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 marvel strike force game android FoxNext Games’ Marvel Strike Force has arrived for Android on Google Play Store. Here’s all you need to know about this turn-based strategy game, Marvel Strike Force Overview, Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy, Characters, Game Modes, Monetization, In-Game Currency, and much more about Marvel Strike Force game
NameMarvel Strike Force
GenreTurn-Based Strategy Game
Size79MB+Patch File

Marvel Strike Force was announced for Android & iOS in November 2017, now the game has been released for Android on Google Play Store. In ths game, your one and only goal is to assemble the powerful team of superheroes. And building a powerful team of heroes includes; training, leveling-up, ranking up, equipment, and much more.

 marvel strike force game android Marvel Strike Force follows the similar gameplay that you get in other turn-based strategy games(i.e. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia).

The main task is using the skill of heroes effectively and at the right time. Other things are; upgrading heroes, equip gears, increase power, level-up, level-up your profile, unlock heroes, and more. In Marvel Strike Force also, you follow the same process. Let’s take a look at all the things of Marvel Strike Force game: –

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Get Started – Marvel Strike Force Guide

 marvel strike force game android The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; Nick Fury guides you throughout the tutorial. In the tutorial, he tells you about the function of the game, roasters/characters/heroes, orbs, how to attack, using of skills, training of characters, and much more.

Initially, in Marvel Strike Force, you have Spider-Man, Shield Medic, Luke Cage in your team. The player starts the game from campaign mode, campaign mode is the key to unlock all other game modes of Marvel Strike Force.

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Characters in Marvel Strike Force

It features your favorite characters, here’s the main list of characters/roasters in Marvel Strike Force: –

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Luke Age
  3. Punisher
  4. Elektra
  5. Shield Medic
  6. Shield Trooper
  7. Hulk
  8. Black Widow
  9. Hawkeye
  10. A.I.M. Assaulter
  11. Orax
  12. Captain America
  13. Bullseye
  14. Crossbones
  15. Daredevil
  16. Gamdra
  17. Hand Assassin
  18. Hand Blademaster
  19. Hand Archer
  20. Iron Man
  21. Iron Fist
  22. Jessica Jones
  23. Kingpin
  24. Korath The Pursuer
  25. Kree Noble
  26. Nebula
  27. Nicky Fury
  28. Rocket Racoon
  29. Thor
  30. and many more

So Marvel Strike Force features all of your favorite characters, but you need to unlock and it would take too much of time.

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Game Modes

 marvel strike force game android Marvel Strike Force features plenty of game modes; campaign mode, events, milestones, challenges, arena, alliance raids, alliance war, and many more. To unlock these modes; upgrade your level, complete campaign mode’s levels.

Energy System

Nowadays, almost all games use this “energy system”. Playing a level cost you energy, you have limited energy, so you can not play if you have finished all, however, it restores after few hours or you can use power cores to buy energy.

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In-Game Currency

  1. Energy – used in playing levels
  2. Gold – used in training of heroes in Marvel Strike Force
  3. Power Cores – used to buy gold, orbs, and for more things
  4. Orbs – to unlock characters and more things; ability materials, training modules etc.

As you progress, you get rewards from several resources, your energy pack increases.


For power cores(one of the rare valuable resources in Marvel Strike Force), monetization starts from $2 and goes up to $100(approx. figures). So use it effectively.


One of the best things in Marvel Strike Force game is its graphics, it has outstanding graphics, it features a variety of destinations where you fight against enemies, characters are well formed, everything looks great.

Gameplay – Action-Packed or not?

Marvel strike force is a turn-based strategic game, your heroes/roasters attacks automatically, the job done by the player is using skills, choosing the right enemy, and opting the right type of skill according to the situation. Overall, it has good gameplay, not too much action-packed, only the best strategy wins.

Quick Review Of Marvel Strike Force game


Marvel Strike Force Guide

If you are a beginner and confusing, then this Marvel Strike Force Guide will help you in building the powerful team of heroes.

The Basic; Initially, focus on the campaign mode and complete the daily missions. Most of the game modes are locked and to unlock these modes, you need to level-up your profile. Here’s the Marvel Strike Force Guide

  1. Roasters/Heroes/Characters Guide

In Marvel Strike Force, you have to select the best characters for the battles. There are two types of characters; heroes and villains. You can not choose villain characters in hero battles and vice versa.

