LifeAfter: Steel Invasion Event, Manor Security, Military Drills, And More

The latest update to the LifeAfter game has added numerous content for the players. Let’s have a look at LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event, Military Drills Mode

Well, the April fool event was about to end in the latest update. But, they expanded the event to 24th April. This event was started on 28th March. If you have not checked our post on this event, you can check it here. Now, this event will end on 24th April. The new content that we got in the latest LifeAfter update; new camp military drills mode and a new event; steel invasion. The military drills mode is exclusive to the camp members, while every player can participate in the LifeAfter Steel Invasion event. In addition to these, there is a new update to the manor. Players can deploy drones to protect the Manor from intruders. If you don’t know about the raid, you can read the LifeAfter Raid guide here. The drones that you deploy will automatically attack the intruders even if you are not at the manor. If you don’t know about the drones, you can read the LifeAfter Drone guide here. Let’s learn all these updates info in details: –

LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event – Memorable Coins, Defense Fund, Imperial Soldiers, Rescue People

In this LifeAfter event, you will earn the Memorable coins by donating supplies or new dollars in the defense fund or by defeating the imperial soldiers on the maps or by rescuing the people from the imperial soldiers camp. The number of memorable coins determines the ranking in this event. The top 100 players will get formula shards(Rank 1 – 500 Formula Shards, Rank 2 – 5 = 400 Formula Shards, Rank 6- 10 = 200 Formula Shards, Rank 11 – 15 = 100 Formula Shards, Rank 51 – 100 = 60 Formula Shards).

How To Get Memorable Coins In LifeAfter Game?

Update – You can also earn these memorial coins from the resistance operation event. Every now and then, you will see some red circles/radars/route signs on the mini-map. Keep an eye on these and try to inflict as much damage as you can. You will get the memorial coins after the event ends. Also, there are some NPCs who can give you memorial coins(Iguana at Fall Forest, Apophis in Snow Highlands. You will find these NPCs near the defense camp – check the shield icon on the mini-map). Sorry, I forget to add this method earlier.

There are three ways to obtain memorable coins in LifeAfter game; donate the supplies or new dollars in the defense fund, kill the imperial soldiers, and rescue the people. Donate the supplies – In your camp, next to the city hall, you will see a stall. Interact with the NPC there(Kari, Foundation Admin) -> donate -> you can donate new dollars or supplies. You can earn 60 memorable coins per day using this method.

Kill Imperial Soldiers – In the fall forest, sand castle, and snow highlands map, you will see many imperial soldiers group. Open the mini-map and search for the icon that is highlighted in the below picture. After that, kill the soldiers. After killing a few imperial sergeants, you will get 2~ memorable coins. LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event Update

Rescue People – On the same imperial sergeants camp place, you will find many people. Interact with them and help them to leave that place.LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event Update

So from these methods, you can earn memorable coins. Tap the invasion button at the top of the screen and the tap defender leaderboard button to check the rankings. On the same invasion menu, tap resistant storehouse tab -> here you can spend these LifeAfter Memorable coins for a bunch of items like armor material(you need this to modify the accessories), mechanical, new dollar, adrenal injection, skill points, a common fertilizer, formula shards, drill engine, R&D data, and many more items. LifeAfter Steel Invasion Event Update

As you gain more memorable coins, your level will increase and you will get a title. Go to the profile -> tap the title switch(<>) icon -> select the title. To check the next level requirement -> tap the invasion button at the top of the screen -> head to the resistant storehouse tab -> at the bottom of this tab screen, you can check the number of memorable coins required to reach next level.

LifeAfter Camp Military Drills Mode

The latest update has added a new camp mode, called military drills. In this mode, you team up with the camp members and rescue the people. All you need to do is visit the survivors(people) place and rescue them(take them to the truck). Also, you gather the fuel to let the truck escort people. You can get the Molotov, landmine from the chests. Use these items to strike down the guards. From this mode, you can earn camp contribution points, skill points, and much more.

LifeAfter Manor Security

This is the new security option that you get upon interacting with the manor controller. Tap the security button and add a drone.

So these are the main highlights of the LifeAfter game’s latest update. The small changes – The extra duty points will be converted into the new dollars, you can buy Santopany ticket from the event market and visit there. But, you can not collect the resources from there.

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  1. a mayor in my camp..well it just built arround 5days ago..just wanna know how can i set infected invasion at my camp and also lock the vault..thanks in advance

  2. You can get extra coins from the random events (red circles on the map) relating to the steel invasion event these are where they get the extra coins above 110

    • @Xxxx The event started yesterday I guess. Did you try killing the horde of soldiers? You will get the memorial coins on the basis of damage. Keep an eye on the map(you will see red circles/points and the event alert at the top). Also, try giving gifts to the defense fund NPCs(these NPCs are near the shield icon – check the mini-map). For example; Apophis in Snow Highlands. I forget to add this in the article above. Sorry! I will update now!