Mafioso: Gangster Paradise Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Mafioso: Gangster Paradise is a brand new turn-based strategy game for mobile by HeroCraft Ltd. Check out Mafioso: Gangster Paradise guide, tips, cheats & strategy

HeroCraft Ltd. has just published a brand new online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for mobile. In the game, the player builds its own mafia team and challenge other mafia families in real-time online multiplayer battles where the mafia members use crazy abilities to strike down the opposite gang. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Mafioso guide and Mafioso tips, cheats & strategies will help you in getting victories.

Mafioso Gangster Paradise Guide⇓

Mafioso: Gangster Paradise

1.) The Battle Basics -> You can choose up to three mafia characters for the battle. All the mafia characters have unique abilities that can be unleashed in the battle using mana points. Each ability costs you mana. For example; Granny’s ability Grandma Bang consumes 2 mana. If you don’t have enough mana, then the enemy will get the turn(you have 40 seconds to play the turn). Mafioso: Gangster Paradise

In addition to the abilities, the stats of each character in Mafioso game are different. The hero stats are classified in four attributes; attack, tank, support, and the rage. After tapping the battle button on the lobby, select any hero to check its stats.

  • Attack – This stat describes how good is the hero in the attack.
  • Tank – This stat describes how good is the hero in defense, health stats
  • Support – This stat hints either a hero has supporting buffs or not; heroes with good support stats can help allies with their abilities. For example; healing allies, recovering allies, buffs
  • Rage – Every turn the rage bar fills up. The overall team stats(rage) determine how fast you can activate rage skill. You can check the team stats after tapping the battle button on the lobby.

How To Unlock New Characters In Mafioso Game?

You can unlock new characters by reaching a high league. At the time of writing this post, there are 9 arena leagues in Mafioso game. To reach a new arena level, you need a certain number of trophies. You get trophies by getting victories in the battle. Here’s the list of arena levels and unlock criteria for heroes: –

  1. Station – Granny, Bobby Kaboom, Deb Deathshot, Fat Frank, The Butcher, Harry Handcuffs, Stefano Solo
  2. Harbor(400 trophies) – Hoodlum Hank, Doctor Wesley, Tricky Dandy, Tyler Knockout
  3. Garage(800 trophies) – Pablo EL Bigote, Jimmy Razor, Lucy Lug wrench
  4. Airport(1200 trophies) – Nurse Lizzie, Mr. Syringe, Solid Sasha
  5. Bank(1600 trophies) – Vera Vendetta, Sneaky Sal, Roberto Matto
  6. Cemetery(2000 trophies) – The Undertaker, The Zombie
  7. Mansion(2400 trophies) – Anis Qajar
  8. Beach(2700 trophies) – Ronaldo Blast
  9. Italy(3000 trophies) – Detective Holmes

How To Get New Heroes?

You can get new heroes from the crates. Win battles and uncover the cards. Depending on the arena league, you will get the heroes/cards.

How Do I Make My Team More Powerful?

You can strengthen your team by upgrading the character and their abilities. From the crates, you can get the ability cards and character cards. Duplicate character cards can be used to upgrade the character. For example; To upgrade Granny to level 2, you need 3 Granny cards. Duplicate ability cards are used in upgrading the character abilities. For example; To upgrade The Butcher’s ability bloodbath to level 2, you need 2 bloodbath cards.

You can get these cards from the free chests, battle chests, arena chests, from the shop; daily offers, premium chest(need gems).

Gold & Gems

You need gold to upgrade characters and their abilities. You can earn gold by getting victories in the battle, from the chests. Gem, on the other hand, is the premium item that you can use to open the chests instantly or in the shop, for premium chests. You can get it by spending real money.

How To Level Up

To unlock new features such as clan, you need to increase the player level. At the top-left corner in the lobby, you can check the current level. When you upgrade the cards or character, the game grants you EXP points that you need to level up. So keep upgrading the cards to level up.

So that’s all for now as Mafioso guide. Let’s have a look at the top Mafioso: Gangster Paradise tips, cheats & strategies!

Mafioso Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Choose The Heroes Wisely

As we mentioned above, all the heroes in the game have unique abilities and different stats. And the cost of mana also varies. When choosing the heroes, make sure to check their stats; tank, attack, support, abilities; damage or buff or healing, mana cost. We would recommend you to build a balanced team;

  • One attacker + one tank + one supporter
  • Two attackers + one tank or one supporter

If you have multiple instances of a particular role, compare their stats, ability stats, and mana cost. For example; for the attacker recruitment, check the ability stats; deal damage, mana cost. For the tank character recruitment, check the HP stats, defense buffs, mana cost. For the support character recruitment, check the ability, mana cost.

2.) Use The Abilities Wisely, The Battle Tactics

⇒Mana -> You have limited mana points, so make sure to use the right ability in your turn. If the first turn is yours, analyze the enemy team and attack the supporter or attacker unit first. Because a supporter unit can help other allies and the attacker unit deals massive damage. First, analyze the enemy team and act according to their role, stats, abilities. There are loads of tactics you can discover; keep playing the game.

⇒In the battle, if you long press or hold down on the enemy team’s character, the game will show you the enemy abilities and their level.

⇒At the top-left corner in the battle, you can check the rage bar. When it reaches the maximum point, you will be able to use the character’s special rage skill. At a time, you can use only one character’s rage skill, so make sure to use it at the right time and on the right target.

3.) Figure Out The Mistakes

It would be a great idea to replay the past matches and figure out the mistakes in the battle. In the lobby, on the right side, just below the battle chest widget, tap the battle log button and replay the battles in which you got the defeat. Look for the mistakes and the enemy movements. Sometimes, the enemy teaches you the best lesson.

4.) Join A Clan

Once you reach level 3 in Mafioso game, a new function called Clan will get unlocked. You should join a clan or create a clan and invite your friends. Clan members can do friendly matches. Additionally, gangland feature in the clan lets you rent one of the heroes for the gold coins. You can hire a clan member’s hero or rent out one of your heroes for a fixed time.

5.) Hunt The Gold, Who Cares Chest!

The chest system in the game is not great as you have to wait for many hours to get the reward. And you can keep up to four chests in the inventory. It certainly forces the player to quit the game and come back later when the chest opens. But you can hunt the gold by playing the game. Every victory rewards a few coins and trophies.

6.) Check The Daily Offers

Make sure to check the daily offers in the shop menu; you could get a much-needed ability card from there for a few coins.

So these are the top Mafioso tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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