LifeAfter: April Fool Event – Chest Pro, Training Badges, And More

Let’s check out the complete details of new LifeAfter April Fool Event and all the ways to get the most out of it; Chest Pro, Caravan, Market, and more

The old White Day event has just gone and the devs of LifeAfter have added a brand new April Event to the game; April Fool Event. In this event, you have the chance to get event limited gun formula(some people say it blueprints), rare items including Polymer Coating, Film Fabric, and loads of reward. This event is pretty amazing than the events we got after the English Version. The update also added a ton of content, but we are here to share the event details that will benefit all the players. Let’s check it out our LifeAfter – April Fool Event post – Chest Pro, How to earn training badges, lucky hunt, market items, and much more.

LifeAfter – April Fool Event – Chest Pro

LifeAfter April Fool EventDuring this event, you will see loads of chests floating on the water or in the mid-air(with balloons). All you need to do is explore the maps in LifeAfter and grab these chests. For the floating chests, you will have to visit the water areas and dive into there and grab the chests. You will see the mid-air chests often flying in the air. To get these chests, you can use your gun or bow to pop the balloons. After that, the mid-air chest will drop on the ground. Grab it and get the resource point.

LifeAfter April Fool EventDuring this LifeAfter event, you can earn a maximum of 15 resource points. You will get the reward once you earn 5, 10, and 15 points. Once you have 5 resource points, you get new dollar. At 10 points, you get training badges. At 15 points, you get formula shards.

LifeAfer Chest Pro – Master Level

LifeAfter April Fool EventAs you gain the resource points, you will see the progress in the chest pro tab, displayed in the master level bar. As soon as you hit the maximum points cap at that level, the game will promote you to the next master level. The amount of reward that you get upon collecting the resource points will increase.

  1. Level 1 Rewards; 600 Dollars, 10 Training Badges, 5 Formula Shard
  2. Level 2 Rewards; 700 Dollars, 15 Training Badges, 6 Formula Shard
  3. Level 3 Rewards; 800 Dollars, 20 Training Badges, 8 Formula Shard
  4. Level 4 Rewards; 1000 Dollars, 25 Training Badges, 10 Formula Shard

LifeAfter – Lucky Hunt

LifeAfter April Fool EventAt the top of the game screen, tap the training option -> go to the lucky hunt tab -> there you can draw the items using training badges and the new dollar. You can earn these rewards: –

  1. Carbon Spider Bow Formula
  2. Assault Howitzer
  3. Competition Reflex Bow
  4. Type 95 Assault Rifle
  5. Polymer Coating
  6. Film Fabric
  7. New Dollar
  8. Formula Shards
  9. R & D Data
  10. Iron Casting
  11. Cloth
  12. Training Badges
  13. Skins

For the first time, it would be free and you will get a random reward. After that, you can draw more treasure hunt/super chest using training badges and the new dollar. As you draw, the cumulative exchange reward bar’s gauge will increase and at certain draws, you get the reward: –

  1. Draw 10 times – New dollar
  2. 40 Times – New dollar, Competition Reflex Bow
  3. 80 Times – New dollar, Type 95 Assault Rifle
  4. 150 Times – Carbon Spider Bow
  5. 300 Times – Assault Howitzer

LifeAfter – How to get training badges?

You need training badges to draw items in the lucky hunt, get the items from the market. You can get training badges by completing the Caravan 101 quests. Tap the training option at the top of the game screen -> go to caravan tab -> Caravan 101 -> here you can check the Caravan 101 quests.

These quests include: –

  1. Send 5 items to Caravan Members during training(In this quest, you send the gift to Caravan members. For example; Rachel is the Caravan Member). Below the NPC name, you can check the title; caravan member, resident, merchant etc.
  2. Cook 5 different types of food during training(Complete Recipe List in LifeAfter -> Click here to check)
  3. Join 1 Camp Boss Battle; Every Sunday, Camp Boss battle begins in which you visit the mine and inflict damage to the boss. Depending on the progress, you get the reward.
  4. Complete 3 Fall Forest Resource Points Quests(Every 3:00, the quest gets updated)
  5. Complete 3 Sandcastle Resource Points Quests
  6. Finish 2 Snowhighlands Resource Points Quests
  7. Clear Miska University 2 Times
  8. Complete 3 Camp Patrol Missions(You get these missions daily and get the reward once a day)
  9. Play the Piano 1 Time (You can find Piano in Miska University Auditorium, In Hope 101-beside commerce bureau)
  10. Kill 5 Mystic Creatures
  11. Complete Furniture Shop Event(In Hope 101, you get this event)
  12. Watch TV 2 times
  13. Log in for 7 Days

LifeAfter – Market – Event Sale

During this LifeAfter April Fool Event, you can buy a number of premium items at a low cost. We would recommend you to not to spend these training badges on the useless or common items. Instead, you can use these training badges to get Polymer Coating, Film Fabric or Ally Drill bit(If you need).

So this is the complete LifeAfter April Fool Event details. You should collect the mid-air chests, floating chests, complete the Caravan quests, and try your luck in Lucky Hunt. You may get the event exclusive Gun formula. If you have any question, comment below!

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