Granny[Horror Game] Overview And Text Walkthrough

 Granny Is A New Horror Android GameDescription – Granny Is A New Horror Android Game In Which Your Goal Is To Try To Get Out Of Granny’s House. Here’s The Overview And Granny Walkthrough/Guide In Text+Image. Update; Also check out the Granny Game’s Extreme Mode Walkthrough, About Teddy & Sledrina, weapons, and more

Dvloper Is Very Popular Game Developer And Published Many Horror Games In Google Play Store. Granny Is A New Game And It Is Very Scary[Really? Yes!! On First Attempt].

Granny Gives Me Mini Heart Attack When I Drop An Object And What I See Was Very Scary Scene Because I Did Not Know What Will Happen If I Drop An Object In Granny Game.

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So, Come To The Point. It Is Not A Too Scary Game If Granny Kills You For The First Time. You Have Only 5 Attempts To Escape Her House. After That, Game Will Be Restart.

Granny Keeps You Locked In-House But You Have To Escape. Here’s The Walkthrough/Guide Or Step To Complete Granny Game: –

All You Need To Find Out Keys, Code, Hammer, And The Enterance/Exit Door.

What You Have To Do?

You Need To Go Through Various Rooms Of Granny’s House. Each Room Has Drawer Table. You Have To Open The Drawer, If There’s An Object Like Keys, Hammer, Cutting Pliers Then Pick It.

Update: – Now, there is a new car key you have to find in this game. We have recently posted the full walkthrough where you can check -> Granny’s car, garage, shotgun, car key, how to imprison and much more. Read ⇒ HERE.

Objects Needed In This Game Are[You Have To Found] – Hammer To Break Door Safety. Keys – Padlock Key, Safe key, And Master Key.

Padlock Key Will Be Used To Break Door’s Security. Safe Key Will Be Used To Open Locker/Safe. When You Open It, You Will See Master Key. Master Key Will Be Used To Break Door’s Safety/Protection.

Code – Code Is In One Of Almirah. Find It Because The Exit Door Is Protected With Modern Technology.

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There’s A Problem In This Game – For Example – You Find A Key In The First Room[From Where You Get Started]. If You Defeated Or Killed By Granny Then Day 2 Will Start And The Key Which You Found In The First Room Might Not Be There.

So, There’s Not An Exact Walkthrough In This Game. But These Are The Tips And Hints Of Granny Game – 

1st Scene: – You’re In A Room[In Granny’s House]. There Is A Door. Point Out To That Door And Tap On Hand Option. This Will Open The Door. There Is A Table Also In That Room. Open The Drawer Of Table, If There Is An Object Like Key Then Pick It.

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Scene 2: – When You Come Out Of The Room. You Will See A Door “Protected With A Modern Technology That Can Be Break By Code”.

 Granny Is A New Horror Android Game

Scene 3: – Now Go To Every Room And Find – Keys, Cutting Pliers, Hammer, And Code.

Scene 4: – Use Of These Objects: –

  • Padlock Key – Use It With Exit Door Granny Is A New Horror Android Game
  • Safe Key – To Unlock Safe/Locker And To Get Master Key
  • Master Key – Use It With Exit Door
  • Code – Use It With Exit Door[Search In Almirahs] Granny Is A New Horror Android Game
  • Cutting Pliers – Use It With Exit Door[This Will Turn Red Light Into Green]. 
  • To Cut Wire Of Meter –  Granny Is A New Horror Android Game
  • Hammer – Use It With Exit Door –  Granny Is A New Horror Android Game

Avoid Dropping Of Objects Because Granny Can Easily Listen To The Voice And Will Find You. Granny Is Very Fast, If She Sees You Then Hide In An Almirah Or Under Bed Or Do Anything To Avoid Her.

This Is Very Difficult Game But Not Impossible. Here’s The Walkthrough[Complete]: –

Hello Guys! There is an update for you, Granny Game is now updated with new content, now there is one more key to find and there are lots of hidden rooms added in the update. We have posted an updated walkthrough guide and you can check it ⇒ Here.

Now it is too much complicated. Previously, you find these keys and items in drawers and cabinets, but now you hardly get these keys and other tools inside drawers and cabinets. Now everyone has a question; where are the keys? Since the update, it is hard to collect all the keys, hammer and other items. Please read our updated guide and know some tips cheats about the granny game here. If you have not the latest version, you can download it here.

Part 2.) Granny Game Extreme Mode

Granny Game HorrorRecently, we reported about the new update to Granny Game. The new update brings extreme mode and many new things; Granny’s Yard, Playhouse, Melon, and more. Let’ start the Granny Game Extreme Mode theory;

In Extreme mode, Granny moves faster than the player. There is a teddy bear[you don’t need to find it as there is no use]. When you place the teddy in the crib, Slendrina appear. – This is a mystery.

Let’s talk about the yard;

You go to the dining room -> look at the windows, on one of the windows, you will see a hand print. Tap on the window and move into the yard.

Once you entered the yard, you will see the playhouse. You need playhouse key to open it and inside the playhouse, there is a machine part; you need two cog wheels[red and green] to unlock it. It is required because there is a key.

Another item you have to find in Granny Game’s Extreme mode is melon. Melon can be found under the water well and you need winch handle. Once you find the melon, you have to cut it using Guillotine. – It is one of the difficult tasks in Granny Game.

In short, to complete the Granny Game Extreme Mode, you need;

  • Melon – there is a key inside the melon
  • Go to the yard and open the playhouse – get the key and use it on the main door to escape the Granny house
  • To open the playhouse, you need playhouse key and to open the machine part which is inside the playhouse, you need cogwheels; red and orange
  • To get the melon; you have to find the well and to use the well, you need Winch handle
  • Break the door with the hammer, find the code, and other keys

P.S. -> There are lots of hidden rooms in the Granny House.

And if we talk about the Teddy in Granny Game, it is still a mystery for all; when you place it in the crib, Slederina appear.

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