Maguss Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategies

maguss guide tips cheats strategy Maguss is a location-based RPG for Android by Mawa, the game has been released for Android on Google Play Store recently. If you don’t know much about this location-based RPG, check out this helpful post; Maguss guide, tips, cheats, and strategies

Maguss, a location-based RPG, has been out for all Android users and iOS users. The game was available in closed beta since last year. The developers have recently released the public version and it does not require alpha keys. As Maguss is a location-based RPG, you have to step outside to play it, because monsters are outside your home. Maguss game features multiplayer mode also, but you have to reach level 5. Let’s take a look at all the things of the Maguss game; Maguss guide, tips, strategies for the beginners. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android of 2018

Get Started – Maguss

maguss guide tips cheats strategy First of all, you need to register a new account to play the game. Sign in with Facebook or register with your email address. For verification, you will receive a token number, copy it and paste to the box, and verify it. Once verified, the game starts with a tutorial, Alice will guide you throughout the game. You just have to tap on the screen to continue.

Once it starts, you have to choose a character class; Maguss features four types of class; each class has different base attributes, unique spells, pros, and cons. You can select anyone, analyze all, check HP/defense/critical chance/and more and confirm. I would recommend you to go with Druid because he is average in all fields. After it, you can customize your character. Also, see – Top best 3D games for Android


Maguss Guide – #1 – Battle Starts

maguss guide tips cheats strategy After customization, you will see a map, tap on a monster icon to start the battle. Before we continue, let me clear some points: –

  • In Maguss, you play as a wizard and the goal is to defeat the monsters.
  • You use spells to attack monsters, for healing
  • It is a turn-based like gameplay, you have few seconds to cast spells.
  • Monster will also attack you using spells, it’s up to you how you cast spells, which spells you cast, what’s your HP status, armor status etc.
  • Maguss features lots of spells; attack spells, healing spells. You can discover more or unlock more by playing the game or in exchange for In-game currency.
  • As mentioned above, your character has limited health, you will get defeated if you lose all of the HP. Also, see – Best Action games for Android of 2018

Casting Guide – Maguss

How to cast the spell in Maguss? Casting spell is one of the important parts of the Maguss game. You have only a few seconds to cast a spell. As it is a beginner guide for Maguss, I am telling you the basic only so that you can easily defeat the monsters at initial levels. To cast a spell, you have to draw a specific shape on the screen.

Which shape you have to draw for casting the spells? There is a fixed shape for a specific spell. Before you enter the battle, you have to tap the battle button. Just below of it, you can see the slots. On slots, there is the shape of spells that you have to draw on the screen. Also, see – Marvel Strike Force game guide, tips

Spell Guide

In Maguss, the spell is one of the most important things. Spells are divided into three categories; dark arts, charms, invocations, and sorcery. Go to the main screen of the game, tap on spell options. From there tap on a spell to get more information. Also, see – Star Wars Rivals guide, tips, strategy

How To Get New Spells In Maguss game?

To unlock new spells, you have to level-up your profile. If you have unlocked a spell, then tap on it and buy it in exchange for In-game currency(can be collected by playing the game). After it, again tap on the spell that you have purchased and add it to the deck. New spell will replace the existing spell. Before you change this, make sure you to check the info of the spell; it might be a healing spell or an attack spell.[Main Screen->Spells]. Also, see – Top best 1GB games for Android

Inventory & Potion guide

Your HP is important, right? To save HP in the battle, you have to increase the defense power of your hero. You can do it by finding equipment(step outside the home, find the chest, or as a reward, from the shop). Go to the equipment section, from there you can equip armors, ring etc.

You can also find ingredients for the potions on the map. Once you get enough, you can craft potions. Tap on the bubbles to make its quality great. It’s a fun thing. Head to craft, select recipe, start brewing and wait for it. Also, see – Top new Android games of 2018

Chest Guide

You might get the chest from the map. If you are lucky, you will get it. Tap on the chest icon(the main screen, left bottom) and from there you can access to all chests. Don’t forget to open it, it takes time in opening. After it, you have to choose three stones out of all and claim your loot. Chest includes many types of useful items or In-game currency. Also, see – Best Arcade games for Android

Quick Tips, Cheats, And Strategies for Maguss game

Maguss is a superb location-based game, the above-mentioned guide for Maguss is enough to play the game, but these tips worth reading: –

  • Play battles and get the victory to earn XPs. XPs are required to level-up your profile and after a certain level, you can access to all type of modes(multiplayer) and items. So battles are important.
  • Watch ads after the battle to double your reward or to get the skill point. You can use it to upgrade any type of attribute; HP, critical chance, empower etc.
  • Complete the daily challenges to get rewards
  • Find chests
  • Buy more spells
  • Play duel mode

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Closing words: Maguss

Maguss is an online, location-based RPG for Android. If you love Pokemon Go type games, then you should give it a try. Download – Maguss for Android – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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