Pirate Kings Game Guide, Tips, Cheats, Island And Much More

Pirate KingsPirate Kings is a popular casual game for mobile devices by Jelly Button Games in which you spin the wheel for gold and other stuff(attack, steal, spins, defend). Check out Pirate Kings tips, guide, walkthrough, and cheats strategy to unlock new Islands fast, get free spins, and much more

Pirate Kings is a fun casual game for mobile devices from the creators of Board Kings game. It features a lot of Islands, Pirates(common, rare, and legendary), and plenty of activities for the players. 90% of the game progress depends on the luck as you need to spin the wheel and your luck determines the reward; it might be a huge amount of gold or just little coins or attack turn or defense or more. In this post, we have covered everything about Pirate Kings game you need to know; Pirate Kings game guide and Pirate Kings tips, cheats, and strategy to unlock new Islands and Pirates fast.

Get Started – The Basic – Pirate Kings

Before we move to guide, cheats, and tips part, let’s learn the basic of the game. However, when you start the game, it starts with a decent tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Pirate Kings, about gold, Islands, attack, steal, spin, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually play Pirate Kings as you want.

The Basic: –  In this game, your objective is to complete the collection of Islands and Pirates. The game features dozens of Pirates and over 50 Islands as of now. To accomplish this objective, you need a huge amount of gold coins. Gold coins can be obtained by spinning the wheel. As you progress, new Islands get unlocked, other players will also attack your Islands and you will lose your gold. You have to defend all of your Islands and fix the buildings before they disappear completely. Let’s start the Pirate Kings guide and after it, check out Pirate Kings tips, cheats, and strategy.

Pirate Kings Guide

At the beginning of the game, as a newbie, you get free spins for free and learn about all aspects of the game. In this part, we will learn about spins, ways to acquire gold, how to unlock Island, how to get Pirates, Island list, and much more.

  • Spins

Pirate KingsSpins are limited in Pirate Kings game. You get 5 spins per hour and cost of spinning the wheel is 1 spin point. So, you can not spin the wheel unlimited numbers of time. Depending on the luck, you may get: –

  • A little number of gold coins
  • A huge amount of gold coins
  • Attack turn -> You will be able to attack other players’ Island and you can earn gold(you will get more if the shield is not activated on that Island)
  • Free Spins
  • Steal chance -> You have to choose one of three Islands to find Clash Kings, you will get the maximum reward if you choose the correct Island; it depends on your luck

Don’t forget to check out cheats and tips part to learn how to earn free spins.

  • Acquiring Gold

Gold is the main in-game item, used in purchasing items from Island shop. There are many ways to get free gold in Pirate Kings game: –  Watch the video ad(you will get this offer time to time), by spinning the wheel or claim the daily bonus. Connect to Facebook account and invite your friends to earn more gold.

  • Island Guide

Your main objective is to unlock all the Islands featured in Pirate Kings game. And you have to defend them too. Other players will attack these Islands for coins, if the shield is active(you get defensive shield by spinning the wheel), you don’t need to worry. If not, then they can destroy your ship or treasury or castle for coins. If destroyed, you need to fix those items using gold/stars. You will lose that item or item will disappear if the enemy targets it again; it means, you will have to build it again. So, fix it to save gold.

List of Islands In Pirate Kings game: –

  1. Tropical Coast
  2. Black Fort
  3. Asian Dreams
  4. Winterland
  5. Oasis Wish
  6. Ragna Rocks
  7. Atlantis
  8. Enchanted Forest
  9. Robo Paradise
  10. Din-O-mite
  11. Sweet Tooth
  12. EL Bandido
  13. Sunnyside
  14. Haunted Hill
  15. Japanic
  16. Hidden Temple
  17. Clown Town
  18. Cameloot
  19. Punderland
  20. Skeletown
  21. Olympus Sky
  22. Farm Attack
  23. Papyramids
  24. Surf and Turf
  25. MoonShine
  26. Crocolulu
  27. Zombite
  28. Ogreville
  29. Ice-Lantica
  30. Pirate-Inferno
  31. Bumble Beach
  32. Fish & Ships
  33. Coral Cove
  34. Demolicious
  35. Cash Kong
  36. Olympickings
  37. Fishy Labs
  38. Tree Spirit
  39. Witch Beach
  40. Royal Swamp
  41. Frozen Shores
  42. Micespace
  43. Roller Coast
  44. Inkarnation
  45. Urbunny
  46. Beanstalk Bay
  47. Biker Pier
  48. Lucha Libre
  49. Scottish Spoils
  50. Hollyhook
  51. Samuroach
  52. Bozo Beach
  53. Frost Bites
  54. Bermuda Laguna
  55. Plant Seize
  56. Hell’s Kitten
  57. Cyclopolis
  58. Worm Zone
  59. Hedgehog HQ
  60. Rainbow Riff
  61. Armadillo Outlaw
  62. Dos Bandidos

