Gibbets: Bow Master Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

gibbets bow master tips cheats guideDescription – HeroCraft Ltd. has released a new arcade puzzle game called “Gibbets: Bow Master”. It is one of the best archery games for Android in 2018. Are you ready to save hangman? Aim your bow! and cut the rope.

If you love archery games, then you should play Gibbets: Bow Master game by HeroCraft Ltd. The game is live on Google Play Store. It is a great arcade puzzler game where you should be quick, smart, active. The game will blow your mind when you play it.

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Genre; Offline, Arcade, Puzzle

gibbets bow master tips cheats guideGibbets Bow Master is an innovative arcade puzzler game in which you aim your bow and arrow carefully to cut the hangman’s rope without injuring them. It would not be easy for the player because of puzzles, time duration. That’s why you should be quick, smart and be active while playing the game. You have limited time to save the hangman, aim your bow carefully to cut the rope in one attempt.

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Get Started – Gibbets Bow Master

gibbets bow master tips cheats guideGibbets Bow Master game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to shoot the bow to cut the hangman’s rope. Once it ends, the player manually solves puzzles, save hangman, and collect stars.

Gibbets Bow Master game features over 50 challenging levels. You will get a unique task each time at every level. You need to complete the challenge, then you would be able to play next challenges. Each level gives you reward; stars.

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You can simply tap on the screen to start the game. You will get randomly generated levels to play in which you have to save all hangman before they take their final breath.

In challenges mode, you will have to complete tasks such as shoot 2 ducks, score 5 points, achieve 2 double saves, make a bird fly away, collect 6 stars, destroy bottles, and much more. That’s why it is one of the best challenging Android games in 2018.

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How to complete challenges in Gibbets Bow Master game

gibbets bow master tips cheats guideIn Gibbets Bow Master, your very first step should be of saving all hangman. If they die, you need to restart the challenge again. But if you save them, then it means you have one more chance to complete the challenge.

⇒ First step should be – Save all hangman before they take the final breath. If you follow this rule at every challenge, then the chances are you will complete the challenge in one attempt.

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⇒ Second step – If you’re completing challenges, then your second step should be on the task. But if you are playing random, then you should grab the stars in that few moments.


In Gibbets Bow Master game, stars are the valuable resource used to change the skin of hangman, to upgrade health, aim, resistance, and more.

You can collect stars by playing the game, collecting free gift and completing the challenges.

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The goal is to save all the hangman. You aim your bow, cut the hangman’s rope. BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU SHOULD NOT INJURE HANGMAN.

If you shoot hangman, then their HP will decrease and the time too. So it would be better to aim your bow carefully.


gibbets bow master tips cheats guideTo complete challenges, you should upgrade; Arrow Resistance, Aim, Health. Don’t spend your stars on skins. It would be a waste.

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Quick Tips for Gibbets Bow Master

  • Don’t hit hangman
  • Complete challenges to get stars
  • Collect stars as much as you can
  • Use stars to increase health, improve aim, and arrow resistance
  • Save all the hangman first and later collect stars(In few moments)
  • Don’t forget to claim free gift
  • Play random levels to practice for challenges

Closing words on Gibbets Bow Master

Gibbets Bow Master is an awesome arcade puzzle game for Android. If you love puzzle games, arcade games, fast-paced games, then you should give it a try. Download Gibbets Bow Master – Here[Google Play Store].

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