Qiqi Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact Qiqi Build Guide: find out the best weapon and artifact for Qiqi. Also, check out Qiqi’s skills, talents, evaluation in this Qiqi build overview

Genshin Impact Qiqi Build Guide

Genshin Impact Qiqi Build & Overview: – 

  • How to get Qiqi – gacha draw

Qiqi, a 5-star grade character in Genshin Impact, with healing and DMG skills, also one of our favorite ones. In this post, you will get to know more about her. First of all, Qiqi is a 5-star grade character and it would be hard to acquire her as the game’s drop rates for a 5-star character is very low. You can read this reroll guide to acquire her at the start.

Second, she belongs to the healer class and possesses a healing ability that can restore the health of friendly units. Additionally, she has great DMG skills; uses the sword to crush enemies.

In this Genshin Impact Qiqi overview, we have shared her build; best weapon, and artifact that you can equip to her for further power boost or performance boost. Also, we have shared her skills, evaluation in all the game modes, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the content!

Genshin Impact Qiqi Evaluation⇓

Qiqi evaluation in different-different game modes: –

  • Overall Ratings: Tier 1, 9.5/10
  • Exploration: 8/10, #2
  • Dungeon: #1, 9.5/10
  • Bosses: #1, 9.5/10
  • Abyss: #1, 9.5/10

Genshin Impact Qiqi Build: Best Artifact & Weapon For Her⇓

A few things to know before you check out the build for Qiqi: –

(Notes 1) – Qiqi Role: Healer. Also, has decent damage

(Notes 2) – Qiqi Build Focus: – Healing or Offense/Damage. Choose artifact wisely

Best Weapon Build For Qiqi

Recommended best weapons for Qiqi: –

Skyward Blade – Qiqi Best Weapon Build

(1) Qiqi Best Weapon Build: “Skyward Blade“. How to get: Gacha. This weapon will boost the healing of Qiqi; by boosting the energy recharge, Qiqi can heal faster and better! 

Prototype Rancour – Qiqi Best Weapon Build

(2) Qiqi Best Weapon Build: “Prototype Rancour“. How to get: you can forge it with a white iron chunk, crystal chunk, and prototype. Use this weapon to empower the PHY DMG and ATK of Qiqi. 

Qiqi Build Best Weapon
Sacrificial Sword – Best Weapon Build For Qiqi

(3) Qiqi Best Weapon Build: “Sacrificial Sword”. Effect triggers when damaging the enemy with the elemental skill – outcome/effect; chances to end its own cooldown 

Qiqi Build Best Weapon
The Flute – Best Weapon Build For Qiqi

(4) Best Weapon Build: “The Flute” – when equipped with this weapon, normal and charged attacks have chances to gain a harmonic; stack 5 to inflict DMG to surrounding enemies

Best Artifact Build For Qiqi

Recommended best artifacts for Qiqi: –

Qiqi Build – Artifact Set(Focuses on Healing): – 

  • Best Artifact Build #1 Maiden Beloved – one of the best artifacts for Qiqi that can improve her healing power. Also, increases healing received by friendly units (using elemental skill and burst)

Qiqi Build – Artifact Set(Focuses on DMG): –

  • Best Artifact Build #2 “Noblesse Oblige” – increases elemental burst damage. Also, using elemental burst ability, it increases the attack for all friendly units in the party 

Genshin Impact Qiqi Abilities/Skills⇓

List of Qiqi skills: –

  • Normal Attack: with the normal attack, Qiqi uses a sword and rapid strike on enemies
  • Charged Attack: pretty much similar to the normal attack; consumes stamina and inflicts rapid strikes
  • Plunging Attack: leaps into the mid-air, strike the ground, and inflict area DMG
  • Elemental Skill: herald of frost effect; Cryo DMG to nearby non-friendly units, healing for friendly units(triggers upon normal and charged attack)
  • Elemental Burst: with this skill, Qiqi marks the foes with Fortune-Preserving Talisman. Fortune-Preserving Talisman effect; the character that inflicts DMG on the enemies affected by this mark regenerates HP

Qiqi’s Passive Talents⇓

List of Qiqi talents: –

  • Life-Prolonging Methods: linked to elemental skill (herald of frost); effect – increases healing bonus. 
  • A Glimpse into Arcanum: triggers upon normal/charged attacks. Effect: Fortune-Preserving Talisman. Fortune-Preserving Talisman effect; the character that inflicts DMG on the enemies affected by this mark regenerates HP
  • Former Life Memories: quite a useful passive talent of Qiqi; locates resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map

Genshin Impact Qiqi Stats⇓

Qiqi stats: – 

  • Health: N/A
  • Offense: N/A
  • Armor: N/A
  • Elemental: N/A

Artifacts: –

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So that covers the Genshin Impact Qiqi build guide; featured with skills, talents, and other information. 

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