summon/gacha. Let’s not waste any time and check out Fischl’s overview!

Genshin Impact Fischl Evaluation⇓

Fischl’s evaluation in different-different game modes: –

  • Overall Tier Ratings: #1, 9.5/10
  • Exploration: #2, 8/10
  • Dungeon: #1, 9.5/10
  • Abyss: #1, 9.5/10
  • Bosses: #1, 9.5/10

Genshin Impact Fischl Build: Best Weapon & Artifact Build Guide For Fischl⇓

A few things to know before you check out the build for Fischl: – 

  • (Notes 1) – Fischl’s Role: Support. Although, she does well in the damage department
  • (Notes 2) – Fischl Build focus: boost damage power(Electro DMG, elemental skill) and unleash Fischl’s full potential! by gearing up Fisch with the best weapons and artifacts in the build guide below!

Best Weapons For Fischl In Genshin Impact⇓

Recommended best weapons for Fischl: –

The best weapon for Fischl in the Genshin Impact would be “Skyward Harp”. Skyward Harp details: –

  • Raises CRIT DMG by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance of inflicting a small AoE attack, including 125% Physical ATK DMG. Can only happen once every 4s.

Optional best weapons for Fischl: –

  1. Elegy for the End
  2. The Stringless

Best Artifacts For Fischl In Genshin Impact⇓

Recommended best artifacts for Fischl: –

The best artifact set for Fischl in the Genshin Impact would be X2 Thundering Fury, X2 Gladiator’s Finale. 

  • ATK +18%
  • Gains 15% Electro DMG Bonus.

Optional best artifacts for Fischl: –

  • Tenacity of the Millelith
  • Gambler

Genshin Impact Fischl’s Skills⇓

List of Fischl’s abilities: – 

  • Normal Attack: Fischl uses the bow to unleash x5 shots on the enemy. DMG increases per hit
  • Charged Attack:  a better version of the normal attack that allows Fischl to unleash a precise hit with increased DMG + immense electro DMG. Costs Stamina
  • Plunging Attack: – this skill attack makes Fischl summons an arrow rain; arrows descend and strike the ground to cause area damage
  • Elemental Skill Nightrider: – it’s one of the best skills this character has. Fischl summons Oz to strike enemies with electro DMG. You can specify the summon location
  • Elemental Burst Skill: – this skill has plenty of effects; increases movement speed, striking nearby non-friendly units with electro DMG

Fischl’s Passive Talents⇓

List of Fischl’s talents: –

  • Stellar Predator: triggers when Fischl hits OZ(by charged aimed shot), effect; Oz strikes – AoE DMG
  • Lightning Smite: triggers when Oz is on the field and a character triggers an electro-related elemental reaction. Effect: electro DMG on enemies
  • Mein Hausgarten – triggers when you send on Mondstadt expedition; effect – reduces time consumption

Genshin Impact Fischl Stats⇓

Fischl’s base stats: –

  • Health: 770
  • Offense: 44
  • Armor: 50
  • Elemental: 0

Artifacts: –

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So that covers the Genshin Impact Fischl build guide; weapon and artifact recommendation, skills, passive talents, and evaluation. 

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