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Real Cricket 18Nautilus Mobile, the creators of one of the best cricket game series “Real Cricket” has just announced a brand new cricket game for Android “Real Cricket 18”. Here’s all you need to know about Real Cricket 18; Game Modes, Controls, Stadium, Level-Up, and more

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Last time we get Sachin Saga on Android, but the game was pathetic if we compare it with the world cricket championship game. If you are a fan of cricket games, then here’s a good news for you, Nautilus Mobile’s Real Cricket 18, the sequel Real Cricket 18 has been just released on Google Play Store. Let’s take a look at all the things of Real Cricket 18.

Get Started – Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18First of all, you have to sign in to your Google Account to save your progress of the game. You can play it offline later. There is no tutorial, that’s great, because, most of the user ignore it and it’s a waste. It is really a great cricket game I have ever played. In fact, it is better than WCC2.

Real Cricket 18The very first step you have to do is change the graphics settings to very high. At the bottom left, tap on the settings section and there you can adjust graphics quality. If you have a low-end device, then keep it to low, otherwise, keep it to very high.

Another step you have to do is change the controls. Just above the quality settings, there are four types of controls to choose; joystick(my favorite), swipe, batting cam, and bowling cam.

Go back to the home screen, head to DLC section and from there you can download Hindi commentary in Real Cricket 18. And you will love it.

Now you are ready to go.

Real Cricket 18 – Game Modes, Controls, Profile, Leveling Guide

  • Quick Match

Real Cricket 18Unlike Sachin Saga, there is no energy system. You can play it endlessly without paying anything. That’s wonderful. The next thing is to choose your home team and the opponent team. Quick Matches can be adjusted according to the difficulty level; very easy, easy, medium, and hard. You have five choices; 2 overs match, 5 overs match, 10 overs, 20 overs, and 50 overs. The player can also select mode; day and night.

After it, you go through toss where you have to choose heads or tail, then batting or bowling. Tap on the pause button and from there you can autoplay whole innings. I love its graphics, ground, shots, and everything. Nautilus Mobile has done an outstanding job!

  • Controls

Real Cricket 18By default, Real Cricket 18 offers joystick controls and it is great for a beginner. As mentioned above, you can change it through settings. At the left side, there is a controller, using it you will be able to choose where you want to play the shot. At the right side, there are three shot choices; push, stroke, and loft. After choosing the shot direction, you have to tap on one of these shots when the bowler releases the ball from his hand. At top right, you can check your timings; early, perfect, and late. So Real Cricket 18 has a powerful controlling system and better than other cricket games. Using loft, you can hit sixes, depending on the difficulty mode.

  • Nets

In this mode, you can enhance your skill; batting or bowling.

  • Tournaments

Real Cricket 18 features a lot of game modes which are locked in the beginning and to unlock these modes, the player has to increase his/her level. Tournaments section offers these game modes;

  1. Associates
  2. Crusade
  3. Under 19 World Cup
  4. Super Over
  5. Aussie 20-20
  6. Master Cup
  7. Champion Cup
  8. World Cup
  • Profile/How to level up in Real Cricket 18

Head to the profile section and there you can see your stats; level, no. of wins, 100s, 50s, and more. To level-up your profile, you need XPs, XPs can be earned by getting victories in matches

Tips and cheats for Real Cricket 18 

Getting victory in every match in Real Cricket 18 is not easy, you have to play 10 overs; batting and bowling. To win a match, your both attributes should be good. These tips, cheats for Real Cricket 18 will help you to get the victories;

Batting Tips & Guide

Real Cricket 18To put a big score on the board, you have to hit boundaries and hitting boundaries is not an easy task. Before you start the match, choose the control that suits you. I would recommend you to choose the joystick controller.

  • Bowler’s Point of view, Fielding

The very first step you have to do is analyze bowler’s delivery; at the right side you can see; speed of the ball, swing or not. After it, check the pitch pointer and then move your player according to it. Select the shot; cover drive, uppercut, helicopter, on drive, and more according to the delivery. Then select the shot button; push, stroke, and loft. At the top right of the screen, you can see field placement, so select your shot according to the field.

  • Timing is important

Perfect timing will give you the best result. The timing meter at the top left of the screen displays how well you have timed your shot. It should be perfect. You can enhance your skill by playing nets mode.

  • Shots in Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is next-generation mobile game and you can play every type of shot; cover drive, uppercut, helicopter shot, straight drive, sweep, and more. Here’s the shot map; just use joystick control and you can play any of these shots. 

