Jelly Copter By Kiloo Games, Overview, Guide

jelly copter by kiloo gamesDescription – Jelly Copter is a new one-handed arcade endless game by Kiloo[Subway Surfer Creators]. Here’s what you need to know before you download Jelly Copter

All of you know about Subway Surfer game, the highest downloaded game in Google play store, and still getting hits. It hits over 500 million downloads on play store alone. The creators of Subway Surfer, Kiloo Games has just released a new endless arcade game “Jelly Copter”.

Jelly Copter is currently in soft launch and may not be available in your country. It has been available in play store since November, recently released in few more countries.jelly copter by kiloo games

In Jelly Copter, your goal is to fly, flap and flee as fast as you can, as long as you can. It’s not too easy like Subway Surfer game because of obstacles.

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Jelly copter is a one-handed game. You just hold your finger to fly and release to go down.

You start the game with jelly copter character, collect candies, power-ups, and fruits to complete missions.

What you have to in Jelly Copter?jelly copter by kiloo games

You fly through a world of candy, full of obstacles and candies in Jelly Copter game. Dodge obstacles to survive long/avoid crashing, collect candies, fruits, and power-ups.

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Power-Ups help you as an armor and you can survive for long. But you rarely get these power-ups in the game.


Over 10 amazing characters are present in this game. At the beginning, you only have Jelly Copter. Rest of characters are locked. You can unlock more characters with tokens –

Pizza turtle-10
Jelly copter-0
Smelly cat-5
Little squeaker-20
Battering ram-30
Cosmic Crusader-40
Buzz off-50
Don spicy-100
Officer sprinkles-100

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Tokens are useful in this game for unlocking of characters. You can get these tokens by completing missions, using spin wheel feature that gives you a chance to get some free In-Game rewards like Revive Token/Save me.


On the home section of this game, you see missions that you have to complete. Complete these missions, get the reward.

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Final Words

It is a great challenging, addictive, and awesome endless game, but not great like Subway Surfer. You can download it from here[Google Play Store].

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