Geometry Dash SubZero, A New Game In GD Series

Geometry Dash SubZeroDescription – RobTop games has just released a new Geometry Dash game “Geometry Dash SubZero” on Google Play Store and this one is even more challenging. Here’s what you need to know about Geometry Dash SubZero

There is no doubt that Geometry Dash is one of the most challenging Android game ever. Many mini GD games such as Geometry Dash lite, meltdown, world, and more has been released by RobTop Games. Now we have one more in this series “Geometry Dash SubZero”.

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Geometry Dash SubZero is a free rhythm-based action platforming game like other GD games. It has three Levels –

  • Press Start – This level is quite easy. Difficulty level – normal. Music – By MDK
  • Nock Em – Difficulty level – Hard. Music – By Bossfight
  • Power Trip – Difficulty level – Harder. Music – By Boom Kitty

All of these levels are very challenging and addictive. There is a practice mode to sharpen skills. In practice mode, you get the last point feature. You will be able to resume the game from where you died.

It hits over a million downloads on Google Play Store within a week. Yeah, It has ads also. You should play other games of this series such as geometry dash lite which hits over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

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Geometry Dash Lite has thirteen amazing, challenging levels. The new expansion is similar to Geometry Dash Meltdown which has only three levels and hits over 50 million downloads.

Closing Words

Geometry Dash SubZero is an expansion for Geometry Dash series. Similar to Geometry Meltdown, it also has three level with different-different soundtracks. Download – Here[Google Play Store. Buy original game – here[Google Play Store].

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