Gunstar Heroes Classic Is Now On Android

Gunstar Heroes ClassicDescription – Gunstar Heroes Classic by Sega is a new side-scrolling shooting game for Android, joins Sega forever series. Here’s what you need to know about Gunstar Heroes Classic game

Every month Sega release old classic games for mobile users under “Sega Forever” series. Gunstar Heroes Classic is the new game in this line up that has been just released on Android.

In this game, your goal is to defeat Colonel Red’s Empire Army. You can play Gunstar heroes classic alone or with your friend in 2p mode.

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There are two type of characters are featured in this classic game –

  • Free shot – If you choose this player, you can move when you are firing.
  • Fixed Shot – Playing with this player lets you fire in 8 directions.

After it, you have to choose a specific weapon before you start the fight –

  • Shoot Jump
  • Fire
  • Force Fire Rapidly
  • Lightning

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Game Modes/Game Worlds

In Gunstar Heroes Classic, there are four game worlds with different gameplay –

  • The flying battleship
  • Black the lord of the strange fortress
  • The underground
  • The ancient ruins

All game modes are unlocked. It is a free game like other games of Sega Forever Series. But you can pay for ad-free gameplay and save feature.

You can save the game progress by connecting it to Google play games account. The internet is required. For the offline saving feature, you have to pay some bucks.

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