Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsTopebox, the creators of Sky Dancer Run game has just released a new strategy game for Android “Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor”. Here’s all you need to know about Rise Of Heroes game; Tips, cheats, guide, and overview

Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor is an Idle strategy type game for Android in which you fight against the evil gangs, recruit and manage a force of heroes, explore dungeons, and become the best team of heroes. Game’s progress depends on the management of resources, the player who effectively use the resources for the heroes will progress fast as compare to those who use resources blindly. Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor is one of the best strategy & management games for Android in 2018.

Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor; Get Started

 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsGenre; Online, Strategy & Management/Idle

You can play Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game offline, but you can not access the chest feature without the internet connection. When the player wins a battle, he/she gets the reward. The player has to choose one chest out of three, chest opens when you have an active internet connection. If you have not an active internet connection, then you will lose reward and also you can not go ahead. So internet connection is required to play Rise Of Heroes game.

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Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic functions of the game; deploying of hero, training of heroes, battles, and much more. Once it ends, you can manually play the game.

In the beginning, the game is a little bit boring because of low-level fights and action. But after you cross some initial levels, the real action starts. In the game, you have to take care of few things; heroes, training, evolving, recruiting, management of resources, using of items, and many more. It is not an action game because there is an auto-battle system. Your hero attacks, use the skills, go ahead automatically.

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But heroes’ energy, attack, the defense is in your hand. You use these items efficiently to defeat the evil gangs, defend yourself, and in increasing of power. rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheats

You should know about the basic of the Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game;

  1. Deploy – You deploy heroes before the battle starts. The player can deploy up to 6 heroes for free. If you want to increase the numbers of plots, purchase them using gems. You can change the position of your heroes, for instance, place Bishop at the end.
  2. Heroes – You get heroes for free by completing the levels. Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game features over 30 unique heroes, each of the hero has own special skill. You can also recruit more heroes in exchange for emeralds.
  3. Enhance – Low-levels heroes can’t defeat the boss, powerful evil gangs. You should train them to level-up, evolve them to increase their power, defense and to upgrade skill. You need coins for evolving and training of heroes.
  4. Inventory – Inventory, where your items and equipment stores. If you get a new item or weapon, then use it to win battles.
  5. Map – Choose the battle level. Tap on Tavern and recruit heroes. Events – Special events can be unlocked using keys. These events reward you a lot of resources such as coins. However, it is not necessary you will get the reward each time.
  6. Shop – Go back to castle, tap on the shop section and from there you can purchase potions, wings, items, equipment, gems, and much more.

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Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor – Guide, Tips, and Cheats

 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsIn Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game, all resources are valuable. If you spend these resources blindly then it would be difficult to progress. But if you spend these resources by analyzing the current situation, then it will benefit you in next levels. Resources such as coins, gems, emeralds. You can earn coins anytime by playing battles again and again, but other items such as potions, shield, warrior drink, holy strike etc. are limited. rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheats

Reward/Chests – You get these items as a reward when you win a battle. You can open one chest for free, and rest chest can be collected by watching videos. Watch videos and open all the chests. This will increase your reward and you will be able to progress fast in the Rise Of Heroes game.

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Remember that you will not get chest again by playing the same level. So don’t lose these rewards.

 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsTraining/Evolving; Training and evolving are two different aspects. Training a hero means level-up, level-up means more power & defense. Evolving a hero means upgrading all the qualities of a hero; skills, defense, attack to a next level. 

 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsYou should evolve your heroes to upgrade their skills because skills help a lot in battles. To evolve a hero, train them & level-up.

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 rise of heroes guide tips tricks and cheatsItems; As mentioned above, Rise Of Heroes game features auto-battle mode. The job of the player in battle is to use items at right time. For example; use potions when you see your attacking heroes have low health. Use warrior drink & shield when you are fighting against the boss.

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How To Equip A Weapon?

Head to heroes section, tap on a hero, then tap on the + button, choose an equipment. You can also remove existing weapon.

How to win the boss fight?

In Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game, the boss fight is the toughest fight. But if you use items then it would be easy to defeat the boss. First, restore your heroes’ energy. Use shield item to defend your all heroes from attacks. Then use warrior drink or strike item to finish off the fight.

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Quick/Summary tips for Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game; –

  • Collect all chests by watching videos
  • Train your heroes, evolve them to upgrade skills
  • Move attacking units first and then other units
  • Must upgrade Bishop because he restores the HP
  • Play levels again and again to earn small amounts of coins.
  • If you lose all the items, then use gems to purchase them.
  • Don’t spend gems if you have enough items.
  • Use gems to unlock a free plot and deploy a new hero
  • If you stuck on a level; you have no coins, gems, emerald, then play previous levels again and again. Increase your XPs and Level Up. Level-Up means a package of rewards.
  • Unlock special event to get thousands of coins for free.

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Closing words for Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor Game

Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor is a challenging game and those who love strategy & management type games should play it. It has good graphics, cute characters, intense gameplay. Download Fire Frontier Heroes Of Valor game – Here[Google Play Store].

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