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This Article Explains To You How To Use Google Translate Like A Pro! Read Amazing Tips About Google Translategoogle translate

Google Translate Is One Of The Best Product By Google. However, Initially, It Was Not Too Good As Comparison To Today. Google Improved This Translate Service With Dozens Of Features That You Should Know.

Previously, Google Translate Supports Only Popular Languages. But Now, The Translate Service Has Been Fully Packed With Tons Of Languages Including Domestic Languages.

Another Improvement In Google Translate Which Makes It More Accurate Is “Neural Machine Translation Technique“. Google Translate On Web, iOS App, Android App, And Windows App Use Neural Machine Translation Technique.

Before Neural Machine Translation Technique –

Google Translate’s Sentence Translation Was Not Good.

For Example – You Type A Sentence In Translate Box And Hit Enter. This Will Translate The Sentence Word By Word Instead Of Whole Sentence At A Time. Accuracy Level Of Translation In Terms Of Sentence Was Very Poor.

After Neural Machine Translation –

Neural System Translates The Whole Sentence At A Time, Rather Than Just Word By Word. With This New Improvement, The Google Translate’s Results Are Even Better.

Google Translate Is Not Limited To Simple Functions. There Are Many Features That You Might Not Know. In This Article, We Cover Almost All Features Of Google Translate That You Should Know.

1.) Translate Documents

The Web Version Of Google Translate Has The Ability To Translate A Whole Document In Other Languages. For Example – You Want To Translate A PDF Or DOC Document From Spanish To English Because You Don’t Know The Spanish Language. With Google Translate, You Can Easily Translate Documents Into Your Preferred Language.

All You Need To Visit Web Version Of Google Translate. At The Bottom Of Translate Box – Click On “Translate A Document” Option. Upload The Document Which You Want To Translate. Set Your Preferred Language In Which You Want To Translate The Document And Hit Translate Button. On The Next Page, You Will See Translated Document Which You Can Save As PDF.

2.) Tap To Translate

google translate

If You Are A Mobile App User i.e. Android App, iOS App, Windows App Then This Feature Will Help You To Translate Words Or Sentence Of Other Apps Without Opening Google Translate. For Example – You Are Reading News In A News App And You Interact With A Word Which You Don’t Know. You Can Translate That Word Without Opening Google Translate App. Simply Turn On Tap To Translate Feature.

When You Enable This Feature, Long Press On The Word Or Mark A Sentence Which You Want To Translate >> Then Tap On Copy Option >> This Will Pop-Up Google Translate Icon. Click On It And Know The Meaning.

To Turn On This Feature >> Go To Translate App >> Settings >> Tap To Translate >> Enable It.

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3.) Translate From Camera, Photo

google translate

With The New Update, Google Translate Can Translate Words Or Sentences With Your Camera Or Use Saved Photo To Translate. For Example – You Have An Image With Chinese Language And You Want To Know The Text (Displayed On Image) Meaning In English. Use Google Translate Camera Feature.

Open Google Translate App >> Set The Language In Which Text Is Written On Image >> Set Translated Language. Then Tap On Camera Option, Open Image From Gallery. That’s It.

You Can Point Your Camera To Translate Text Written On An Object In Real-Time.

4.) Offline Translation

google translate

This Is One Of The Best Feature Of Google Translate App. If You Have Not Internet Connection Even Then You Can Use Translate Service Of Google Translate App. All You Need To Do Is Download Language Pack i.e. English, Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese Etc.

Once Downloaded, You Will Be Able To Translate Words Or Sentence Offline Without Internet.

To Download A Language Pack In Google Translate App >> Open The App >> Tap On Menu >> Choose Offline Translation >> Tap On Download Icon Next To A Language Which You Want To Use Offline. That’s It.

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5.) Phrasebook

Phrasebook Is No Doubt One Of The Useful Feature After Offline Translation. In Phrasebook, You Store Those Words’ Meaning Which Is Difficult To Learn. For Example – You As A Student Learn New Words Daily But Few Of Them Are Difficult To Remember. In This Case, Phrasebook Helps You.

You Can Mark Specific Words As Important And Keep Them Separately In Phrasebook. To Add Words In Your Phrasebook >> Open The App >> Tap On The Star Icon Next To The Word. That’s It. Your Phrasebook’s Words Can Be Check From Across All Devices.

6.) Website Translate

If You Are A Website Owner Then You Can Use Google Translate Plug-In For Your Readers. For Example – Your Visitors Comes From Different Countries And Your Site’s Language Is Local. Add Google Translate Plug-In And Your Visitors Will Be Able To Translate Your Site’s Article In Their Preferred Language.

To Add Google Translate Plug-In To Your Site >> Visit Website Translator Site >> Enter Your Site URL >> Choose Original Language >> Customize It >> Get Code And Paste The Code To Your Site.

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7.) Speech Input

google translate

Google Translate On Web, iOS, Android App, Windows App Support Speech Input. You Just Have To Speak The Word And Know The Meaning In Your Preferred Language. No Need To Type. This Feature Will Save Your Time.

To Use On Web – Go To Google Translate Official Site – Tap On Mic Icon Displayed With In The Translate Box At Bottom Left And Speak Word.

To Use In Mobile App >> Tap On Mic Icon >> Speak The Word Or Sentence >> Know The Meaning In Your Preferred Language.

8.) Data Usage

If You Ever Use Google Camera Feature Then You May Notice That Data Usage Is Very High. But You Can Reduce It By Disabling “Retain” Feature. If This Feature Enabled, Google Retain Your Images Related To Translation And Data Usage Would Be High. If You Turn Off It, Your Data Usage Would Be Low. Now It Is Your Choice Whether To Turn On Or Off.

To Turn Off – Open The Google Translate App >> Tap On Menu >> Go To Settings >> Then Open Data Usage Option >> Disable Improve Camera Input.

You Can Turn Off Auto Downloading Language Pack I Google Translate App To Reduce Data Usage >> Set It To “Ask Before Downloading”.

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9.) Clear History

When You Translate A Word In Google Translate App, The Word You Translated Would Be Record In History. You Can Clear Google Translate App’s Translation History In Few Clicks.

Open Google App >> Tap On The Menu >> Go To Settings >> At The Bottom You Will See “Clear History” Option. Tap On It And Confirm Clear.

10.) Google Translator Toolkit

With Translator Toolkit You Can Translate Content(i.e. File, YouTube Video, Website Page, Your Own Text, And Wikipedia Article) Fast And Accurate. You Can Get More Details About This Feature Here.

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