LifeAfter: White Day – White Rose, Chocolates, Charisma

LifeAfter White Valentine Update – How to get the white rose, send white rose, charisma and much more. Let’s learn how to get the most out of this event

In this LifeAfter White Valentine period, you will get white rose by playing the game; gather resources, hunt animals. You can send this white rose to the players; it will increase the friendship if you are friends. The player who receives white rose earns charisma points. At 10, 20, and 30 points, that player gets rewards such as chocolates, skill points, new dollar, gold bars, and much more. The chocolates can be exchanged in the market for rare furniture items and precious resources such as R&D Data, Formula Shards, and much more. Let’s learn everything in details!

LifeAfter White Rose & Charisma Points

LifeAfter White Day EventThere are two ways to get white roses in LifeAfter game; plant the white rose in your farmland using white rose seed or from the wilderness by hunting or gathering. White Rose Seed – You get white rose seed for free every day during the LifeAfter’s White Day Valentine event. To claim the seed, tap the white day option at the top of the screen -> blooming -> claim. After that, visit your farmland and plant it. Use the fertilizer to make it more nutritious. You can gather the white rose once it ripes. And, In the wilderness, if you gather berries or some other stuff, you get it randomly.

LifeAfter White Day Event⇒To send the white rose, go close to a player(the player must be on level 3). After that, tap the location icon at the bottom, near chatbox. After that, tap the player name and choose to confession. Once done, that player will get the charisma points.

LifeAfter Charisma Points Reward

LifeAfter White Day EventYou can claim the rewards once you have 10/20/30 charisma points. To claim the reward, tap the white day event option at the top of the game screen -> go to the crushing tab -> tap the hearts. Once the charisma reached 30 points, you will get gold bars.

LifeAfter Chocolates – Exchange/Market

The latest white day Valentine event in LifeAfter also features some quests. Completing these quests you can earn chocolates. Go back to the event screen again(White day) -> go to sweet drills tab -> here you can check the solo and partner quests. Complete these quests to earn mastery points(gathering/crafting/combat), chocolates, new dollar, formula shard, treasure map, and much more.

⇒To exchange the chocolates, go to the market tab in White Day event menu screen -> here you can spend these chocolates on many items and resources. We would recommend you to go for rare resources such as formula shard, R&D Data.

The player who maintains their rank will also earn luxury items at the end of the event; outfit, 500 formula shard(the top ones). Additionally, the two titles will be given to the top two survivors; Heartthrob and Sweetheart.

So this is the LifeAfter White Day Event post! If you have any question, drop the comment below!

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