Piggy Pile Overview, Tips, Guide, And Cheats

pig pile overview guide tips cheatsCrazy Labs, the creators of Run Sausage Run games has just published a new arcade game for Android “Piggy Pile” on Google Play Store. Here’s all you need to know about the game; overview, guide, tips, and cheats for Piggy Pile game

Piggy Pile is an endless runner game for Android, developed by Crazy Labs. Last time they published “Run Sausage Run” game that crossed over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Piggy Pile is another endless game, offers a unique gameplay. It features 20 amazing worlds, 100 playable characters, and much more. The goal is to run as long as you can, but it would not be easy because of obstacles.

Piggy Pile – Get Started

pig pile overview guide tips cheatsGenre; Offline, Arcade

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the Piggy Pile game; how to move or change direction, how to collect buddies, power-ups etc. You just tap on the screen; left or right to change the direction, collect buddies to make a high pig pile, take advantage of power-ups.

pig pile overview guide tips cheatsTo score high in Piggy Pile game, you need to collect buddies, more buddies mean high pig pile, and high pig pile means you can keep running on this endless path.

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You may lose some buddies after some time because of obstacles.

⇒You start the game alone and your very first task should be of collecting buddies, then look for power-ups.


  • Clock – It slow downs the time, help you in avoiding obstacles easily, collecting buddies & power-ups.
  • Bubble – It makes your pig pile temporarily high. Don’t miss this power-up, otherwise, you lose buddies.
  • Shovel – Collect shaver to fill up gaps.

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Tips & Cheats for Piggy Pile game

pig pile overview guide tips cheats

  • Make high pig pile

All the things are randomly generated each time when you start the game, you may see a coin or a power-up or a buddy. Try to collect buddies always because high pig pile means you can easily face upcoming obstacles.

  • Remove Ads

An ad at the bottom of the screen is too annoying and distracts you. It would be better if you remove those annoying ads.

  • High score?

The only way to achieve the high score in Pig Pile game is to collect buddies as much as you can. Don’t miss power-ups and use ad feature to continue where you left-off.

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Know your obstacle

  • Gaps

The road where you are running has a lot of gaps, if you pass through there, you might lose your buddies. Don’t be greedy, ignore power-up and save your buddies.

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  • Stairs

Instead of sacrificing your friend, go through stairs.

  • Flying stick

The flying stick is fast and you have only a few moments to avoid it, so be quick. It all depends on how you control your character.

  • Don’t be greedy

If you try to grab all the power-ups, then it is likely that your game will end soon. You should only collect the power-ups that can be easily obtained.

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Closing words on Piggy Pile

Piggy Pile is an amazing game for Android and those who love playing endless games should give it a try. Can you beat the top rankers? How long can you run in Piggy Pile? Download Piggy Pile – here(Google Play Store).

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