And more Islands can come in upcoming updates. The cost of items will increase as you progress through the game and it would be hard to unlock new Islands. Read our tips and cheats below to master the Pirate Kings game.

  • How to unlock Islands in Pirate Kings game

Pirate KingsTo unlock a new Island or move to new Island in Pirate Kings game, you have to buy all the items for your current Island. Just complete these upgrades or buy all the items with your coins and unlock new Islands. When you move to new Island, your old Islands will mine gold for you; passive income daily.

  • Pirates

In Pirate Kings game, your another objective is to complete the collection of Pirates. Almost 30 pirates are featured in the game; you need to open the chest for pirates; pirates are of three types; common, rare, and legendary. You may get duplicate pirate; so, it depends on your luck! Tap on the menu -> my pirates -> buy the chest! But I would recommend you to spend the coins on Island rather than these pirates; most of the time, you get duplicate and it’s very frustrating losing a huge amount of coins.

So, this is the Pirate Kings game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Pirate Kings tips, cheats, and strategy to master the game!

Pirate Kings Cheats, Tips, Strategy

#1.) Connect, Invite and Earn free spins

After you complete the tutorial and finish all the 50 spins, connect the game with your Facebook account to get free spins. You can earn free 10 spins per invite and it is one of the best ways to obtain free gems. Another way to get free spins in this game is completing the sponsor offers. Tap on the menu -> at the bottom of the menu -> tap on the get free spins -> download any one of the apps or games and get free spins. + Another way to get free spins is “watch the video ad”. You will see this option under the menu(it is limited).

#2.) Invest in old Islands

Well, this is a long-run investment. When you move to new Island, old Island generates gold for you on daily basis, you can claim the gold anytime. To increase the amount of gold from these old Islands; hire crews. On the main screen -> tap on your pirate -> swipe right or head to your old Island -> tap on the Island -> tap on the + icon and hire crews. Hiring crews will increase the amount of gold. However, this investment will benefit you in future. Just keep investing in your old Islands and you are good to go!

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#3.) Fix the items

Other players can destroy items you have added to your Island. If destroyed, your duty is to fix them immediately. Otherwise, that item will disappear if the enemy targets it again. And you will have to pay a high amount of gold. So, it would be better to fix them as soon as possible.

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#4.) Claim Daily bonus

You could get a huge amount of coins or spins by opening the daily chest. Play the game daily and claim your daily bonus. Tap on the menu -> daily bonus -> open the chest for free.

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#5.) Take part in events

In Pirate Kings game, one of the best ways to earn rewards such as defensive shield, coins, and spins is participating in events. All you need to do is play the game; spin the wheel; attack Islands or steal the gold. Based on your performance, you will be rewarded. You will see the event icon near menu or you will be notified or like the official FB page of Pirate Kings game to know more about it.

As stated above, 90% of the game progress depends on the luck, but few things are in your hands such as investment in old Islands, inviting friends(they can help you by sending defensive shield), ad rewards, sponsor rewards, quests, events, and more. Play the game with multiple FB accounts; make one primary and other for defending purpose; spin the wheel in duplicate accounts and send defensive shield to your primary account.

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So, these are some Pirate Kings tips, tricks, and cheats for beginners. Download Pirate Kings game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see-Best fishing games for Android

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  1. Doesn’t tell me the details around shields. One of my shields disappeared. Two people have attacked me. Do the shields have a time limit then they disappear? Did the two people cause the shield to disappear?

    • From what I see, the stars simply denote where you stand overall against all players globally.
      Click on the drop menu in the upper left and check your global rank.