KingSense Tier List Guide: Best Characters(September 2021)

Our KingSense tier list guide will reveal the top-tier MR characters featured in the KingSense English Global. Also, check out the characters list!KingSense Tier List Guide - Best Characters

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KingSense Tier List 2021 Guide – September 2021⇓

The following KingSense Tier List features the top-tier MR grade characters. At the time of writing this post, only the MR grade characters tier list is available. You should read this KingSense reroll guide to pull the best top-tier MR character in the beginning. The tier list is based on the KingSense English Global version. The CN/Chinese version of KingSense has been out for a while now, but the English Global version has just been released. So let’s check out the KingSense tier list guide(tier 1/OP > tier 2/best > tier 3/good -> tier 4/average): –

  • K – Tier 1
  • Lohja – Tier 2
  • Thion – Tier 2
  • Mio – Tier 2
  • Koubu – Tier 3
  • Yugimi – Tier 3
  • Shisei – Tier 3

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K – Tier 1

KingSense Tier List

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: AoE DMG, Pulls Enemies

K is a top-tier character unit in the KingSense. Her over-load skill causes PHY DMG on an enemy and enemies within 8 nearby grids. her ultimate zero-drop skill causes AoE; DMG to all enemies + randomly pulls X5 foes to a location (halt; can not move).

She can hit the enemies standing at a long distance, can strike multiple enemies at a time, and do great damage. 

Lohja – Tier 2

KingSense Tier List

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: Teleports in front of an enemy and inflict basic + PHY DMG to the foes
  • Other effects; Voltage(upon entering Terrain, gains a stack of Subvolt each turn0). Subvolt; triggers Paralyze effect at 3 stacks. Paralyze; it’s an effect that reduces movement speed and blocks skill usage

Thion – Tier 2

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: summons a sidekick that heals allies within 8 grids range. Pulls the ally and restore HP/heal

Mio  – Tier 2

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: PHY DMG to enemies with Beacon effect(locked by Mio). Teleports behind an enemy and inflict PHY DMG. 
  • Other effects; Ranger(after casting a skill, can move again), M. Blink + Punish(triggers return if the enemy has Beacon), Return(redraws X1 duplicate skill). 

Koubu – Tier 3

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: Rushes and inflicts PHY DMG on the first enemy. Inflicts DMG(with break effect; ignores DEF)

Yugimi – Tier 3

KingSense Tier List

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: PHY DMG to all enemies, daunting effect that blocks counter, heals for 30% based on the DMG dealt

Shisei – Tier 3

KingSense Tier List

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Grade: MR
  • Description/Skills: Summons mech guard to fight for you, if there is an existing mech guard, it will repair the mech guard and restores health. Stun enemies

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KingSense Characters List: UR Characters List⇓

  • Hakumu – UR
  • Chougetsu – UR
  • Null – UR
  • Suzuka – UR
  • Eikyo – UR
  • Ayame – UR
  • Mokushihi – UR
  • Rin – UR

KingSense Characters List: SR Characters List⇓

  • Kiryu – SR
  • Sanae – SR
  • Shiro – SR
  • Yui – SR
  • Sara – SR
  • Reika – SR
  • Mokufu – SR
  • Tomuri – SR
  • Kimiko – SR

KingSense Characters List: R Characters List⇓

  • Asano – R
  • Kinun – R
  • Ganshu – R
  • Kishiu – R
  • Uiha – R
  • Horin – R
  • Goya – R

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