Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Review

Hotel Empire Tycoon by Codigames is a hotel business empire simulation game for Android and iOS where the player’s task is to manage the hotelHotel Empire Tycoon

Released on Dec 11, 2019, Codigames’ Hotel Empire Tycoon has surpassed over a million downloads on Google Play Store and featured in top rankings in US App Store. The game has a lot of pros, as well as, some cons, which we are going to discuss in this Hotel Empire Tycoon review. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Hotel Empire Tycoon Gameplay

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a cute little Idle game where you manage the hotel business. As a hotel manager, your task is to provide top-quality services to the customers and earn more money. The managerial activities include managing the staff, their wages, rooms, rooms’ facilities, hotel facilities like restaurants, spa, ski, etc.

You will have to balance the expenses and the revenue to generate the maximum profit so that you can invest in the hotel and make it better. For example – wages to the hotel staff are considered expenses and the amount generated from the hotel bookings, services considered as revenue. The balance at the end of the day considered as your profit, which you can use to upgrade the hotel rooms and facilities.

In the Hotel Empire Tycoon, there are two in-game currencies; gems and the idle cash. You earn Idle cash from the customers and by watching the video Ads, Gems by completing the missions. Both these in-game currencies are used for upgrades.


Hotel Empire Tycoon is monetized by Ads and IAPs. Ads – it gives you rewards by watching the video Ads. IAPs – You can hire a general manager; Lord Wilton, who keeps the hotel in an active stage while you are not playing. It costs $9.99 to hire the general manager.

Ad Removal – You can remove the Ads(The Dog). It also costs $9.99.

Marketing Expert – He doubles your profit permanently.

Gems – You can buy gems in exchange for real money.

Let’s review the IAPs –

  • Marketing Expert – No need to spend because you can double the profit by watching the video Ad(Activate VIP Campaign)
  • Gems – No need to buy gems because premium upgrades(in rooms) do not affect star ratings
  • Ad Removal – If you want to get rid of Ads, then think of it. But it’s overpriced as compared to other Idle games.
  • General Manager – If you want to earn more money offline, then hire him

Hotel Empire Tycoon Review – Pros & Cons –

Let’s start with the Cons: –

It’s not the “real” Idle – When you close the game, you lose the customers and it affects your earning. You do earn little bucks while you are not playing, but it’s not as same as the amount that you can earn while playing the game. This system forces you to buy the general manager who keeps the hotel open and makes you money while you are not playing. So that’s one of the negative things in the Hotel Empire Tycoon.

Slow, Too Many Ads- Making money is not easy, which makes the game’s progress slow. Although, you can progress fast by watching the video Ads. The slow money-making system forces you to watch more video Ads, which ruins the gaming experience. So if you watch the video Ads, you can progress at a good rate, but without watching the video Ads or Ad removal, it would take a long time to progress.

NO TRANSFER? – When you finish the 5-star ratings in one hotel and travel to another, you might want to use the money earned by the 5-star hotel into another hotel, which you have just started. But it does not allow you to transfer it, which makes the 5-star hotel useless. (Comment if you know how to transfer – but it seems, it’s not possible).

So these are the cons in Hotel Empire Tycoon. Let’s check out the Pros: –

Unqiue Concept & Entertaining – It’s a good entertaining game with plenty of things/challenges – making a profit is one of the main challenges. You will have to manage the wages, staff, other facilities, upgrades, etc. to make a 5-star hotel. It also challenges you to make all the available hotels – from 0-star to 5-stars. If you are patient, then you will enjoy this game a lot.

Graphics – It has good graphics, cute characters with animated activities, the UI is clean.

Relaxing – It’s a slow-paced game, but very relaxing. A perfect game to play while watching a movie or TV Show on Netflix!

At last, we would rate it 3/5 stars. Also, see –

So this would be all in this Hotel Empire Tycoon Review. Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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