  • Premium Kit

Your default bat has low attributes; power, timing, durability. You can go for the premium bat, ball, gloves, it will cost you real money or read next tip.

  • Upgrade Batsman, Bowler, and Fielder

Real Cricket 18Training is required to level-up your batsman, bowler, and fielder. To level-up, you need tickets. If you have, then go to profile section, then tap on train players and then tap on the + button and hit the upgrade button.

Bowling Tips, Cheats

Real Cricket 18

  • Change Field

Tap on the field side(at the top left of the screen) and from there you can change the field; attacking, defensive, and normal.

  • Speed, Swing

At the right side of the screen, adjust your speed and swipe over the ball to adjust swing.

  • Upgrade your bowler
  • Upgrade your fielder

How to get Tickets in Real Cricket 18?

real cricket 18Tickets used in unlocking new game modes; associates, world cup, in upgrading players. Now the question is how do you get tickets in real cricket 18? There are two ways; complete the goals- go to your profile section, at the right side, you can see current goals progress. Tap on it and you will get detailed information about them. After completing a goal, you can claim free tickets. Another way is to buy in exchange for real money through the store.

Download Real Cricket 18

NameReal Cricket 18
Developer Nautilus Mobile

⇒ Download – here(Google Play Store)

Read Cricket 18 Updates, News, And Events: –

November 2, 2018:  – After a long time, we have got the new update and the most demanded test cricket mode is now live in Real Cricket 18. In addition to the super cool test cricket mode, the game has introduced some unique features such as Full day progression(Morning, afternoon, evening, night), DRS with hotspot & snicko meter. Apart from these big changes in the game, now there is one more stadium; Dubai location, 30 new batting shots. They have also added new commentary, tournament, updated squad, cricket quiz mode. Status – The update is now rolling out and you will receive it within 7 days. You can download the APK of Real Cricket 18(Latest Version 1.9) from APKPure. The official update was announced yesterday.

Real Cricket 18 Update: –  The new update is now officially rolled out for all the players. It was in testing since yesterday and now everyone can access to the update. The latest patch comes with new stadiums(Cape Town, Melbourne), New Tournament – Tri-Series and there are some more small tweaks. Click Here to update Real Cricket 18.

Update:- 9/8/2018- The new update to Real Cricket 18 has been just released for Android devices on Google Play Store. What’s new in this update? Three new tournaments has been added:- PPL, ASIA CUP, And BSL.

If you have a low-end device, then with the new version of the game, you will experience an improved gameplay on your mobile screen.

The update also added new faces, hair styles and sound effects. The test mode update might come in the next month.

Some of the players are facing more issues after updating the game. We have recently launched a new site, please join us on Facebook – IGA – Indian Gamers Adda, Join Facebook Group – Indian Gamers.

Update 29the April 2018: – The new update to Real Cricket 18 has been published on Google Play Store;

  • Graphics have been improved
  • Player Style – New faces and hairstyles
  • Stadium – Lightning
  • A new feature in auction mode – Injured players

Test Mode expected date – July, 2018[Source – Twitter].

Admin’s words; Upcoming update? I think it should be of stadiums! Let’s wait and watch!

Have you checked our recent post in which we have shared some tips and cheats to play Real Cricket 18 like a pro? If not, then you should check ⇒ here.

Update: Real Cricket 18 auction update is now live on Google Play store.

Update: RC 18 auction update is delayed. New time – 14 the April, 2018, before 11:59 PM(IST).

Update; The new update to real cricket brings new tournament (premier league) and new contests(to win prizes). The update is now live on Google Play Store.

Update – The next update to RC18 will bring Auction feature. Update timings; 12th April 2018.

Update[23rd March 2018] – Real Cricket 18 is coming to iOS App Store on or before 2nd April 2018. So we might get the full version of Real Cricket 18 on Android before this release.

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Update[16th March 2018] – The new update to Real Cricket 18 is now live on the Google Play Store, It improves the game stability and enhances the game performance. Ball speed increased for easy, medium, hard, and expert modes. Real Cricket 18 game has crossed over a million downloads on Google Play Store. iOS release date still not revealed.

Update:- The Real Cricket 18 game gets a new update today(12th March 2018) and added new classic swipe control. The update also adjusted the game’s difficulty level. Real Cricket 18 latest update is now live on Google play store.

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