Sucrose Build Guide: Best Weapon & Artifact(Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact Sucrose Build Guide: check out our recommendations on the best weapon and artifact build for Sucrose in Genshin Impact English Global. 

Genshin Impact Sucrose Build Guide Best Weapons Artifacts


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Genshin Impact Sucrose Build & Overview⇓

  • How to get Sucrose: available in gacha draw

Anemo Sucrose is a 4-star grade character unit in the Genshin Impact English version that’s known for inflicting AoE Anemo damage on the enemies. As of now, as per available data, she is not a top-tier character for sure – but also not a bad one. In our opinion, Sucrose performs average in the battles. With the perfect weapon and artifact build, one can improve her battle’s performance ratings and get the most out of her abilities. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to Sucrose build and skills, talents info below!

Genshin Impact Sucrose Build⇓

  • Sucrose Build Focus: empowers the elemental mastery of Sucrose. Sucrose has a talent named Mollis Favonius that increases other party member’s elemental mastery based on 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental mastery. That means if you scale up the elemental mastery of Sucrose, other team members will gain more elemental mastery. Also, high elemental mastery means more DMG through elemental reactions. 
  • Alternative Sucrose Build: boost the damage output of Sucrose

Best Weapon Build For Sucrose⇓

Recommended best weapons for Sucrose in Genshin Impact: –

  • Sacrificial Fragments: – Best Sucrose Weapon Build in Genshin Impact
  • Mappa Mare: – Best Sucrose Weapon Build in Genshin Impact

(1) “Sacrificial Fragments” – this weapon comes with a great effect that triggers upon inflicting DMG on the enemies with the elemental skill. Effect: chances to end the elemental skill’s cooldown. Also, it scales up the elemental mastery for the character who equips it – In this case, Sucrose. You must get familiar with elemental reactions if you don’t know what they are. Check out this fascinating video on the elemental guide

Sacrificial Fragments - Best Weapon Build For Sucrose
Sacrificial Fragments – Best Weapon Build For Sucrose

(2) “Mappa Mare” – this weapon will not only scale up elemental mastery for Sucrose but also grant an elemental damage bonus. 

Mappa Mare - Best Weapon Build For Sucrose
Mappa Mare – Best Weapon Build For Sucrose

Best Artifact Build For Sucrose⇓

Recommended best artifacts for Sucrose in Genshin Impact: –

  • Viridescent Venerer – Best artifacts for Sucrose in Genshin
  • Instructor – Best artifacts for Sucrose in Genshin
  • Wanderer’s Troupe – Best artifacts for Sucrose in Genshin

(1) “Viridescent Venerer” – this artifact grants Anemo damage bonus to Sucrose. Also, it improves the swirl damage, reduces the enemy’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the swirl

(2) “Instructor” – Empower elemental reaction DMG of Sucrose by raising elemental mastery using the Instructor artifact. 

(3) “Wanderer’s Troupe” – Wanderer’s Troupe does the exact thing which the Instructor artifact does. Scales up elemental mastery, which ultimately empowers the character’s elemental reactions’ effects

Genshin Impact Sucrose Abilities⇓

Like all other characters in the Genshin Impact game, Sucrose possesses basic attacks, elemental skill, and elemental burst abilities. Each one helps you inflict the Anemo damage to the enemies in a different way. The cooldown and the amount of damage vary upon the skill that you use. So keep that in mind!

  • Normal Attack: Sucrose performs x4 attacks that do Anemo damage – using the wind spirits
  • Charged Attack: Sucrose drains a certain amount of stamina and inflicts Anemo DMG. AoE. 
  • Plunging Attack: Sucrose plunges and strikes the enemies in her path. It causes AoE Anemo damage. 
  • Elemental Skill: with elemental skill, Sucrose forms a wind spirit. The Wind Spirit inflict AoE DMG to the foes. 
  • Elemental Burst: Sucrose forms a wind spirit that pulls and launches nonfriendly units and causes AoE Anemo DMG. Additional damage if the wind spirit comes into contact with the Hydro/Electro/Pyro/Cryo element. 

Sucrose’s Talents⇓

List of Sucrose talents: –

  • Catalyst Conversion: triggers upon Sucroses’ swirl effect. Effect: matching element characters in the team’s elemental mastery is improved
  • Astable Invention: chances to get more product when Sucrose crafts enhancement materials

Genshin Impact Sucrose Stats⇓

Sucrose base stats: –

  • Health: 775
  • Offense: 37
  • Defense: 59
  • Elemental: 0

Artifacts: –

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So that covers the Genshin Impact Sucrose build guide; best weapon and artifact recommendation for Sucrose, skills, passive talents, and evaluation. 

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