Stella Arcana Codes June 2021: Exchange Codes(Light of Thel Codes)

Players in Stella Arcana can exchnage the codes for gift packs(Light of Thel). Read on for Stella Arcana codes to exchange 2021(Light of Thel Codes 2021).

Light of Thel Codes

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Nowadays, lots of mobile games come with the gift packs system where you need to enter the unique codes for gift packs that contain premium in-game currencies. (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana also features the same system where players can exchange or redeem the codes for gift packs. If you are new to the game and wondering how to get these codes and use them for rewards, then you are on the right page. Let’s head to the main content and learn how to get (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana codes and exchnage them for the rewards. 

Light of Thel Codes⇓

(Regular updates on Light of Thel Codes; SEA Version of Stella Arcana). Here’s the list of all new Light of Thel codes to redeem: –

5e404196 : Redeem this gift code for Epic Soul Stone x10, EXP Soul Stone x10, Barbed Bait x20 and Single Rose x5 (Valid until June 30th, 2021). Copy this code: –


c707ce66 – Exchange gift code added on December 25, 2020. Limited to 1K redemption chances. Copy this code: –


Stella Arcana Codes⇓

  • 5e404196 : Redeem this gift code for Epic Soul Stone x10, EXP Soul Stone x10, Barbed Bait x20 and Single Rose x5 (Valid until June 30th, 2021) 

Reddit – 

Facebook Page –

Keep an eye on the posts. As of now, they have not announced any code; as the game is quite new.

How To Redeem The Stella Arcana Codes(Light of Thel)?

To redeem the Stella Arcana Codes(Light of Thel Codes), tap the character profile avatar in the upper-left corner. This will open the account info menu where you can check all the details of the character; name, title, change avatar, server, ID, guild, Zodiac Sign, Score, etc. 

On the account info page, tap the exchnage button next to the Gift Packs message. A mini pop-up will open where you need to enter CDK Exchnage Number. It’s not a secret number or key that you can find by playing the game. Follow the game’s subreddit channel, Facebook Page, website, FB group, and keep an eye on all the posts. 

Also, see – 

No codes yet? Here’s a tip for free stuff – explore the map, look around and you will find a lot of chests that you can claim and get the rewards for free. 

So this would be all in this post on Stella Arcana Codes(Light of Thel Codes). If you have any code, comment below. 

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