Royal Cats, New Platform Game For Android Tips, Guide, Overview

royal cats game android tips cheats trickDescription – AVIX, creators of Thumb Fighter game has just released a new platform game for Android called “Royal Cats”. Here’s all you need to know about the Royal Cats game – tips, cheats, guide, and overview

Do you love endless games, platform games or challenging games? If yes, then you should play Royal Cats, a brand new game for Android in which you control three cats, avoid all kinds of obstacles and steal the King’s dinner.

Genre; Platform, Endless, Offline

royal cats game android tips cheats trickIn Royal Cats game, you have to complete six stages first to unlock endless mode. The goal is simple, you need to avoid all kinds of obstacles, manage three cats, and steal the King’s dinner. Can you collect all coins at every stage? It’s too difficult to control three cats together, avoid obstacles, and collect coins. That’s the challenge. But if you know about the controls, obstacles, high jump control, then it would be easy to clear the stages.

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royal cats game android tips cheats trickThere are three square buttons on the left side of the screen, use these buttons to jump cats. Three cats and three control buttons. Tap on the top button to jump first black cat, tap on the middle button to jump white royal cat and tap on the last button to jump orange royal cat.

It is a multitasking platform game, and you have to control three cats at the same time.  But it would not be easy because of obstacles like arrows, knife, ghosts, and more.

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How to jump high?

In last three stages, to avoid obstacles, your cat should jump high. There are three cats: –

  • Black
  • White
  • Orange

You tap the buttons on the left screen to make them jump individually. Tap on the middle button and then instantly tap on the top button to perform a high jump(black cat). Tap on the last button and then the middle button to perform a high jump(white cat).

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Endless Mode

Complete all the stages, steal King’s dinner and unlock endless mode.

Closing words on Royal Cats game

Royal Cats is fun, challenging and addictive game. King’s cats are really hungry. Can you help them to steal King’s dinner? Download Royal Cats game – here[Google Play Store].

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