How to get new characters in Marvel Strike Force? To recruit more characters, you need to open orbs, find shards or purchase from the store. Complete all the daily missions, play campaign mode and earn orbs, shards.

You may have dozens of heroes in your team, choose those roasters for the fight who have more power than others.

  • Traits

Characters are divided into categories. For example; Spiderman can be chosen when you are going to fight in hero battles, city, bio, and brawler. You can check the traits of a hero; head to the roaster section, tap on a hero, at the right side, look at traits. So some characters might be unavailable for the battle due to traits limitation.

  • Skills & Abilities

In Marvel Strike Force, skills & abilities of the heroes is the key to victory. Without using skills & abilities, you can not win the battles. These skills or abilities used in the battle for higher damage, attack, to increase the health power, for stealth etc. You can unlock more abilities of a hero by upgrading your character to the maximum tier and increase the level of skills and abilities using skill enhancement material.

  • How To Guides For Marvel Strike Force

How to level-up roasters? You can level-up your roasters using XP. To get XP, you need to win battles, open orbs, claim rewards by completing daily objectives & achievements.

How to rank up Roasters? You need shards for the character to rank-up. You can get these shards by opening orbs, as the reward, or get it from the store using power core.

How To Level-Up your profile? Most of the features are locked initially, level-up your profile and unlock all the features; challenges, arena, alliance, and more. To level-up, earn points by getting victories.

Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Marvel Strike Force

  • Power of your roasters/heroes/roasters

The best way to get victories in marvel strike force is increasing the team power, team power can be increased by increasing the power of heroes. There are various ways to increase the character power: –

  1. Equip Them Gears & Upgrade To Next Tier

Equipping a gear increase the power, go to character’s info panel -> just tap on the + button and equip the gear(if available). To equip new gears, you need material, material for gears can be obtained from the orbs, as a reward for getting victories. When you see the green + button, then it means your character is ready to equip the gear. Complete all the slots of equipment and upgrade your roaster to next tier.

  • Training

Train the heroes and increase the power. Training requires XP. Level-up your character using training. And earn XP by getting victories in the battles.

  • Increase the level of skills & abilities

The second way to increase the power of heroes is unlocking new skills & abilities and upgrading these skills and abilities to the next level. Head to roaster section, tap on a hero, at the left side, you can see all the skills your characters have. Tap on a skill and upgrade it to next level. You need skill enhancement material for the upgrading, collect it by completing challenges in challenge mode.

  • Ranking Up

Rank-up your characters and increase the power. To rank-up, you need shards, shards can be collected by opening the orbs, as a reward.

⇒ Battle Strategy

  1. Choose heroes having high power
  2. Must choose the hero with healing ability so that you can heal your character to increase health power. Use healing ability when needed, because, the ability takes time to restore after one-time usage.
  3. You can tap on an enemy to make him/her target, but if they are in stealth mode, then you can’t target them.
  4. Use your skills wisely, it would be better to use these skills at the start and on those who are having high HP.

⇒ Rank-UP+Level-Up+Skill Level Up+Gears=Victory.

  • Get Everything For Free

Take part in events and you can earn bucks, shards of a hero.

Complete challenges in challenge mode to get XP, ability enhancement, medical supply run, fragments, and catalysts. Don’t forget o join the alliance.

  • Supplies

If you are stuck on a level in Marvel Strike Force, then it means you are fighting with low power heroes, it would be better to increase the power of a hero by equipping them gears. Head to store, then supplies, tap on gear materials(highlighted with a green dot), and purchase them.

So these are the tips, cheats & strategies for Marvel Strike Force, and a helpful guide for the beginners. Keep in mind, don’t waste energy, if you are stuck on a level, try different heroes, choose a different strategy, wait for the orbs, and increase the power.

So this is the Marvel Strike Force Guide and Marvel Strike Force tips cheats for the beginners.

Closing Words On Marvel Strike Force

The strategy turn-based game looks great on the mobile platform, graphics are excellent, gameplay is good, and you should give it a try if you love turn-based games. Download Marvel Strike Force – here(Google Play Store). You can download the APK from APKPure if the game is not available in your country or wait for the official release.

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