Metal Wings: Elite Force, A Great Side Scrolling Shooting Game For Android

Metal Wings: Elite Force Is A New 2D Side Scrolling Shooting Game For AndroidMetal Wings: Elite Force Is A New 2D Side Scrolling Shooting Game For Android. Here’s All You Need To Know About This Challenging Shooting Game

Metal Wings Is Currently In Beta On Google Play Store. In This Game, You Play As A Soldier[From Elite Force] And Your Goal Is To Slay Down All Enemies.

There Are Three Different Zones/Location Featured In Metal Wings. Each Zone Has Some Challenging Levels. You Start From Scratch And Play As Meii.

You Have To Survive Till Last And Slay Down The Boss. So, Health Plays An Important Role, If You Lose Your Health At Starting, Then You Will Not Be Able To Fight Against Boss.

There Are Two Health Pack Also Available Which Can Be Use At Right Moment[In Boss Battle]. Controls Are Very Simple – Left, Right, Jump, And Down.

You Have A Strong Gun With Infinity Bullets, Bombs[Limited], Special Attack[Limited] To Shoot Wave Of Enemies. Collect Coins, Guns – Machine Gun, Flamethrower[You Can Switch To Anyone Anytime].

You Don’t Need To Manually Shoot-Your Character Will Auto Target Enemies When Your Press Shoot Button. Just Navigate Your Character, Protect Yourself From Enemies’ Attack.

At The End Of Each Level, You Fight Against Boss. You Can Resume The Game[If Lose] By Watching An Ad Or Redeem Collected Coins.Metal Wings: Elite Force Is A New 2D Side Scrolling Shooting Game For Android

Overall, Metal Wings Is A Challenging 2D Side Scrolling Shooting Game With Awesome Gameplay, Graphics, Characters, And Simple Controls.

About Metal Wings –

Size – 50MB/Varies[Aprox.]. Price – Free[Contains Ads, In-App Purchase]. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

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