Rescue Plan – Flight Control Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rescue Plan is a brand new arcade game for mobile by LHD Games. Let’s have a look at our Rescue Plan – Flight Control guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Rescue Plan – Flight Control is a simple arcade game for mobile where you move, tag, and plan to beat the levels and challenging stages. The game features a simple mechanic; you use your main plane to tag helicopters/planes and try to land them safely. Rescue Plan – Flight Control game features over 20 aircraft. All these aircraft have different stats; speed and tagging. You can unlock these aircraft by spending coins, watching a certain number of video ads or through diamond membership subscription. If you have just started playing it or looking for tips, then our today’s Rescue Plan guide and Rescue Plan tips, cheats & strategies will help you to complete every single stage.

1.) Rescue Plan – Learn The Basics – How To Land Safely

Rescue Plan - Flight ControlLanding a helicopter is quite easy as compared to landing a plane. To land helicopters, you just pass over the helipad(H). And, that’s it. But when you have to land a plane, you will have to pass through the runway entry point. If you do it through the opposite side of the runway, planes will not land. To figure out the right entry point, pay attention to the ascending/descending stripes on the endpoints on the runway.

2.) Don’t Let Them Collide

You start from an easy level on each stage. But, as soon as you hit the high level, you will see plenty of planes on your screen. If the two or more planes get collide with each other, you will lose the lives and once you lose all, the game will be over. As you reach higher level stages, it will be very challenging. In order to overcome this challenge, you must master the controls and land the planes/helicopter quickly.

3.) Rescue Plan – Flight Control Get Better Aircraft

Rescue Plan - Flight ControlRescue Plan – Flight Control game features over 20 aircraft and all come with different speed/tagging attributes. On the home screen, you can check all the planes, stats, and the requirements to unlock it. If the plane has better speed stats, you will be able to land the planes/helicopters fast. You will be able to tag more planes at a time if the plane has better tag stats. You can unlock these planes with coins, watching the video ads (A certain number of times) or login daily or through the subscription.

4.) Rescue Plan – Flight Control Make Use Of The Freeze Ability

Rescue Plan - Flight ControlEvery now and then, you will see an hourglass icon on the right side of the screen. If you tap it, the game will freeze or stop all the planes at a certain point. Make sure to use this ability when needed; when the planes are about to collide or things are out of control. This helps you to clear high-level stages.

5.) Watch The Video Ads To Continue

The game lets you continue from the dead point by watching a video ad when you lose all the lives. It’s a good idea to get this offer if you were very close to reach the next stage.

So these are the top Rescue Plan – Flight Control game tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips, share in the comment section below 🙂

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