PUBG Mobile Infected Mode Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

PUBG Mobile Infected ModeWondering how things work in PUBG Mobile Infected Mode? Check out our PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide, tips, cheats & strategies to get #1 rank among all the players

Playing PUBG Mobile’s Infected mode for the first time? This guide is for you and helps you to understand all the basic concept of this new game mode. In this new zombie mode, all the players are divided into two groups – defenders, zombies. For the first time, everyone on the map spawn as a normal character with two guns; M416. AK47, etc. Once all the players in the lobby, you will see the message at the top of the screen; defenders will become zombies. Among all the players, the game randomly decides the defenders as well as zombies. So if you are thinking about how to become human or zombie, it’s not in your hand. However, zombies can turn or infect human into the zombies. Let’s learn all the basics in this PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide and PUBG Mobile Infected Mode tips, cheats & strategies.

PUBG Mobile Infected Mode – Your Goal In This Mode?

Your goal is to become the MVP in every round. What’s your task? If you are playing as a human, then you will have to inflict damage to the zombies as much as you can to get points. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the damage. If you are playing as a zombie, your goal is to infect humans and get to the next level. The more humans you infect, the more points you get. At the top-center of the screen, you can check the number of alive defenders as well as the number of alive zombies.

Zombies Vs Human – How To Win?

In PUBG Mobile Infected Mode, there would be three rounds and in each round, there would be two MVPs; one from the human or defenders side and one from the zombies’ side. Those who deal the most damage or kill zombies as a defender becomes the MVP from defender side. And, those who infect the most humans become the MVP from zombies side.

At the end of three rounds, the players are ranked on a leaderboard based on their points. If you want to top the list(#1 rank in the leaderboard), you will have to try your best.

Now, how the game decides who win the match? Before you learn this, you should know about the vampires and the boosters. Continue to this PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide –

PUBG Mobile Infected Mode – Defenders And Vampires Vs Zombies!

PUBG Mobile Infected ModeDefenders -> Vampires: After a certain amount of time, those who are still alive as a defender turns into the vampires. The vampires, unlike humans, use the sword to smash zombies. On the other hand, when you were human, you had access to the guns. But, as soon as you turn into the Vampire, you will have a sword in hand. The Vampires need to be in the safe zone, otherwise, they lose their health. Once the health drops down to 0, you will die. And, you can not be revived until the next round.

Zombies -> Zombies can revive(not in the second part of the round) and the game allows you to choose one of the two zombies; stealth and speed. The zombie with stealth mode has the stealth skill, which makes him/her invisible to other players on the map. It helps you infect defenders easily. On the other hand, the zombie with the speed skill can chase the defenders fast.

Zombies’ health does not reduce in the safe zone. And, they can restore their health by consuming the booster. Find the booster box on the map and consume the booster. Zombies level up – As you infect the defenders, your level will increase. High-level zombies have better skills.

Now, coming to the point – how do you win as a Zombie or a Defender.

If you are playing as a Zombie, then your objective is to kill all the defenders before the due time. At the top-center of the screen, you can check match duration.

If you are playing as a Defender, your goal is to stay alive and survive until the end. The defenders win even if only one player is alive(as a defender). In short, zombies need to kill all the defenders whereas defenders need to stay alive until the end.

So that would be all in this PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our PUBG Mobile Infected Mode tips & tricks!

PUBG Mobile Infected Mode Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get Yourself Out From The Crowd

PUBG Mobile Infected ModeThe scene is you never know whether you will become a zombie or play as a human in the first round and the same thing applies to other players. We would recommend to get yourself out from the crowd; if there are other players near you, stay away from them. Why? Suppose, there are five players near you and you become the zombie – the rest four can easily take you down by shooting at your head. You can’t even run at that stage because if someone is shooting at you, the speed gets slow.

However, there is nothing wrong in becoming a zombie – you can always revive. But, if you don’t want to play as a zombie, better get yourself out and find a good spot in the corner.

2.) Use Environmental Objects

Use those swim rings to jump – it helps you if you are being chased and have low health. You can find these swim rings at many places on the map. As you play this game mode over and over again, you will automatically learn all the paths and their destination. For example; If you are playing as a Vampire, then this spot on the map is the best. (See picture above). You use the swim ring and jump over to the next building. It’s always better to attack in a group whether you are a zombie or defender.

3.) Take Advantage Of Abilities

If you are playing as a Zombie, then you don’t take damage from the blue zone. If Vampires are chasing you, then head to the blue zone. The reason is Vampires take damage from the blue circle. But there is a counter-strategy – as a vampire or defender, your goal is to stay alive – no need to chase zombies outside the safe zone.

PUBG Mobile Infected ModeTake Booster – If you are low on health as a zombie, find the booster box and consume the booster. All you need to do is follow that emote; see the picture above.

Level Up – As a zombie, when you level up, you get the shield skill. Use this skill and you will not take any damage from defenders’ skill. In short, try to level up as fast as you can as the round starts. Keep in mind that during the cooldown, you can not use it.

So these are a few PUBG Mobile Infected Mode tips for the beginners. If you know more tips, please share with other fellow players in the comment section below!

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